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How to Spoil Mum for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is coming and you don't want to be caught being the guilty child caught not spoiling your mother. But honestly, there's so many things out there that you can buy? Where to start?! Here are some of my suggestion from skincare to makeup that you can definitely gift the woman who nurtured and loved you this mother's day!

Jewellery from Emma & Roe
 Let's talk about what every mother wants - the bling-bling! Sometimes it's the easiest choice to think about to get as a gift but it's the hardest to choose. And here's one of my picks of the bunch.
This is something that I got at Emma & Roe. They have some amazing jewellery that cater to whatever budget you have. Jewellery goes as low as $15 to high-end luxury pieces for as high as $1, 499. The piece that I have selected is this beauty here. It's a daisy dangle charm with cubic zirconia details and a white enamel embedded between silver flower pieces that have 10 CT yellow gold centres. It's an absolute stunner. I'll provide a link if you are interested in this (

The reason why I chose this piece as a perfect gift for mother's day is for many reasons. Firstly, if you're unsure if she has a bracelet, a bangle or none of the above, this charm caters to all that. Emma and Roe has specifically designed their charms such that it can be worn on all their mediums - which makes their charms very versatile and suit to whatever your mother has in her collection. I have specifically chosen to pair this charm with a sterling silver necklace chain. You honestly cannot go wrong with this. It retails for $89 at your local Emma and Roe store or online on their website.

Braun Silk-Epil 9 4-in-1 Skin Spa
If you want to tell your mother how you appreciate all the love, support and hard-work she had put into raising you and that you want something that'll help her pamper and look after herself too - why not give her the BRAUN Silk-Épil 9 with the 4in1 Skin Spa Device?

I can guarantee you that Braun is THE BRAND that offers products that are high quality, durable and has the most beautiful packaging I have seen for Epilators. I honestly don't have 100% faith any brand before when it comes to epilators, but Braun produces the best epilators on the market that does its job and more. I have previously owned the BRAUN Silk-Épil 7 and to this day, it still operates as smoothly as it did 4 years ago. Yes, I've been using the same Epilator for 4 years and it's still working perfectly! It grabs every hair for me, especially under the armpit. But honestly, this is nothing compared to the latest model. And this mother's day, spoil your mother rotten with this!

In the Silk-Épil 9 Set, you are given a few items and attachments to play with.
Firstly, you're given a Silk-Épil 9 with the following attachments to it;

  • Epilating Head - used to pluck out all hairs
  • Shaver Head - used to shave hairs 
  • 2 x protection caps
  • Power Cap - used over the epilating head for wider areas, such as legs and arms
  • Facial Cap - also used over the epilating head for facial hairs
  • Smart Plug - to charge your device
  • A handy string-tie pouch

  • Skin Vitalising Pad - used to deep massage the skin to help blood circulate around the skin
  • Gentle Exfoliation Brush - used to gentle to exfoliate and cleanse the skin from dry and dead skin for everyday
  • Deep Exfoliation Brush - used to give a deeper exfoliation for those harder and tougher areas for you to get through e.g. elbows, knees and so on. 
Then you are also given a neat spa cleansing device with the following attachments;

  • Facial Brush - used to cleanse the face, similar like a Purasonic device
  • Normal Brush - used for everyday clean for the face or skin
  • Extra Sensitive Brush - for a more gentle and softer clean to the skin
  • Exfoliation Brush - for a more deep and thorough cleanse for the skin

Now I honestly cannot praise this package enough. It's a 5 in 1 treatment for epilation, exfoliation, shaving, cleansing and massaging in one neat box! There are so many great things going for this and I wanted to provide you the best highlights of it.

  1. In comparison to the Silk-Épil 7, it has a wider head which makes epilation quicker and more efficient, covering more skin in one stroke
  2. It has a micro-grip technology that has a wider, longer and deeper tweeze of the hairs which captures not the obvious hairs, but the smaller and difficult ones too
  3. Has a curved head which offers a more precise and closer contact to the hairs
  4. The high frequency massage system has pulsating vibrations to help to give a gentler epilation, while the vibrations stimulate the skin to give a painless experience
  5. The head is able to manoeuvre around the body and reach hard to reach places, such as between joints, ankles, underarms and so on. 
  6. A smartlight is installed into the design of the device to help guide to find all the hairs possible that you couldn't see before
  7. And lastly, my favourite feature of all... it can be used when wet! The device has a wet and dry technology that allows the user to use in the shower or bath as it is water tight up to five metres! So whatever suits you, you can use it wherever!
Honestly, this gift is a definite no brainer for your mother this year! 

LVL Hair Brush Straightener

Here's something familiar you would have seen on my blog. It's the LVL Hair Brush Straightener. I honestly cannot imagine a life without this on days where I want my hair to look the way I want it to. I don't tend to do my hair very often (other than do it in a bun) but when I do make that extra effort to look presentable, this is the device I reach for! 

