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A Taste of Zoeva Cosmetics Makeup!*

Starting from the land of Germany and branching out to new territories around the world, Zoeva Cosmetics is making their mark into the beauty industries in a phenomenal way. They're constantly impressing us with their innovative and high quality products from top-performing makeup brushes to amazing makeup products. What I love most about the brand is the actual people that work behind the brand. They're very genuine and stand by what the brand represents. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try their products and be part of their blogger's program. I am a huge fan of their makeup brushes for the longest time and now their makeup is being put to the test!

Zoeva Cosmetics has introduced new products to their line that showcases their ability to stay on trend as well as on top of their game in creating products that are high quality. They have, so far, produced lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, eye liners, concealers and so on...  and I'm going to share my thoughts with you on the selection that I now own.

Eyeshadow Palette

I am totally obsessed with these palettes. There is no words I can truly express to justice my love for them. These palettes are part of their permanent range and is here to stay forever! These palettes never stay on the shelf for long and for good reason. They are highly pigmented, buttery and very little to no fallout. The formulae allow you to have flawless application, every time! These shadows are extremely easy to blend and extremely easy to get things right the first time. These shadows are also formulated to contain no parabens, no mineral oils, no fragrances and no phthalates. 

These palettes are contained in hard cardboard covers and does not have a mirror (which is something I would like them to include in the future - for travelling reasons). Each palette has unique designs for each different palette to illustrate the tones and theme present in the colours. There is a total of 10 shades, each containing 1.5 grams (0.05 o.z) of product, which I personally think is a very generous amount in proportional to the quality and the cost of approximately $35 AUD.

One of the many great things about these palettes is that there is a huge versatile factor that is counted towards these palettes. You can create natural to Va-Va-Voom glamourous looks with these palette due to the wide range of shades that you are given. Eac palette also contains different types of finishes for you to use as well - ranging from mattes, sheen, satins to shimmers. There is absolutely nothing missing in these palettes and is why this palette would be so great to travel with. Pick your favourite one and off you go!

Cocoa Blend

This palette is filled with warm-tone shades, "inspired by warm truffle colours, delicate nougat and tones of shimmering marzipan shades". 
Top Row: Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Tones, Subtle Blend, Beans Are WhiteBottom Row: Pure Canache, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted, Infusion, Delicate Acidity

  • Bitter Start - a pale, egg shell white shade
  • Sweeter End - a shimmering duo chrome pale lavender shade.
  • Warm Notes - a metallic cranberry purple shade.
  • Subtle Blend - a deep metallic bronze shade.
  • Beans Are White - a deep, cocoa chocolate matte shade.
  • Pure Ganache - a mid-tone, strong metallic gold.
  • Substitute For Love - a toffee brown shade with hint of shimmer.
  • Freshly Toasted - a rich mahogany brown matte shade.
  • Infusion - a dark charcoal-brown infused with golden glitter.
  • Delicate Acidity - a berry toned purple-brown shimmer shade.

Naturally Yours

A palette that is filled with neutral shades that compliment your look for a natural wear. 
Top Row: Pure, Soft & Sexy, Smooth Harmony, Forever Yours, Slow DanceBottom Row: First Love, Casual Elegance, Sweet Sound, Lovely Monday, Timeless Chic

  • Pure - a light beige matte shade
  • Soft & Sexy - a milky chocolate brown warm matte shade.
  • Smooth Harmony - a pinky beige shade with golden shimmer
  • Forever Yours - a duo chrome of brown and emerald shimmer shade.
  • Slow Dance - a dark burgundy-brown matte shade.
  • First Love - a true ivory beige matte shade.
  • Casual Elegance - a golden-beige shimmer shade.
  • Sweet Sound - a dark warm-toned with a slight sheen brown shade
  • Lovely Monday - a cool-toned dark shimmering brown shade
  • Timeless Chic - a strong matte black shade

Rose Golden

A range of beautiful shades of rose golden and cool-toned shades that best compliment for a smokey eye. 

