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Bobbi Brown "'Be Who You Are' Campaign*

I haven't been excited for new releases from brands this intensely, before. There are so many new products coming out and Bobbi Brown is one to stepping it up. Bobbi Brown has introduced a new campaign to encourage and enlighten the modern woman to still believing Bobbi Brown's philosophy of natural beauty. She has said it from the start and has never swayed from what she had believed in.
"At Bobbi Brown, we see beauty. We see confidence. We believe a woman is most beautiful when she looks and feels like herself. And for 25 years, we've made it our mission to show her how. The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are" - Bobbi Brown

"Be who you are" is the new mantra and the signature theme that Bobbi Brown would be bring across their platform. This new change was created to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Bobbi Brown. The new mantra is about embracing what your mother gave you and bringing forth the inner beauty every woman possesses. Bobbi Brown is now targeting their focus on teaching the everyday woman/man on how to apply their makeup by providing the tools on the best way "to look like more of a polished version of yourself".

To commemorate the milestone Bobbi Brown has reached, they have released quite a few new products to the public. The inspiration not only came from the philosophy held by the company, but also the everyday lifestyle that the modern person has. Bobbi believes that beauty bring out the better you, not conceal. And these new products that she has released have done exactly that. Most of the products were aimed to provide the skin a flawless, yet natural look. The products are also user-friendly, travel-friendly and highly convenient for everyday use.

Here is a few products that I had the honour of trying and have loved over the last few weeks. Not one of these product had disappointed me. They performed so incredibly well and this is just one of the many that I can trust you would enjoy too!

Luxe Lip Colour (Limited Edition) - September 4th, 2016

Left to Right: 37 Bobbi, 32 Uber Beige, 40 Flame
This new release has included these Luxe Lip Colour miracles in a tube. There are 10 shades; 8 of which are limited edition and 2 of which are repromotes from earlier seasons. There is a mix of reds, pinks, plums and brown shades in the collection, which would cater to the wider variety of skintones. My favourite kind of shade lies with the brown tones, with a hint of pink/plum/mauve in it and Bobbi Brown makes these shades very well. If you want the perfect nude, Bobbi Brown will have it! These new releases are a fresh take of the original lip colours that were released and were the best-sellers of their time. Bobbi Brown wanted to reminisce on this and hence these colours were born.
Left to Right: 37 Bobbi, 32 Uber Beige, 40 Flame

  • 37 Bobbi - a dusty-rosey, warm brown shade
  • 32 Uber Beige - a warm, mid-tone beige-brown shade
  • 40 Flame - a bright-fire engine red shade
These lip colours are moisturising, vibrant, extremely creamy and highly opaque! Everything you need to for on the go, without the fuss. The formula allows a full-coverage colour to be places on the lips and it also reduces the appearance of fine lines. This effectively makes your lips look more fuller and healthier. These lipsticks are also designed to help in the long-run as well. With every wear, it rejuvenates the lips and relieves your lips from flaking with its non-drying formula. It is highly comfortable to wear.

As you can see from the picture, the pigmentation is out of this world. It even covered up the colour of my veins. Each of these lipsticks retail for $52 AUD and are encased in a solid, gold metal tube with the iconic logo on the top of the lid. It looks extremely luxurious and worth the dollar you spend on it. It contains 3.8g / 0.13 oz. of product in each tube.

Retouching Face Pencils - September 4th, 2016

Left to Right: Light to Medium, Illuminating, Dark
To me, these retouching face pencils are the star of the show from all the new products that are coming out. They are versatile sticks for on-the-go. You want to correct, conceal, highlight, contour, prime, sharpen... you can do it with these sticks. They come in 10 various shades, one of which is an illuminating highlight (that suits all skintones). I personally think there should be more shades, but with a little blending, most shades can work for most people.
Left to Right: Light to Medium, Dark, Illuminating
These sticks are incredible! They are long-lasting, creamy, blendable and very pigmented. With just a few swipes and a blend of a finger, you get a natural matte finish that compliments the skin that you have. As a spot concealer, it works perfectly well. It doesn't entirely hide scabbed areas but it does hide a blemish and redness effectively. The formula is a little on the drier side and wouldn't be ideal to use under the eyes, if you have dry skin. As an eye primer, it does a great job! It blanks out your eyelid area from any discolouration and it allows your eyeshadow to last longer. What I have also done is also used it as an eyeshadow base with the deeper shades and it works just as well! As a contour and highlight, it is just phenomenal, a few swipes here and there and you blend away. I suggest to draw a triangular shape on the sides of your temples and cheekbones to create a more prominent contour.

What's great about these pencil is actually its ability to be layered throughout the day, without looking cakey. So if you notice that you have been rubbing off product from your nose, scratching a spot or keep touching your face, you can use these pencils to re-apply to problem areas. You can use your fingers (for fuller coverage) or a small dense brush to blend out the product. These face pencils retail for $46 AUD which contains 2.4 g / 0.084 oz. of product.

