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April & Ko's Best Skincare!*

Being a skincare fanatic and a Korean skincare advocate, I wanted to give you guys a change of scenery and introduce to you another heaven that stocks up all your Korean skincare needs! This brand is very close to my heart and it's a brand that has humble beginnings that have strived to be what it is today!You know I am always on the hunt for places that can cater to all my skincare needs and April & Ko have got the goods. Toners, Moisturisers, Serums, Face Mask... they have it all! In this blog, I'll be showing you my must-haves and they highly recommended from me.  

My friend, Katrina, single-handedly started her own business after her own first successful experience with Korean skincare. No matter how many different skincare products she had tried, it didn't give her the effective results that she wanted to achieve the flawless glass-like skin that many asian beauties have. But after trying out Korean Skincare for a mere few months, her skin cleared up and she felt more confident in her own skin. And why I connected with her so much and why I believe in her business is that I had and have a very similar experience with the beauty market right now. There are still too many brands that make claims that are not justified by their performance or effectiveness in the way the products are formulated, especially for my asian combination skin. And what I have found is that the Koreans do it best when it comes to skincare. They are always ahead in the skincare game, they are always detailed and meticulous in the way they create products and as a consumer, I truly see the worth in every buck in each ounce of product. To find a brand that have this experience in mind, you can truly trust a business to fully cater to your needs.

Now that I've introduced the business owner and what she is all about, I want to show you guys the amazing products that they offer and why I believe in these products myself.

Dear Klairs "Rich Moist Soothing Cream"

When it comes to moisturisers, I believe that most brands do it well. It has been rare for me to come across a moisturiser from any brand, either high end or drugstore that I've hated or even remotely disliked. But when it comes down to preferences, I always lean towards moisturisers that are softening, soothing and hydrating for my skin, while having a light to thin texture that will easily absorb into the skin. And the Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream truly does all this for me. 

This moisturiser contains a lot of fruit and leaf extracts, ceramides and oils that just hits the spot, even for those with sensitive skin. Besides hydrating and giving your skin life against dryness, this moisturiser also strengthens the skin's barrier by controlling the water permeability of your skin and balancing the water content in your skin. There's so much that this moisturiser is offering, it's just the perfect moisturiser for everyday!
I apply this on its own sometimes. But because this moisturiser absorbs quickly into the skin, I normally apply this as my base on most days before my makeup. An easy product that gets along with everybody!

Heimish "Hydrogel Eye Patch"

The Heimish Hydrogel Eye Patch has been something that I wanted to try as soon as I discovered it. I used to have a lot of creases and dryness around my eye area due to a lot rubbing and friction after I remove my makeup. But after having to treat it with the eye patches, the dryness went away and the creases also reduced as well! This eye patch claims to be "packed full of skin beneficial vitamins and minerals that help detoxify and intensely hydrate the skin". And these are the claims that I can 100% back up.

 Each container consists of either 60 patches or 72 patches - giving you more than a month's worth of use. Each product is packed filled with moisturiser and the best part about this product is how multi-functional it is.

After your have applied it on the skin (either under the eyes, around the mouth, the temples, forehead and so on...), you can put the patches in a microwaveable container, melt it down and it can be used as a serum! How amazing is that? A definite favourite of mine from April and Ko!

COSRX "One Step Pimple Clear Pad"

You heard it once and you heard it all when it comes to products that claim to "unclog your pores, cleanse unwanted dirts and oils, remove impurities" from your skin. Yes, there are a lot of other brands that do this well, such as Kiehls, Neutrogena, Origins and so on. However what I find most amazing about the COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad is not only does it do all that, but it does way more with just one pad!

This product is filled with BHAs that help to promote skin cell turnover as well as removes dead skin cells from your skin. And by combining both physical and chemical exfoliation, cleaning the skin and ridding the skin from impurities couldn't get any easier! On each pad, there are two textures on each side. The side with the bumps and circular grooves help to physically exfoliate your skin, while the other side is to swipe the product onto clean skin. This is just absolutely ingenius to me! Now, I use this product in two ways; as a preventative measure and as a blemish control treatment. Both of which help to keep my skin looking clear and healthy! Highly recommend this product for all skin types.  

Laneige Lipcare Duo

Here is a friendly face that I have endless showed so much love towards. The Laneige Lip Mask is the one product that can revive any lip from dehydration, cracks and I can even place bets that it can even revive the drought in Australia (if we had enough of it). This lip mask is truly transformative and it works so miraculously. It contains glycerin, fruit extracts, shea butters and various other ingredients to boost the moisture the levels in your lips, while also maintaining the health of the skin.