If you want to know more, click here to read my full thoughts on the device. 

Now if your mother likes colour and loves makeup, the next section is for you!

Giorgio Armani Magnetic Lips

If you have money to splurge, I highly suggest buying your mother some of these bad boys. The Giorgio Armani Magnetic Lipstick contains 18 beautiful shades that offer so much in such little doses! These lipsticks offer a weightless, smudge-proof and long-lasting texture that provides colour as well as a stain to your lips. 

It applies just like a traditional liquid lipstick with a precise triangular applicator, but once it touches your lips, you'll notice the light weight and the thin consistency that gives so much colour to the lips. Absolutely phenomenal formulas by Armani. From experience, after the first layer of colour starts to slightly fade, you get this beautiful layer of colour that just stays on your lips for the longest time. From memory, it had started to wear away after 7-9 hours, which it claims to stay on for 8. This is extremely impressive, especially if you know you'll be out and about and have no time to touch up. 

The shade range caters to a lot of skin tones - from warm to cool. They also have added some fun colours to the collection for those who are bold enough to wear it out. Obviously from my picks guys, I'm not that overly adventurous when it comes to lip colours. Majority of the time, I do tend to stick to my browns and nudes. 

But yes, a definite must have in anyone's collection and a definite win for mother's day!

YSL Beauty Volupté Tint-in-Balm Lipsticks

Another Lipstick range that I definitely recommend to grab for you mother. In my personal opinion, you cannot go wrong with these. They have the classic silver tubes with the elegant gold detailing with the matching accent colour to the lipstick that makes these lipsticks ideal for any woman of any age. 

Now if your mother likes something on her lips that'll give her total comfort, moisturises her lips and give that beautiful kiss of colour, these lipsticks will be just perfect for her! These lipsticks are gorgeous on the inside and on the outside. 

From their cult famous Volupté Tint-in-Oil, so much hype and great reviews had circulated and now these additions are taking the stores by storm. They are created with a two formulas in one to produce a lipstick thats easy to wear, gives a tint of colour and that lasting lip care all in one tube! 

Left to Right: Seduce Me Pink & Call Me Rose

Each lipstick has two parts. The outer area where it is in a shape of a pair of lips is the nourishing balm that allows you to have total moisture when worn. Then the core part of the lipstick, you get that tint of colour with a sheer glossy finish that allows you to have subtle plump lips, which is so beautiful on all skin tones. It's just the perfect lipstick for every occasion, on any look. 

As you can see from the swatch, it provides such an amazing colour that isn't too over the top but enough of colour to give your lips a little something something. Though each shade will vary from lip to lip depending on the pigmentation of the colour of your lips and so on. So please, bare that in mind.

There is a total of 12 beautiful shades in the range to choose from. These lipsticks are also said to contain deep moisturising butters and antioxidant fruit oils that will keep your lips feeling moisturised for longer. Undoubtedly, a great gift you can give anyone, especially on Mother's Day!

Last but not least...

Sì by Giorgio Armani

When I had the first whiff of this, I was caught in an intense obsession. I could not stop myself from smelling this. The Sì Collection by Armani Beauty started in 2013 and numerous versions have come out since then. And one of them is the Sì Rose Signature II Eau De Parfum.

I am not a fragrance guru, nor do I claim to know much about fragrances but this Sì has a light feminine floral, slightly fruity composition. It claims to open with notes of bergamot, mandarin. freesia and black currant. There is a hint of vanilla, orcanox and patchouli which makes the base of the fragrance. But the heart of the fragrance is from the two types of roses - Turkish Rose and May Rose with a following of iris and osmanthus. Just a beautiful blend of scents that makes perfection.

This fragrance is not overly heavy or potent, it's in the middle and it's very easy to wear for day to day. I would easily say this fragrance is suited for most women of all ages and incredibly desirable in every way possible.

This fragrance bottle is in its signature look with the glass, sleek, tall bottle with a petal-shaped black cap. This bottle is then adorned with a satin, pale pink ribbon in line with the tones of the fragrance. The ribbon is beautifully placed in a V shape at the front with the embossed emblem of the the Sì collection.

Just a beautiful fragrance suited for your beautiful mother this year! She will not be able to resist!

I hope this has helped you to have some idea of what to get your mum on mother's day and that no matter what you get her, she'll still appreciate the love put into it as well as the gift. Happy Mother's Day!

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this post nor speak about these products. I was gifted some of the products for consideration for review and I was under no pressure or obligation to write a blog post. I was not compensated to speak about these products. Everything said is 100% genuine based on my personal experience. All Links provided are for information purposes only.

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