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Review: Laneige Cream Skin Range*

Over and over, Laneige have proven to the world on why they are good at what they do in the Korean Skincare market. They have created a new moisturizer range - "Cream Skin" and taken it to a whole new level of hydration as a 2-in-1 cream toner as well as creating a Cream Blending Technology that is convenient and easy for the everyday person. It is the first of its kind and incredibly innovative. Of course, my curious self had to try it and in this article, I share to you my verdict and whether this intriguing product is worth the hype.

First up, we have the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner. Here are the claims of the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner:
  • It is a cream-infused toner acting as both a toner and a moisturizer in an easy liquid form.
  • It not only hydrates and soothes the skin but it also strengthens the skin's barrier and restore it back to health.
  • It is light-weight and fast-absorbing but yet, it is highly moisturizing with a higher retention level. 
  • It is suitable for all skin types, particular for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.
  • It uses only essential ingredients to treat the skin.

By just looking at the claims, it sounds like any other toner on the market. It offers the same benefits but claims to be a better and more effective version compared to others on the market. I honestly couldn't contain my excitement when this product released. I go through toners as fast as I go through a bubble milk tea.

Toners are an absolute essential in my skincare routine and finding new toners is so thrilling for me.

The Laneige Cream Skin Refiner has a milky appearance but as light as water. When applied to the skin, it does need some time to be worked into the skin. Unlike other toners where it is like a refreshing and hydrating water, this toner has more punch to it. As you work it into the skin, it feels as though there's a cream-like product lying on your skin. It doesn't apply like your usual toner, which really surprised me. I do not agree that it is fast-absorbing but it is definitely lightweight.

After patting it into my skin, I let it sit on my skin like any of my other toners, so it can be absorbed into my skin. And after 10 or so minutes, I began to really feel and see the difference in my skin. It hydrated and gave my skin a slight glow. For a week where I had consistently used this toner, the neglect that I gave my skin was amended. I had dry patches on my cheeks and upper brow and this toner alleviated it! The "normal" parts of my skin also saw some changes as well. It felt more hydrated and makeup applied more smoothly. This toner though did the same things as my other toners, it truly just did it better! Unlike the Son & Park Beauty Water, this toner is primarily to hydrate in my opinion. Hence, I still use my Son & Park Beauty Water to prepare the skin and then I layer on the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner straight after. This toner is a complete game changer and so incredibly innovative and have exceeded my expectations.

Next, we have the Laneige Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser. This cleanser claims to:
  • be a mildly acidic cleanser (with a pH of 5.5)
  • cleanse deeply and melt away sebum, impurities, dead skin cells and makeup.
  • have the same blend of skincare ingredients as the other products in the same line.
  • be unlike other cleansing oils where the emulsification is not needed.
  • deliver an abundance of nutrients into your skin, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Fatty Acids. 
  • provide hydration and clean skin, while also strengthening the skin's barrier (like the refiner) 

Unlike the Refiner Toner, I actually haven't heard much about this cleanser. There isn't much hype about this product and after testing it out for a few weeks, I can see why. Currently, I have been using the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil or the Dear Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup and used as my first step in my double cleansing routine. This cleanser is nothing special. It definitely does the job but it just doesn't do it as well. On its own, it honestly doesn't hold as high of quality as my holy grail oil cleansers. However when it is paired with its sisters in the same line, it definitely does better to cleanse and hydrate. 

It also has a milky consistency, but being slightly more slippy. It works very well onto the skin but I feel as though it is not as refined and gentle as other high end milk cleansers on the market. This product wasn't a let down but it didn't blow me away either.

Finally, we have the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist! Out of the three products, I found this to be the most useful in my every day skincare routine, especially now that the Sydney weather is humid and dry.

Out of all the mists I own and have tried, this is the most hydrating! I guess to put it simply, it is the toner but in a mist form. They both use the Cream Blending Technology behind this range, which combines the qualities of a cream and puts it as a form of a mist. This is the first of its kind! It is incredibly hard to reduce the viscosity and weight of a product without compromising its skincare benefits (otherwise many other skincare brands would have done it sooner).

Like the other products in the line, it uses White Leaf Tea which is rich in amino acids responsible for moisture retention and strengthening of the skin barrier. I use this mist in conjunction with my eye creams before any makeup application. And through out the day (while sitting on my desk), I would also apply this to give my skin some refreshment and a natural glow. I do wish it came in a more travel-friendly version but it doesn't bother me much since I wear a backpack everyday.

Besides being a convenient way of hitting my skin with some easy and simple hydration, the spray nozzle is just fantastic!

It creates an incredible fine mist every time! It is extremely easy to use and you get an even distribution across your skin. Honestly, the fineness of the this mist is just what I look for in other brands.

As you can see from this photo, my obsession with Laneige is real. I have said this once and I will say it a million times more, Laneige is just a brand that's reliable whether you are looking to fulfill your makeup or skincare needs. They do it all. The only downside to the brand is their prices at times but it's honestly worth the pennies I spend.

You can grab the following from the following retailers if you're interested!

  • Cream Skin Refiner Mist - Let's Face it for $36.95 AUD
  • Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser - Let's Face it for $43.95 AUD
  • Cream Skin Refiner Toner - Sephora for $41 AUD or on Yesstyle for $35.65 (Use my code BNMLOVE to get 10% off your order!*)
[Note: These prices are subject to change at any given time. These prices are updated on 11/Feb/2020]

If there is anything you guys want me to review, please let me know! It'll be up in a jiffy! Thanks for reading, have a good one biscuits!

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me for review purposes. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Let's Face It. This post, by all means, is not biased! This post is 100% genuine and are based on my personal experience with the brand and the products. This post was to share my experience to my readers for information purposes only. The products mentioned in this post has not been compensated for. Depending on your skin, the results may or may not take longer for you to see results. All pictures showing the results of the product was taken in natural day light to show the true nature of the product. Please consult with your dermatologist for skin concerns prior to use. I have used a referral link, however I do gain a small commission if you click on the links relating to YESSTYLE only. 


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