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Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow Review

Applying eyeshadows is my favourite part of my makeup application. There are so many creative ways you can create a look with the vast amount of colours that exist. Not only that, I believe an eyelook can really perform wonders for a person's face. And you don't know, maybe an eyelook can even change your luck for the day. Haha!

Colourpop Cosmetics is a newly developed brand that's young, fun and fresh! They constantly work to stay on trends, and grow their company continuously. What I love most about the brand is the low cost and the high-quality that they always deliver to their customers. I have been a big fan for many years and always find myself always taking my wallet out for their new releases - one of which is the new range of pressed eyeshadows! I personally think they took a big leap and started to find common ground with other beauty companies. Every beauty company have their own unique make of products and Colourpop was the supershock shadows that are unique! They have a texture of a soft, creamy shadow but apply like a powder. It's a remarkable formula! Now with these pressed eyeshadows, it is expected to be of the same nature - unique and of high quality.

I have tried them for the last 5 days and I have to say, it's not as impressive in comparison to a lot of pressed eyeshadows from other companies. Don't get me wrong, this does not mean they are a bust. They are fantastic and work very well! They deliver what a pressed eyeshadow should, but there are a few things that had caught my attention on application.

Recently, I made an order to celebrate Colourpop Cosmetic reaching 1 million on facebook. They came out over 30 different shades of different finishes - ranging from cool to warm tones, bright to dark, bold to natural. They're new release caters to all skintones and there's a whole lot of variety to play with. As you get to know me, I lean towards warm, neutral and natural shades. I am not brave enough to own bright pastel colours that they have in the collection.

In the release, they had also bundled up some shades together and made a palette for purchase, as you can see above. The palettes are called 'Hi-maintenance' and 'Lo-key'. These bundles have just the perfect shades!

Here's pictures of the shades in the Lo-Key Bundle, which contains warm, red and orange shades.

Here's pictures to the High Maintenance Bundle, which contain neutral cranberry, rosy and purply shades.

Besides these shades, I had also purchased other shades as well. First, the shimmers!

Left to Right: Let Me Explain, Save it For Later, You Know the Drill, Liar Liar,  Come and Get It, Milli
Here's the matte shades I got as well!

They are all beautiful shades. I was so impressed by the pigmentation, the blendability and the quality of some of these shadows. However as a beauty blogger, I know better not to go by the swatches of a product. Our fingers pick up a lot of product and how it translates as a swatch, might not be the same on a brush.

I immensely enjoyed the shimmers in the range. They worked well with both a brush and your fingers. It can also be applied wet, but they are prone to harden if the liquid touches the surface of the eyeshadow, so be careful. The shimmers were not chunky, they blended like a dream and whatever colour you see in the pan, is the colour you see on your lids.

The mattes were very similar in quality. They were blendable, pigmented and easy to work with. But this did not go for all of the shades. The formula was inconsistent between shades. Some shades were patchy or muddy to work with and took a little longer to blend. Some shades such as "Get Out" in the matte shades, were very chalky, which was something I did not enjoy. But even though the formula of the mattes were not highly impressive, they generally performed well with a little work. What I also noticed is that all the matte shades had a lot of fall out. And I mean a little tap of the powder and a powder storm would come out. Even with the lightest touch, the fall-out creates such a mess. So I suggest being careful with using this and not to bully your pans.

These shadows are the same size as Makeup Geek Shadows containing on average 1-1.2g of product. I would normally say this is a generous amount, but since there's a lot of kick up in the powder, you will notice these shadows vanishing faster than normal pans. I have already started noticing after 5 days of constantly using them.  Each shadow retails for $5 a piece and if you get the bundle, it's $18 per palette.

Generally, these eyeshadows are still amazing but since there's so many other brands to compare with (unlike their supershock shadows), these eyeshadows were just not the best. I would still name Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Geek and Marc Jacobs to be my top contenders in the makeup game.

If you own a Z-Palette, you can easily create your own palette of custom shades to suit your needs. I honestly started playing around with the shades and accidentally made a dupe of the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette.

Since there's so many shades in the range, I'll let you on my current favourite shades that I love using! They include;

  • Come And Get it - a duochrome, shimmer rosy shade with golden accents
  • Save it For Later - a metallic amber, shimmer shade
  • Criss Cross - an earthy, reddy orange matte shade

Been loving these shades and if you guys have any questions, please leave a comment down below! Or if you have bought some yourself, let me know your thoughts too! oxox

Disclaimer: These products were not sent or gifted to me. They were all purchased with my own money. This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid nor compensated to talk about these products. All things mentioned was my honest and genuine thoughts based on my personal experience. 

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