Monday, October 15, 2018

NEW: YSL Tatouage Couture 'The Metallics'*

This has been a long time coming and my soul has been waiting for the ultimate metallic formula. Contrary to common belief, metallic lip is still in and I am sure not over the phase. That extra reflective, metallic finish is always welcomed on the lips to bring dimension and exercise the limitations of what a lipstick can do to your look. YSL makes one of the best formulated lipsticks in the world and holds one of my holy grail formulas of all time - the Tatouage Couture Collection! This blog post is going to reveal to you my thoughts on whether YSL did justice to the Metallic Lip craze and explore the its contents in depth.

It all started with one photo.
I came across this photo while strolling through instagram. It spoke the words right out of my inner soul and spoke volumes. This collection was just what the beauty community needed. These lipsticks were a beacon of light bringing something fun, exciting, bold and dramatic to us all. Though YSL probably wasn't thinking Christmas or Chinese New Year when they created these, but these new shades are truly screaming to be have loud celebration. 

According to a lot of websites, there are a total of seven shades where one of the shades is a limited edition shade - Magnetic Prune. [The shade shown below]

I just absolutely love this NEW release of metallic colours. YSL have managed to still keep their signature elegance in their products without compromising their integrity as a brand. The shades alone have completely astound me. These six permanent shades are unique, vibrant and extremely eye-catching.
What's also amazing about these shades are that they are also very inclusive. All skin types can wear them, no matter what skin colour you have! And it is ultimately due to the power of the formula behind these liquid lipsticks. 

I was kindly gifted by the L'Oreal Team in Australia and the Australian Director of Artistry for YSL, Ross Andrewartha introduced to me my new family members. So out of the six permanent shades, I managed to have 3 beautiful shades that I know you guys would love just as much as me! 

Taking a moment to admire the packaging, it is nothing we haven't seen before with the original line of the Tatouage collection that I had previously shown you guys on my blog. It has that mirror gold handle lid with the semi-transparent matte frosted bottom. YSL cannot do wrong when it comes to packaging. Just a breath-taking piece of art if you don't mind me saying.
And here is what you guys are dying to see - the swatches! To no surprise, they are completely phenomenal. I have tried many metallic formulas from Colourpop, MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox... and so on and nothing can hold a candle to it! The formula is just as amazing as their original line of the Tatouage Matte Stain Liquid Lipsticks but in a metallic version. 

Having to compete with thousands of makeup brands on this earth, YSL has again proven that they are on top of their game when it comes to formulation, pigmentation, comfortability and longevity! These lipsticks;
  • are incredibly easy to wear and have a staying-power of over 8 hours of wear. Even after you remove it with either a Face Halo, a microfibre cloth, micellar water, makeup remover, cleansing oil, there will still be some colour leftover! It is truly that strong. 
  • do not accentuate fine lines, wrinkles on your lips and is age-appropriate for everyone!
  • do not crack, flake or peel no matter how dry your lips are! But it is definitely recommended that you exfoliate, moisturise and prime your lips for the best results. 
  • allow you to line and fill in your lips with perfection and precision every single time without breaking a sweat!
  • are extremely comfortable to wear and are extremely lightweight, despite having such a strong punch of colour.
  • give you one swipe of full coverage pigment that no other brand has done without compromising something else.
  • have high definition metallic shine that you cannot believe! Yet, it is more wearable than others that I have seen on the market. 
I cannot speak any more highly of these liquid lipsticks. They are out of this world and if you are a fan of the metallic lip trend, then you are going to 100% love the NEW YSL Tatouage Couture Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. 

Now to the more specifics of the blog post (as always). These retail for the same price as the original line which is $57AUD. Yes, it is definitely a hefty price to pay but I can promise, it is worth every penny for luxury and quality! Each tube contains about 6mL of product and can be purchased at YSL Counters/stores, MECCA Maxima stores, David Jones and Myer Departments. 

Follow me on instagram to DM your looks! I would love to see new friends who also love a metallic lips such as myself! #teammetallic! Thanks for reading my Biscuits!


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