Friday, August 05, 2016

Specks of Gold: Ep 2 - REALU Australia Face Cleanser*

It's still Winter here in Australia and our skin still needs that hydration and nurture from the horrendous dry/flakey skin you normally get during Winter. But you also want something that will prepare you for the Spring. Look no further! The Real U Australia Gentle Foaming Wash is the perfect all-year round cleanser. It helps oily, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin! Whatever skin you have, the Real U Australia Cleanser won't discriminate. I have been using this cleanser for the past year and it has never disappointed me - no matter what season, rain or shine, this product pulled through for me. Absolute holy grail!

Real U Australia is a skincare company that looks after types of needs. They are vegan and cruelty-free, which I strongly value in a company. Their skincare range is not very extensive because their products are catered to many skin types. Their products are effective, yet gentle enough to treat adolescent skin as well. What I love most about their products is that it is a one-stop shop to getting your whole range of skincare in one go! You start off with your cleanser, apply a serum/face gel and to finish, you layer on a moisturiser! Real U Australia have everything you need for Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn... and whatever else mother nature has to throw at you!

Here in this post, I will be just talking about the Gentle Foaming Wash Cleanser because it is my personal favourite! This cleanser has been my comfort blanket through all the bad times my skin has gone through - the breakouts, the pimples, the dirts, the oils, the dryness, you name it! Now with skincare, you normally have to make sacrifices on what products to choose and what problem you need to attend to more than the other, which leaves your skin clean, but not feeling the best. This is a major issue with combination skin - such as myself.

This cleanser has the miraculous ability to effectively clean, soften and soothe problem skin without removing all the skin's natural oils and moisture. It contains ingredients, such as aloe vera that helps nourish, revitalise and hydrate your skin. It is also pH Balanced which is particularly important for a product such as this to have as it is being used by different skin types. This is the main reason why you are able to use this cleanser all throughout the year!

One full-size bottle contains 100mL and you only need a small drop (the size of a 5 cent coin - or 10 cent) to clean your whole face. I am on my third bottle and I have been using it once every night. But it is recommended that you use it once in the morning and once at night to clean your face.

From my personal experience, the best and most effective way to use this product is by using it in the shower. While in the shower, your pores are open and you get a more thorough clean. You would get a gentle, almost milky foam, that you lather around your face for about 2-3 minutes - making sure to give the most attention to your problem areas. Once you get out of the shower or rinse it off your face, you would notice your skin being softer and cleaner for longer! Obviously, you do not have to use it in the shower. You can simply do it by your sink. It will work just as well.

This product retails on the Real U Website for $20 AUD for the full-size bottle, which in my opinion, very affordable! You can find their other range of products as well, including the Face Gel which is used to repair and correct the problems on your skin, the Face Moisturiser used to hydrate and maintain the skin and the Remove Spot Treatment to treat all the pimples and blemishes you might have. If by any chance, you don't want to commit to a full-size bottle, there also provide 50mL sizes, which are also great for travelling!

I also wanted to say that the Brand is being run by Ebony who has created a brand that looks after problematic skin by educating consumers on their products as well as give helpful tips on keeping your skin clean and healthy. She is such a knowledgable person, and you can get to know her on the website as well.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as a gift. I was not sponsored, nor compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% genuine and honest and based on my personal experience with the brand and products. I was not obliged to make this post. It was in my best interest to make this post for my readers. 

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