Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Mac Cosmetics Star Trek Collection*

MAC Cosmetics have released a new collection makeup inspired by the new movie for Star Trek. Mac Cosmetics is a brand that not only supports the everyday woman, but as well as makeup artists for both theatre and drama. Mac Cosmetics help supply artists with the essential tools they need to create detailed and effective makeup that transforms people into movie characters. They have been around for so long and is one of the first high-end brand that I had a pleasure of getting to know and starting off my interests in beauty.

With the release of the sci-fi movie, Mac Cosmetics have released a whole range of makeup to celebrate the new movie and this includes lipsticks, eye pressed pigments, lip glass... and so on. In this post, I'll be talking about some of the products that I got the honour of trying.

Lipstick - $40 AUD

There is a total of four shades that was released in this collection. Three of which are frost finishes and one (in the shade 'Where No Man Has Gone Before') in a lustre finish. From trying the frost finishes, they are a little drier in comparison to their original line. Due to the high metallic quality to these lipsticks, the lipsticks was compromised in the slightest way. They still remain to be very smooth and easy to apply, even with the metallic quality each of the shades have. The lipsticks are non-drying, and comfortable to wear and it doesn't accentuate fine lines/dry skin. Since it is a frost finish, it is not highly pigmented but it is very buildable. So you can add this as a topper on top of another lipstick, or you can build on the colour to your desired intensity. 
Left to Right: LLAP, Klingiton, The Enemy Within


  • LLAP - A icy rose golden, champagne frost shade
  • Klingiton - A deep purple frost shade with strong pink pigments 
  • The Enemy Within - A true yellow-golden shade

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner - $40 AUD

One of my favourite items from the Star Trek Collection is the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner. It is pigmented, smooth and long-lasting! It is a water-resistant eyeliner that is water-based that allows you to create a sharp wing due to its precise applicator. Like most liquid eyeliners, it may be hard to control at first but with type eyeliner, you are able to create a delicate line, especially great for drawing intricate details on the face. You are able to make a thin, fine line or a dramatic bold line dependent on the pressure you lay on the tip of the eyeliner. 

Left to Right: On the Hunt, Pure Show

There is a total of three shades that were released - Nocturnal which is a bright, silver pearlescent liner, Pure Show which is a bright, golden pearly shade and On the Hunt which is a strong, demi-matte black shade. What's great about this collection is the silver and gold shade. Normally with these kind of liners, you would not achieve to get a strong pigment when it comes to the glittery shades. You would have to continuously reapply and add more layers to create the intensity that you would like. But with these, you don't have that struggle. The thin applicator also helps to place as little or as much product as you want. I can why these liners were added to the collection, being able to help MUA create such beautiful designs on the face. 

Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow - $44 AUD

These lustrous pressed pigment eyeshadows are subtle to the touch yet don't be fooled by this. These eyeshadows have the versatility to do so many things due to its nature to be subtle and yet, pigmented all at the same time. If you want a sheer to subtle hit of colour onto the lids, you can just dab some pigment onto the lids, but if you want its true nature of its high intensity, you would spritz some Mac Fix Plus and you would see the magic come to life. This can also be used as a topper or as an eyeshadow, the ball is in your court when it comes to these. 

Left to Right: The Naked Time, Bird of Prey


  • The Naked Time - a slightly deeper, high shine champagne shade (when wet) and a bright champagne shade (when dry).
  • Bird of Prey - a olive green, emerald shade (when dry), a deep, shiny olive shade (when wet)

Lipglass - $39

These lipglass aren't my cup of tea. It claims to be a reflective pigment lip gloss that is edgy and have pearlescent qualities. From the collection, all four shades that were released have metallic finishes to keep in line with the inter-galactic theme. They all have an easy to apply applicator with a transparent tube to expose the colour of the gloss. In terms of its formula, it is too thick for my liking. Mac Cosmetics need to change the formula of their lip glosses so that it is more comfortable to wear and lighter on the lips. In today's market, I can tell you it is possible. Giorgio Armani, Nudestix, Shu Uemura have all proven that it can be done. On its own, I dislike the feel and texture but as a topper it wasn't so bad. It created a nice glossy look to the lips, while creating a fuller look. 

Left to Right: Set to Stun, Warp Speed Ahead


  • Set to Stun - a light silver shade with holographic-like pearl pigments
  • Warp Speed Ahead - a deep plum shade with purpley-blue pigments

Lashes - $20AUD

One of my favourite characters in the new Star Trek Movie was Jaylah played by Sophia Boutella. She was a lost citizen stuck on a land that she did not belong in. She was in desperate need of an escape and in order for her to do that, she had to cooperate with the Star Trek Crew. Jaylah's character wasn't the only thing to admire, but also her makeup as well! What made her look unique, yet stunning was the lashes that was placed on her. It was fluffy, slightly wispy and very flared out. It looked beautiful on her. 

These lashes are jaggeredly layered with two colours - black and blue - in a spiky, slighly slanted shape. Due to its slanted shape, it helps to elongate the eye shape, making it look longer and bigger at the same time. These set of lashes are not something you would wear everyday, but it is great to use for cinematic looks, such as the one used on Jaylah. Each set of lashes are encased in a plastic slide case for safe storage. 

Mac Cosmetics had also released some other items, such as nail polish, mascaras and powders and they are all under the Star Trek inspired collection. They are now available for purchase on the Mac Cosmetic website or at Mac Cosmetic Counters. If you guys have any further questions, please leave a comment down below!

*Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me, but I was not sponsored, nor compensated for this post. I was not obliged to make a post. It was in my own and my reader's best interest to do so. All opinions and thoughts were based on my personal experience. Everything said is 100% honest and based on my personal experience with the products and the brand. 

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