Monday, September 19, 2016

Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palettes in Minx and Cashmere

You may have seen me (dare I say) gloating and flaunting these beauties on my instagram! It is the infamous Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palettes. There is no surprise in my love for these palettes. They deliver top quality performance in pigmentation, blendability and everything else you can think of. Viseart is not a brand that you can get easy access to in Australia, but it is a brand that you don't want to be reckoned with. They infuse the quality of their products with integrity and innovation that was given life in Paris. These are great palettes for travel, carrying only your essential shades.

Each palette contains six shades; 3 mattes and 3 shimmers.
Viseart have also given you the power to customise and take control over the shades you wish to carry. Each pan is held down by a magnet, which you can depot or flip off the palette from the curved indent from the side. From research, you can also depot their original pans and insert them into these palettes as well, which to my knowledge the original sized pans are exactly same sized in weight as these pans. What's great about these palettes is that they're conveniently sized and very sturdy for travel with its hard cardboard covers and plastic containers.

Each palette comes in a cardboard sleeve for you to store and protect the exterior of the product. They also cleverly attached a small ribbon loop on the side of the palette for easy access. They are able to be bent and made into an easel, perfect for makeup artists on the go, which is normally the case. Or for those that work in a studio. These palettes do not take up a lot of space and it is easy for storage - either laying it flat on its back or stacked on its side.

What I dislike about these palettes is that there is no name reference or any kind of "labelling" system in place and there are just pans of shades, which indicates to me there is no possibility of shade refills for you to purchase - nor do I believe they plan to do so. For a convenient palette, this could be a huge inconvenience if you happen to run out of just one shade. You would have to purchase a whole new palette to obtain that one shade.

Minx (the swatches are upside down - description are based on the swatch order below)

Aside from its packaging, these palettes perform very well! In the "Minx" Palette, it contains very warm tone shades that are ideal for auburn to warm brunette hair and medium to deep skin tones. This one is my personal favourite and it is just perfect as an all-rounder palette. It's great for creating natural to full on glam looks.

Minx Shades

  • Top Row
    • First Shade: A light peachy, copper shimmer shade
    • Second Shade: A mid-tone orange, rose-golden shimmer shade
    • Third Shade: A muted shimmery browny-burgundy shade
  • Second Row
    • First Shade: A light, peachy matte shade
    • Second Shade: A medium-dark warm chocolate brown matte shade
    • Third Shade: A strong, dark reddish brown matte shade

Cashmere (the swatches are in the correct order of this picture)

In the "Cashmere" Palette, it contains very neutral shades that are ideal for blonde to brunette hair and fair to medium skin tones. These shades are great for night time glam looks or those sophisticated dark smokey eyes.

Cashmere Shades

  • Top Row
    • First Shade: A bright, light beige metallic sheen shade (my absolute favourite shade!)
    • Second Shade: A mid-tone taupey-brown shade with a muted metallic sheen finish
    • Third Shade: A deepened grey-tone taupe shade with a muted metallic sheen finish
  • Second Row
    • First Shade: A light beige semi-matte shade
    • Second Shade: A midtone-dark caramel brown matte shade
    • Third Shade: A strong, dark brown with a slight grey-taupe undertone
Each palette claims to have the power to have "unparalleled coverage, pigment and day long lasting power", which I strongly agree with. Especially with the matte shades, they are one of the best eyeshadows on the market and is very comparable (if not on par with brands such as Tom Ford, MUG...etc). They are very pigmented (both with a brush and with your fingers), buttery and smooth and incredibly lightweight. The formula in the shadows are just phenomenal to work with. There is little kick up of powder and you need the littlest product to get the colour that you need.  

These palettes are, in my opinion, one of the best designed palettes for what little pans it contains. Each palette contains shades that are not just ideal for your essential eyeshadow looks but also for contour, highlight, liner and brow definition. If you are just the average consumer, this palette just cut down 50% of the products you need to create the look you need. It contains shades that coordinate perfectly to the shades you need, consisting of one base shade, a transition, a deepening shade and three variations of shimmers to change up your look. What more do you need? You can create classic subtle looks or turn to produce a bold, dramatic night time look. The possibilities are limitless. 

Each pan contains almost 2 grams / 0.07 oz. of product and the whole palette (individually) comes to a total of approximately $58 ($45 USD) depending on where you purchase this product. If you make a comparison to its brothers and sisters (the Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes), it would work out to be more expensive. However, the shimmers in the original palettes are of a different quality and do not perform in the same way as the shimmers possessed in these palettes, oddly enough. They are not pigmented, hard to show up colour and just of a different nature. I personally think you get your money's worth in this palette, where you can reliable top performance on all shades, without compromising for quality. A great palette for the professionals and the modern woman! Let me know your thoughts and opinions and if you have any questions, leave a comment down below!

*Disclaimer: These products were not gifted to me. I had purchased these products with my own money. I was not sponsored, nor compensated for this post. All opinions and thoughts were based on my personal experience. Everything said is 100% honest and based on my personal experience with the products and the brand. All products were personally test on my own skin. 

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