However, I had always wished the lip mask was more travel friendly and now it has! Meet the NEW sister "Lip Glowy Balm". You can expect the same magical ingredients inside this tube but on the go! It looks like your typical lip balm on your shelf in terms of the packaging, but don't let looks fool you! This is a definite must-have in my books.

Son & Park Beauty Water

Here's another product that I have also mentioned on my blog and it's also a big favourite of mine. The Son & Park Beauty Water is an extremely versatile product that can almost do it all in terms of skincare. It can cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, purify and tone the skin all with one swipe. In all honesty, this just look like glorified water in a sleek packaging, but it is so much more than that!

Because I am extra when it comes to my skincare, I actually don't use this as a toner as I use another one for that. I use this to prepare my skin before my makeup and skincare routine. It thoroughly gets rid of the residual impurities from the skin that your cleanser wouldn't have captured, keeping your skin clearer and healthier. And in turn, it reduces the appearances of blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes. I only ever get blemishes, nowadays, when I am on my periods, which is never heard of for me! I am so in love with this product and I only use about two little squirts on a thin cotton pad to get the job done.

Banila Co "Clean it Zero" Original

This product is nothing new on the market but it is definitely worth mentioning. The Banila Co Clean It Zero Original is a solid cleansing oil balm that is purposed to remove all of your stubborn makeup and day skincare. It recently got revamped with a new look (which I do not have). I typically use my cleansing oils to do the job but ever since I have discovered this, I've been alternating between the two.
This cleansing oil balm, despite its simple exterior, has some beneficial ingredients that also helps the skin not be stripped of its natural oils and nutrients. Unlike most solid cleansers, the Banila Co one has a beautiful formula that moisturises the skin and also completely removes everything from your face with little to no effort at all. A little goes an extremely long way and it is best used before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Now what I had also learnt (from someone else) was that you should never double dip with this product. It apparently deterioriates the quality of the product and over time, it would look and smell funky in the jar. So only use as much as you need and close the lid after every use.

And last my certainly not least...

COSRX Blackhead & Poreless 2in1 Power Liquids

COSRS, since the beginning of the year, have now stolen my heart and I am completely fallen head over heels with their skincare range. There is nothing they can do wrong and this now includes the power couple that I have been searching for me whole life! For years I have stubborn bumps and pores that were constantly congested or clogged to the point where it needed professional treatment from a dermatologists which costs hundred of dollars! But the combination of these two products have, again, transformed the nature of my skin!

The Blackhead Power Liquid & the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid work so incredibly well together! Even though I did not get these from April & Ko, you can also find them from April & Ko. How they work is truly phenomenal! The Blackhead Power Liquid clears the skin from blackheads and impurities, while the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid treats the pores so that they become tighter.

I have been using this combination for about a month and have already noticed a real difference to the skin. There's less bumps, my pores are less visible and my complexion is so much smoother! I always knew how to hydrate and moisturise the skin and treat problem areas but treating the pores was just another ball game. And I have finally found the secret that'll save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars which I just couldn't wait to share with you guys! This power couple can give you the change of a life time.

As new as April & Ko has been established, their range only carries the best of the best and it is a store that you can definitely put your money towards to purchase the products that you can trust to work for your skin. I do understand that there is an overwhelming amount of skincare products on the market and it's hard to know what to put your hard earned money towards. So what I love is that Katrina is always happy to help a friendly face when picking out your products that work for you. All you have to do is shoot her a DM on instagram and you can have a great chat with her! She know what she is doing and have faith on her knowledge into the Korean Skincare world.

Some perks in buying from April & Ko is;

  • if you purchase over $70AUD, you are granted FREE SHIPPING! And trust me, it's not hard to spend $70 when you want everything!
  • they put together value sets that cater to different skin types, while also saving you some money here and there. 
  • they not only support the ladies in the beauty community, but they also support men as well! They are extremely inclusive which I definitely can appreciate. 
So what are you waiting for? Head over to April & Ko and see what goodies they can offer you?

Disclaimer: This is a not sponsored post. This post, by all means, is not biased! This post is 100% genuine and are based on my personal experience with the brand and the products. This post was to share my experience to my readers for information purposes only. Most products mentioned in this post was gifted to me from April & Ko but the words expressed in this post has not been compensated for. Dependent on your skin, the results may or may not take longer for you to see results. All pictures showing the results of the product was taken in natural day light to show the true nature of the product. Please consult with your dermatologist for skin concerns prior to use.



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