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Valentine's Day with RY!*

Nothing says Valentine's better than putting on a full face of makeup! Looking glam either for yourself or for a loved one! I honestly don't celebrate the occasion unless I know I can trust my tools to make me feel beautiful on the inside out. This year, I'm feeling inspired to recommend some products I would wear on this special day!

RY is the perfect place to gather all your makeup essentials for your Valentine's day! It is an Australian online retailer that stocks up so many brands from drugstore brands to high-end brands. The best thing about RY is not the vast variety of brands but the awesome deals and prices that RY offers as well. They sell numerous items ranging from haircare, makeup, beauty electronics and more! They cater to both men and women! So they can help both genders get ready for the big V-day!

Here are some of my recommendations for Valentine's day! Some of these products can be found on the RY website at www.ry.com.au.

Let's start off with the basics - brushes!

Brushes make a huge difference to your makeup application and here are some of my must have picks!

Going from left to right -

  • Sigma Beauty F37 Spotlight Duster - this brush can't be found on the RY website but I wanted to include it as a Valentine's essential brush is because it has made a huge difference in my makeup application. It's a multipurpose brushes that does so much! It is a very airy, and fluffy brush that is perfect for light powders, such as highlighters, blushes or even a overly pigmented bronzer that you need to tone down. What I especially love this brush for is for swiping away the baking or to apply a light dusting of powder. 
  • Sigma Beauty F23 Soft Angled Contour Brush - Contour has never been the same since I've had this brush in my life! It makes contouring seem like a breeze with just a few swipes with this brush. The angled slant of the bristles goes along the cheeks very easily and the large size of the overall brush also make the whole process ten times quicker!
  • Real Techniques Blush Brush - I never used to wear much blush. If I was feeling frisky, then maybe the tiniest bit because wear blush is terrifying to me. I always accidentally wear too much and I just don't want to waste my time reapplying. But this brush is so airy and fluffy and it just lightly applies product. The tapered shape makes it easy to work around the cheeks and apply an even application, every time!
  • Sigma Beauty E25 Blending Brush - the cult favourite brush that is a round, slightly pinched and firm brush that is perfect to blend out eyeshadow or to apply all over the lid. 
  • Sigma Beauty E35 Blending Brush - another cult favourite but this brush can't be found on RY. It's a round and slightly tapered brush that is perfect to help you blend. This blend is soooooo good for blending. I use it mainly as a clean brush to blend out the edges of my eyeshadow. 
Next is the best part of any makeup application - eyeshadow!

You need the perfect eyeshadow palettes to go for the perfect makeup look and I have pulled out two awesome choices for you!

  • BECCA Cosmetics Ombré Nudes Eye Palette* - this palette may look plain by shades but what makes it perfect is that if you wanted to wear a bold lip, the shades in this palette would not take the spotlight out from your lips. All the shades in this palette are smooth, buttery, pigmented and so velvet-like. It claims to be able to be applied wet, but I have not tried yet. The palettes are fine applied dry. You can create a smokey eye or a natural soft look. It works well to compliment other palettes as well. 
  • L'Oreal Paris La Palette Nude Palette in 01 Rose - well this palette just shouts out feminine, yet sultry looks for valentine's day. It has the soft shades for a day time look but also the darker and bolder shades for the night time. You cannot go wrong with it. The shades range from neutral to cool tones but work well on all skin tones. The shades are easy to work with, easy to blend and have great colour pay off. 
The next fun part - highlighters!
As you can see, I have a "type". But honestly, I have ventured out to other shades of highlights but I believe this kind of shades of the golds, champagnes and warm tones compliment my skintone the best. 

  • BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powders - these highlighters are the bomb-digity! They are the queens of the highlighting world. They're blendable, smooth, extremely pigmented and buttery! It's not chunky and there's minimal fallout. There's a shade that suits everyone. Becca doesn't like to leave anyone out and they have a shade that fits every skintone. My favourite from the bunch is Moonstone. The perfect pale, gold shade that is what you call highlight heaven!
  • The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter* - another cult favourite and for the longest time. One of the OG of highlighters, that is still a great highlighter to have in your collection. I am extremely late to the bandwagon, as RY has kindly sent me for so I can get ready for Valentine's day and share it with you all. This honey-hued, gold highlighter is what dream are made out of. It is much lighter than the BECCA Cosmetics highlighters but just as smooth. It's also easy to work with and very blendable. The perfection addition to the family!
Lastly, the finishing touch - Lips!

