Friday, November 18, 2016

Nyx Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer Corrector

Nyx Cosmetics has been a company that have proven themselves to be a trustworthy and reliable company when it comes to affordable and great quality products! Finding gems like the Dark Circle Concealer Corrector from Nyx is a total godsend. This concealer is a fine piece of evidence that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to help you create a flawless base for your face.

Colour Correcting has only started to be part of the average person's makeup routine in the last year and there is still a lot of unknown land that we all need to explore. What we know is that colour correcting heavily is based on the colour wheel.

The colour wheel is used to bring harmony between contrasting colours and allow two colours to look good together. In the makeup world, the colour wheel is used to neutralise the different tones on the skin. By neutralising the different colours on your face, you are able to cancel out the colours you don't want to appear through your makeup. That is, for example, a green concealer cancels out redness on the face - as red and green are contrasting colours. So as you can tell from the name of this product, this concealer is used to cancel out the dark circles (of which have dark blue-purple hues).

 This creamy, lightweight concealer is remarkable for the price of $11.95 AUD! There is a total of four shades to cater for different hues of purple as well as skin tone. It is a medium to full coverage concealer that corrects, covers and brightens the under eye area. It does not crease, not drying, doesn't feel thick or cakey and it is incredibly comfortable to wear! What's also great is that it is not overly peachy or orange. It is the right shade of colour that perfectly cancels out the purples/blues and also camouflage them into the skin.

Shade: Fair
  As you can see, the concealer is incredibly full coverage with one swipe. It's able to cover the colour of my veins and neutralise my skin tone to one colour. The consistency of this concealer is that it is smooth enough to glide across the skin with ease. It is just beautiful on the skin! I am in the shade "fair" and it has done wonderfuls for my dark circles. I used to be conscious about my dark circles because it revealed all the late nights and sleepless nights I've had. (Haha!).

The Nyx Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer Corrector contains 2.8g (0.10 oz.) of product and is only $11.95 AUD! If you catch it on special sale events, you can even get it to be under $10! Fantastic steal! This product can be found at Target or Priceline stores and online - but don't expect to find stock in-stores. It is indeed a popular product that deserves your time! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this product or if you have any other dark circle concealers that you would like me to try!

This product was not gifted to me. I had purchased this myself with my own money. I was not paid or sponsored to talk about these products. This is my genuine thoughts on the product. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word and are based on my own experiences. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 

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