Retouching Wand - September 4th, 2016

Shade: Medium to Dark
Bobbi Brown calls this her Cinderella Wand. It claims to be a hybrid of a cover-up and a foundation in one pen. This product was designed to provide the skin an even look, yet looking natural. It is used to cover any imperfections from dark spots, redness, blemishes... and so on, but it maintains a light to medium coverage. These kind of face concealers were originally seen in the Asian market and I am so glad Bobbi Brown has brought it in as well.

The sponge tip has anti-bacterial materials that help keep the tip hygienic and usable for a long time. The product is released through a twist-click motion at the bottom of the cap, and the revealed through the pores of the sponge-tip.

Due to its patent formula, it is lightweight, invisible by the touch and is able to glide on the skin very easily. The formula sets well and does not crease in fine lines, or smile lines. It is very comfortable to wear and does not feel drying. Again, it is a highly convenient product that you can just chuck into your bag and apply on the go. No rush, no fuss! I incredibly enjoy the natural coverage that it provides and it is undetectable by touch. It can also be used as a subtle contour or highlight if you choose a shade or two away from your skin tone, but a light layer should be best applied. This retouching wand retails for $62 AUD and contains 3.1 mL / 0.1 fl. oz. of product.

City Collection Compact - September 4th, 2016

In celebration of Bobbi Brown's anniversary, these City Collection Compact were also released. She has collaborated with famed illustrator Richard Haines to create a range of palettes inspired by three iconic fashion cities, which are New York, London and Paris. The shades were born through the influence of these cities on Bobbi Brown and what she loves about them. The palette that I received was 'New York'.

City Collection Palette in New York

It contains four eyeshadow shades; 3 mattes and one shimmer; and one blush underneath.


  • Top Row: 1st Shade - a pale bone matte shade
  • Top Row: 2nd Shade - a pale rose golden champagne shimmer shade
  • Bottom Row: 1st Shade - a cool, mid-tone brown matte shade
  • Bottom Row: 2nd Shade - a deep, charcoal brown matte shade


  • A dusty rose blush
Bobbi Brown is not only well-known for her brown shaded lipsticks, but for her eyeshadows as well. Every eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown is always spot-on perfect. It is pigmented, blendable and so buttery to the touch. It is easy to work with - either with your fingers or with a brush. It has little to no fall out and there's no kick up of powder as well. It contains a great selection of colours as well. I especially like how there is every shade you need in one small compact. I wish the bottom compartment had a contour shade as well. 

For the New York Palette, it is just the perfect all-rounder palette. It has practically most things you need to wear on your face - from your brows, eyes, cheeks and highlight. And the shades chosen to be in this particular palette could also be used as a contour as well. Two thumbs up for this palette! I am not entirely sure on the amount of product you would receive, but it is standard-sized. It retails for $110 AUD. Yes it is a hefty price, but you are getting your money's worth with performance, quality and perfection!

NEW Extra Repair Nourishing Milk - October 2nd, 2016

Bobbi Brown inspiration to creating this Nourishing Milk came from layering a face oil with a cream that could transform the skin in a phenomenal way. It combines the benefits the moisturising qualities of a face oil and the renewing benefits of a repair treatment. It is used to help bring instant radiance to the skin. 

I have used this a few times and have seen my skin look more fresh and moisturised. I doesn't feel at all greasy and has a slight lavender smell. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and you can see instant results from it. It makes your skin looking brighter and removes some dullness as well. When rubbing in the product, it feels like a runny, creamy oil and then it starts to absorb into your skin while turning transparent. It starts to feel the slightest tacky and the more you rub in the product, the smoother your skin becomes. A great product to use as part of your skincare routine, especially if you have dry skin. This retails for $128 AUD. 

Bobbi Brown will be releasing more products in the upcoming month and even more during the preparation for Christmas as well - providing gift sets for both makeup and skincare to treat yourself and loved ones. I personally think Bobbi Brown have created a great new range of products and I stand by their new mantra. As of late, we have forgotten what it means to be beautiful, with the heavy influence of the instagram and youtube influencing us that a heavy contour, a bold lip and big lashes is the way to be beautiful. No! Bobbi Brown is encouraging her audience and consumers that beauty lies with what you have and embracing it.

All these products can be found (at approximated disclosed dates) at your local Mecca Maxima Stores, David Jones Counters, Myer Counters or on the Bobbi Brown website. Will you be grabbing any of these products? If you have any further questions, hit me up in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me, but I was not sponsored, nor compensated for this post. I was not obliged to make a post. It was in my own and my reader's best interest to do so. All opinions and thoughts were based on my personal experience. Everything said is 100% honest and based on my personal experience with the products and the brand. 
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