Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Review: Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask*

Yes, it's another mask review. Your girl is addicted to a good facial mask and for good reason! A mask can do so many things for you, while forcing you to relax in the process. It's a glorious Korean skincare product that keeps on giving in my opinion. In this blog post, I wanted to show off my new obsession - the Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask! It's a familiar face that I've recently mentioned on my instagram and I thought it deserved much praise on my blog as well. This mask has amazing qualities inside and out and I cannot get enough of it. It helped my skin within a week!

You're probably asking me, "What's so different about this mask? It looks like any other mask on the market." 'Don't judge a book by its cover' is what I would reply to you. This mask on the surface definite does look like any other mask but the results and its ability to treat your skin is incredible. It's not a new mask on the market but it's going to be a new staple in my Korean skincare routine.


The philosophy behind this wash-off mask is: Clear, Contract and Care. The three Cs that made the difference in my skin. This mask makes the following claims:

  • It firms up your pores.
  • It's a one-step solution to acne, sebum and pore concerns.
  • It will repair your T-zone, unclog your pores and clear the skin. 
  • It is a purifying clay mask that will treat and rid of your blemishes. 
  • It calms down the skin from sudden break outs and kills bacteria, removes dirt and oils to prevent further acne development. 
  • It has a cooling effect to help tighten your pores. 
  • It does not dry the skin but rather hydrates it, despite it being a clay mask. 
Yes, I know! This is a long list of claims. Normally the longer the list of claims, the more skeptical I become as a consumer. But let me tell you, my skepticism for this product could not be further from the truth. I would say 6 out of 7 of these claims are spot on! There was absolutely very little fault. 


The Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask's core ingredients are:
  1. Canadian Glacial Clay - it is rich in minerals and has acne-treating abilities that is able to detoxify and purify the skin without stripping the skin of its moisture levels. It calms the skin from inflammation and in turn, it will also reduce redness. 
  2. Kaolin - a common and powerful ingredient often used in clay mask to absorb oils and excess sebum. It is also responsible for pore contraction as well. 
  3. Oatmeal - an ingredient that you can physically see in the mask. It helps to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin while also providing deep hydration. Because of this ingredient, it claims to also be safe to be used if you have skin sensitivity and eczema. (But test on your hand first before use).
  4. Tea Tree Leaf Extract - another common core ingredient found in acne treatments. It has anti-bacterial properties that soothes the skin from inflammation and redness, treat and get rid of acne and cleans the skin from acne-causing impurities. 

With all these powerful, acne-fighting ingredients, I had very high hopes that this mask would help with my break outs. And I honestly am glad I chose to test this mask out. 

My Experience

I've been going through some personal life dramas and it had been affecting my emotional and mental health. And as a result, I started to neglect my own health and this included ditching my skincare routine. I had to take time out and really reflect on what was going on and re-learn how to be myself again. 

Now that I am back to being myself, I needed a solution to getting my skin back to what it was and it was a good opportunity to use something new. My all-time favourite colour is mint and turquoise and the the Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask was just speaking to me. The packaging is simplistic and elegant which I love. It even has a funny dirty joke printed on the lid. ;) 

The mask instantly has a cooling effect once applied to the skin, especially around areas where you have thin or delicate skin and you feel it even more so around blemishes and pimples. But this cooling sensation only lasts at most 10 seconds. Normally I don't like having a cooling feeling on my face for long but 10 seconds is just too short. 

The mask was applied three times to achieve opaqueness. 

The mask applies very thinly. Though it looks thick and drier than most clay masks on the market, it doesn't apply that way on the skin. It is very easy to distribute and spread onto the skin. It did not give any discomfort and was a very quick application. You do need to go over some areas multiple times in order to properly cover the skin. 

After 10-15 minutes, the mask completely sets. Unlike other clay masks, it is still flexible enough for you to move your face. For those with combination skin like myself, you can definitely apply this all over the skin. I generally only apply it to my T-zone to reduce masking time. 

Upon removing the mask, I instantly noticed:
  • My skin became brighter and clean.
  • I did not feel any overly dry areas, but rather my skin was more hydrated than it originally was. 
  • It balanced my oil levels on my nose, chin and forehead most. 
  • I didn't completely remove blackheads or anything like that. But I didn't expect it to, because it doesn't claim to. 
  • My redness was also less red and swollen but it was still apparent to see. 
After a week using this mask 3 times, my acne was gone. The breakouts were no longer breakouts but just a past memory. My skin was honestly looking so good. I felt confident again and what drama I had before, it just didn't matter anymore. Though it does everything it claims, I still wouldn't replace my holy grail - Laneige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask which I have reviewed previously. It does a better job at contracting my pores and tightening my skin. 

I have now been using it for a good solid month, applying it 2-3 times a week and I've been greatly enjoying it. It doesn't have any fragrances, it doesn't irritate my skin and it does the job it claims to do. What more could I ask? 

Here are my results at the end of the month:


This mask is just amazing. It does what it says and gave my back the skin I had before. It removed my excess oils and sebum and managed to purify and clean my skin without stripping the moisture levels of my skin. It was a very easy and quick mask to use. It is recommended that you use it 1-3 times a week depending on your skin type. This mask is not the best one for pore contraction or skin tightening but it does a mediocre job. This mask is free from parabens, silicons, steroids and artificial colouring. It is safe to use for all skin types and it only costs $27.95 AUD from Let's Face It! Definitely give this mask a go and give yourself back the skin your know you deserve. 

As always, thank you to every biscuits for always keeping my passion of blogging alive and be assured my skincare and makeup adventures will never end! 



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