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As you guys already know from my blog posts, Avene is one of the best brands for all skin types. And I had the delightful pleasure to review their Tolerance Extreme Range that caters not just the average user but for those with extreme sensitive skins. I absolutely love... like LOVVVVEEEEE everything they have to offer. From the formula to the little things in the packaging, Avene takes care of your skin like no other brand. It is the brand that caters to you! In my first blog post for 2017, I'm going to mention all the incredible products that I loved !

Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water

The most popular, versatile and innovative product that Avene has! Most of the products are marketed and made out of this one ingredient that allows your skin feeling and looking its best. As you may know from my other blog posts Avene products are made with the least amount of core ingredients and this is one of the things that is great about them! You know it's for sure going to work for you, even the most sensitive skin types.

The Avene Spring Water is a lightweight spray that is almost like actual water. It feels like water but does so much more! The great benefits of using the Spring Water is has both health and beauty related benefits, such as...

  • It is able to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Lately I had found out you can even use it to help sooth burnt skin as well (especially those times when you forget to bring sunscreen on a hot day).
  • It is able to instantaneously relieve not just normal skin types but all degrees of sensitivity or conditions including those with extremely dry skin, eczema and so on.
  • It is gentle enough to be used on infants as well! 
  • It is recommended for all skin types including hypersensitive, allergic or irritated skin. 
You just cannot go wrong with using this product. You lightly spray it across your face and/or body and let it soak into your skin. Whatever remains, you can very lightly use the inside of your hands to press it into the skin. It is that easy!

Avene Cleansing Lotion

A few months ago, I had talked about the Avene Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion that works to soothe and clean the skin. If you want an in depth review, click here to find out more! Out of all the cleansing products I have tried, this products is the most innovative, gentle and unique formula on the market. Similarly with the Spring Water, all Avene product aim to have the least amount of core ingredients to make it safe and suitable for all skin types and this product is no different.

The Avene Cleansing Lotion is a non-rinse cleansing lotion that helps you remove impurities from your face, as well as leave your skin feeling soft and clean! The formula has a milky consistency that does the following;

  • provide long-lasting hydration
  • offer a significant reduction to sensitivity
  • mimics the function of health skin when left on
  • preserves the hydration levels in your skin
  • provides cleaner and softer skin for longer
Absolute must-have!

Avene Emulsion

This emulsion moisturiser is one of a kind, in my opinion. It is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine, It justifies your time by renewing your skin and making it softer and more hydrated. It is has a quick absorbing formula that's lightweight and incredibly long-lasting (for about 6 or so hours).

Similarly with its brothers and sisters, there is a bare minimum of core ingredients that maintains the integrity of the product, with no parabens, fragrances and preservatives. It contains only the essentials that your skin needs to feel replenished and nourished.

This product can be used on so many skin types, especially those with sensitive skin! It will restore the moisture back into your skin and help the skin to heal over time from either peels, dermatological procedures, laser treatments and so on. If you would like to know my full in-depth review, click here to find out!

Avene Crème 

Have hypersensitive skin? Need help? LOOK NO FURTHER! The Avene Tolerance Crème will look after you, even if you have the worst of skins. Though on most days, my skin has been good to me, but as of late, the sun has really taken a toll on my skin and my skin has become quite sensitive (in particular the apples of my cheeks and forehead). This crème has really made it easy to look after skin during these times.

It is a 50mL tube of cream that works to provide effective and long-lasting protection, hydration and nutrition to my skin. It contains physio-compatible ingredients that mimics the skin's composition so that it can restore your skin to how it was. It also has physio-refined textures for greater affinity with the skin. It's core purpose is to moisture, while replenishing the skin with maximum respect for your skin, even when it's sensitive. It also has a job to soothe your skin due to the added ingredient of the Avène Spring Water that has soothing and anti-irritant properties to soften and protect your skin.

What this cream also does is provide a protective base, to sit under your makeup! So your skin is protected while you look the part. This product contains (again, like it's brother and sister) no preservatives, no parabens, no alcohol and no fragrance, which are all proven to be irritants to the skin. It has just some cored ingredients that do all this for you! Don't you now feel safe that there's a product like this on the market that can have your back no matter the situation?

Other Must Haves!