Top Row: Luster, Reflective Elegance, Copper is King, Shining Bright, Rusty Petals
Bottom Row: Foil, Just a Rose, Golden Rule, Harmoney, Wonder Full

  • Luster - a mid-tone beige nude matte shade.
  • Reflective Elegance - a pale rose-golden bronze shimmer shade.
  • Copper Is King - a true metallic copper shade.
  • Shining Bright - a mid-tone pinky-champagne shimmer shade.
  • Rusty Petals - a metallic brown shimmer shade.
  • Foil - a foiled-eyeshadow with a golden metallic finish.
  • Just A Rose - a pinky-golden duo chrome shimmer shade, similar to fireball from UD
  • Golden Rule - a classic golden shimmer shade
  • Harmony - a cool-tone pale charcoal matte shade.
  • Wonder Full - a dark chocolate matte shade.

Black Box - $38 AUD

This literal black box contains your essentials to lining the eyes. There is a total of four different types of eyeliners and all in the shade black (hence the name black box). I absolutely think this box is such an innovative and motivative way to encourage makeup junkies to try different types of eyeliners and help them find the right one for them. 

Left to Right: Cat Eye Pen, Soft Kohl Eyeliner, Graphic Eyes Eyeliner, Calli Graphic Liquid Eyeliner 

In this box, they provide you with;
  • a  liquid eyeliner called the Cat Eye Pen in Black - which is a long, pointed felt tip eyeliner that claims to provide precision with a matte black finish. This is one of the blackest eyeliners on the market that I have tried. It is very smooth to apply and the long tip helps you glide across the eye for that elongated effect. 
  • a kohl eyeliner pencil called the Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Noir - which is a wooden encased pencil eyeliner that is suggested to be used for smudging out for that smokey eye effect, especially along the lashline. This isn't my favourite out of the range that is provided. It does transfer and doesn't entirely set, so you would have to set it with a powder once blended onto the lids. 
  • a eyeliner pencil called the Graphie Eyes in "Black to Earth" - which is one of their popular selections from their makeup range. It is an ultra smooth eyeliner pencil that has intense colour and pigmentation. It claims to be waterproof and and could be best used on the waterline. When used as a normal eyeliner, it does fade away after 3-4 hours, so a re-application is much needed. However, due to its intense colour, this liner is perfect to be used as an eyeshadow base, or traditional use of an eyeliner with slightly smudged edges. 
  • a calligraphy tipped eyeliner called the Calli Graphi Liquid Eyeliner in Black - which is a fine tipped liquid eyeliner that produces a strong, intense matte black line of colour. Ever since I started practising using this type of eyeliner, I've grown to appreciate the flexible tip, the ultra thin tip and the full control you have with the applicator. 

Graphic Eyes Eyeliners - $14 AUD

The Graphic Eye eyeliner pencils are one of the creamiest, smoothest and pigmented pencils I have ever tried on the market. It is filled with such intense colour, with just one glide. These eyeliners claim to be water-proof and is the same formula as the one in the Black Box. This pencil is free from fragrance, parabens and formaldehyde. These smooth pencils are able to draw a rich, strong line without any streaking or patchiness. In my personal opinion, these eyeliners are almost fool-proof. 

They had claimed you can use this in the waterline. As stated earlier, it could be used on the waterline. When used as a normal eyeliner, it does fade away after 3-4 hours, so a re-application is much needed. However, due to its intense colour, this liner is perfect to be used as an eyeshadow base, or traditional use of an eyeliner with slightly smudged edges. These pencils are just the unison blend of a traditional eyeliner pencil and a strong cream eyeshadow. 

There is a total of 16 shades in the range - including your classic black to your shimmer shades. 