A lip colour can change a whole look. And Valentine's day is the best day to show off your lips. You can wear that fancy red that you can't wear normally every other day. Or that bright pink that you think is too much for a normal day. Valentine's day gives you the excuse to wear the beautiful reds, pinks and bold shades, without being questions or making you feel uncomfortable. Here are some of my recommendations. 
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colour - I don't think these liquid lipsticks are great for what it's meant to be for, but I greatly still enjoy the formula. It's smooth, creamy and pigmented. It has a satin finish and extremely comfortable to wear. There's eight available shades, ranging from reds, nudes, pinks and purples. Every colour you can think of for the perfect Valentine's lip colour. No one can resist you!
  • Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace - Bite Beauty have been around for a while and for good reason. They have a great formulated range of lip products and one of them includes their Matte Creme Lip Crayons. My favourite shade to wear if I'm wearing a bright eye look or a normal day out, is Glace. It's a nice pinky, mauvey shade. It's creamy, comfortable and has a slight demi-matte finish to the lips. 
  • Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint in Lychee* - A new formula that RY has gifted to me and I am now a fan. SHU Uemura has been infamous for their range of moisturising lip balms or tinted lip balms that gives you that little kick of colour. But this Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint is a great contender to the game. It is creamy, soft, moisturising and so easy to wear throughout the day. It's just perfect for the day time. And if you or your loved one organised a Valentine's breakfast or lunch, you can rest assured, you don't have to worry about it going everywhere. 
Now here are some other essentials to have on and after your dates as well -
  • You will definitely need a camera to take shots and selfies and the one I use is the SONY RX100 Mark 3. I actually got this as a Valentine's gift last year. My partner had wanted to help me in my instagram and blogging endeavours and it was the sweetest way he could have said he supports me. 
  • A diary to maybe stick all your pictures in or write down all the memorable moments on your day. This cute, marble one can be found at K-Mart for only $3!
  • Sigma Beauty Dry N Shape Spa* is awesome to take care of your brush right after your date. It can hold up to 18 brushes. You can literally clean, dry and shape your brushes all in one! If you happen to be staying somewhere far for your special day, you can bring this along to clean your brushes. A convenient little gadget to make your life easier. 
  • A look isn't complete without a good pair of lashes. And the best pair (or just my favourite pair) is from Ardel lashes! They have a band that's easy to work with and the wispies compliments my eye shape the best. Best thing about these pair too, is that it's affordable!
  • A great accessory to have along on your dates is obviously a pouch! And the one I always bring around with me is from the Daily Edited. They have classy, leather pouches that's durable and goes with every outfit! Low-maintenance and just great to carry light. 
  • To add that little something something just before you leave for your day or night, you need a scent to get your partner to remember you by. And your favourite perfume is a definite must! The only one that I would highly recommend is the YSL Mon Paris Perfume. It's feminine, sweet and light. Something that's not overpowering but enough to make you smell like you're worth all the time in the world. 
Well that's it my wonderful people! Valentine's day is a beautiful day to celebrate love, as cheesy as it sounds. Sometimes we forget to appreciate our loved ones and Valentine's day gives us a chance to do so. But if you don't have a special someone, I would also go out and have a great time ! Glam out and go out with the girls and see what the night takes you. 

I wanted to also take the time to thank RY and Aimee for this opportunity to review these wonderful products and to give me the chance to get RY as well. They have so many great things such as RY Perks and they also give free samples for every purchase. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day and that it's a day to remember love and everything that you find happiness in. 

Disclaimer: This is a not sponsored post. However, this is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. These products were only partially gifted to me as PR for review but after enjoying some products, I had purchased my favourite products with my own money. Gifted Products are marked with an (*). My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word and are based on my own experiences. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 

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