Avene has looked after my skin left, right and centre! There isn't a single thing that Avene can't do for me. Pimples? Dry Skin? Sensitive Patches? Burns? Peels? Avene will look after me no matter the issue. What I love also about Avene is that they look after normal skin types and maintain the skin that I have now. Even if I have neglected my skin for weeks, Avene always knows what to do! I'm going to mention my few favourites that I have been using religiously over the last year.

Avene Hydrating Serum

This hydrating serum has been around for the longest time and I had only found out about it almost a year ago. It is my third bottle of this stuff and I must say, I cannot live without it. It is from their Hydrance Optimale Range where the products in that line aim to hydrate and replenish the skin with moisture. The products in this range have the soul purpose of restoring moisture balance through a combination of ingredient in each product. It reproduces a hydrating and protective system of lacrimal film that ensures your skin stays moisturized for longer!

This particular hydrating serum not only maintains your moisture levels, but also revitalises and soothes the skin for long-lasting effects. You skin, over time, regains the comfortable, soft and supple skin that it once was so you can look and feel your best! It is also suitable for mature skin, where wrinkles, creases in the skin and fine lines, gradually get smoothed! In this product, there is a high concentration of the Avene Spring Water that helps the ingredients work its magic!

Similarly to the other products, no parabens! I personally only use once a day, and just before I go to sleep. At time, it works in the morning too. My skin just feel its best whenever I have this on. I highly recommend this!

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser

The Gentle Milk Cleanser is another products that is one of my absolute favourites to use. It is from their Essential Care Range and it is just every girl's best friend! It is recommended for dry to super dry, sensitive skin.

Like most cleansers, it eliminates and removes skin impurities and offers your skin feeling smooth and clean after the first wash. It also is lightweight and very easy to use! But unlike other cleansers, this cleanser has a non-drying formula that is enriched with core ingredients that moisturise and soothe the skin. It helps your skin feel comfortable and clean for the longest time. I absolutely love the feeling right after I use it.

It contains a very unctuous formula that prevents skin tightness and just leaves your skin feeling great and supple. What it also offers your skin is that it also soothes and softens the skin due to one of its core ingredients - Avene Spring Water. I seriously think the Avene Spring Water is some kind of elixir taken from the heaven and put into a bottle. This stuff is amazing!

You would apply the gentle milk cleanser morning and evening to the face and down to the neck with a cotton pad or with your fingertips. You gently but firmly massage it into your skin, removing all the unwanted impurities and then you remove what's left with a clean cotton pad. And you would finish off by spraying the Avene Spring Water over your face to feel refreshed and revived! LOVE IT! Another highly recommended product.

Avène Gentle Toner

Another product from the Essential Care Range is the Avène Gentle Toner. Toners are a very tricky item for me to try and buy. Most toners are made for oily skin users, where it contains alcohol. I personally don't like the feel after the application, as my skin feels dry and slightly uncomfortable, in particular the perimeter of my face where I am the most dry.

This toner, however, is a non-rinse formula that compliments not just makeup removal but also any unpurified residue or impurities on your face, such as oils, dirt and so on. This toner works to be a gentle, protective and alcohol-free toner that's made for dry and very dry skin users. But for the most part, I have been using it even when I have normal skin. It has both protective and calming qualities that work really well with my skin type.

What's special about this toner is that it is formulated with natural silicates to help protect and fend off external causes of dryness - without the use of water! Since it contains silicates, the tone is a two phase, so shake before every use. It's so easy and simple! My skin always knows it's getting the good stuff whenever I use this after my cleanser.

Before you use this product, you must note that the silicates particles tend to settle down the bottom of the bottle. So you must shake the bottle before every use. You would, then, apply this either morning or night with a cotton pad, swiping it around your face and down to your neck. It should be used after your cleanser and your skin must be dry.

Let me know down in the comments what you guy have tried from Avène so I can go search for it! My Avène Skincare is quite extensive and I just can't have enough! Avène is one of the best skincare companies that look after all skin types, no matter what! All products can be found at your nearest Priceline store!


This is a sponsored post. However, this is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. These products were gifted to me as PR for review but after enjoying some products, I had purchased my favourite products with my own money. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word and are based on my own experiences. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 

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