Top Row: Black to Earth, Glance, Taupe
Bottom Row: Nude Reflection, It's Never Over, Good Karma
  • Black To Earth - a strong matte black.
  • Nude Reflection - a dim champagne beige, shimmer
  • Good Karma - a mermaid teal green with fine golden sheen.
  • Glance - a dim metallic bronze with a copper shimmer.
  • Taupe - a grey-toned chocolate shimmer.
  • It's Never Over - a dim coral matte with muted red undertones

Rose Golden Blush Palette - $25 AUD

This gorgeous Rose Golden Blush palette is a great palette, especially for pale skins. It contains three pans of a matte bronzer, a highlight and a shimmery blush. This palette is beautifully packaged in a rose golden sleek, rectangular hard cardboard. Again, there isn't a mirror and I do wish to see for one to be placed in the palette in the near future. 
The three powdered products offered in this palette compliment each other very well when worn on the skin. Each colour blends in with the other seamlessly and it provides such a natural and subtle way to sculpt the face
These powders are extremely lightweight to the point that there is minimal fallout. There is a buttery and smooth consistency across the three products, especially from the shimmer highlight and blush. When touched on the skin, the powder feel so smooth, soft, buttery and silky. It glides effortlessly across the skin and blends seamlessly. Another great thing about them is that they have a Vitamin E infused formula that also helps the skin to feel nourished and not feel drying. Despite of them being powders, they are quite long-lasting (when used with a primer). 
Left to Right: Heavy Crown (Bronzer), Glowing Still (Highlight), Palace Door (Blush)
  • Heavy Crown - A muted cool-tone chocolate matte shade 
  • Glowing Still - A white with subtle iridescent yellow hue toned highlight shade
  • Palace Door - A peachy rose golden shimmer blush shade
I absolutely love the two shimmer shades! Glowing Still is very buildable and can be worn subtly or worn like a beacon of strong highlight. It's such a beautiful highlight that suits a variety of skintones. Palace Door is my favourite kind of shade when it comes to shimmery blushes. It reminds me a lot of a muted and gentler version of Nars Orgasm. In this palette, Heavy Crown may be to some be a let down. Heavy Crown is a very subtle shade, meaning it would only suit a very limited number of skintones. Not only that, Heavy Crown is prone to producing a hard surface when made contact with oils or moisture, which over time will make it hard for you to pick up product. But overall, this palette is a great buy just for the shimmer shades alone. I personally believe it's best for light-medium skintones so it can full be of use. 

My general thoughts on the makeup side of Zoeva Cosmetics is that I am pretty much smitten with the brand. Earlier this year, I attended the Sephora Showcase where they displayed all the new products that different brands were going to release later this year and Zoeva had by far wow-ed me the hardest. I was practically screaming and getting excited at everything I swatched!

They had just recently released the New Zoeva Cosmetics Strobe Gels that was shown at the Sephora Showcase. 

These creations are the most uniquely formulated gel highlighters I have ever seen. They are extremely light weight from memory and was extremely bouncy. The texture keeps the pigments and "beams of light" contained so when you apply it on your skin, you get this beautiful radiance. This product adds such a stunning pearlescence to the high points of your face and just looks fantastic. I am waiting to grab these soon! These Strobe Gels come in three amazing shades, so everyone can have a chance to try these babies out no matter what skin tone you are! These Strobing Gels don't discriminate! 

And if that wasn't enough to tickle your fancy, they are preparing you Christmas as well! Introducing... the Plaisir Box Set!

Also shown at the Sephora Showcase, Zoeva Cosmetic had just released this set as well to the public for the Holidays! There are three beautiful eyeshadow palettes in a beautifully packaged box to gift to your friends and family... or in my case, myself! HAHA! It contains two completely new palettes and one Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette. These palettes are indulged in warm chocolate-coloured shades that are aligned with the upcoming festive season!  If you want to check out their new range of products, visit their website at or

I am so excited to see what else Zoeva Cosmetics has installed for all of us! I have by far impressed with the range they have. I love their brushes and now obsessed with their makeup! Let me know down below what your experiences are with the brand and what you love from them! 

I was generously gifted some of the above mentioned products as PR. I was not paid or sponsored to talk about these products. This is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word and are based on my own experiences. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 

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