Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Kween, 3-way, Maneater and Zebra

I've been on the biggest kick to wearing metallic lips and these Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lippies were the ones that revved up my obsession. These lipsticks were only releases a month ago. Colourpop is a brand that is always on trend with the makeup revolution and it's at affordable prices. They are a young, edgy and great brand that are 100% cruelty-free and gluten-free. Most of their products are also vegan, with a list of exceptions. Colourpop is a standout company and I am happy to report they are worth the dollar, especially when it comes to these metallic lippies. 

They had started off releasing four shades, which are the four that I own - Maneater, Zebra, 3-way and Kween. Just last week, they had released four new lighter shades which I am dying to grab my hands on. I had wished they would have released all the shades in one go, so there would be more of a variety that I could showcase for you, but sadly this wasn't the case. 

These metallic lips are incredible! They're long-hella-lasting, does not transfer and amazingly pigmented with one swatch. They are smooth to apply on the lips and the applicator makes it easier to do so. However, considering how it is a metallic lip, the formula is much thicker, almost like a mousy formula to give that punch of colour. Due to this, you wouldn't get a lot of product on the wand, hence you would have to re-dip the product a couple of times, before you can completely cover your entire lips. The colour allows a irridescent, wearable metallic colour to shine through and it's something hard to hate. Unlike the Ultra Matte Lips, even people with dry/dehydrated lips can appreciate the formula as it does not accentuate fine lines or your dry skin - though, a lip balm is still needed for better wear. 

Left to Right: 3-way, Kween, Maneater and Zebra
3-way - a medium plum shade with subtle gold metallic sheen
Kween - a coral red with a gold metallic glitter
Maneater - a medium rose gold metallic shade
Zebra - a true bronze/copper metallic shade

What I had noticed from other reviews is that each batch made seems to differ in quality for each of the tubes. And I can definitely see the proof of this. With the shade Kween, it had the least amount of product inside the tube, as well as the formula was a lot different to the others. It was the slightest patchy, the concentration of colour wasn't as great and it was a lot drier than the others, which made it difficult to work with. It basically was a glitter in a tube for some moments of application. 

Nonetheless, the other shades were just perfect. I got so many compliments for when I was working at Sephora Nudestix Take-Over event and when I attended the Sephora Showcase. These Ultra Metallic Lip are an ultimate dupe for the Kylie Metallic Lipsticks as well - if you can't afford to fork out that kind of money. 

Colourpop is a brand that proves to makeup lovers all around the world that you don't have to sell your soul in order to get some great items of makeup. These Ultra Metallic lip retail for $6 USD a stick and contains approximately 2.85g/ 0.10 oz. of product. There is now a total of eight shades in the range and you can only purchase them on the Colourpop website. If you buy on their website for the first time, they release a special promotion code to your email address that discounts you $5 off on your first order. 

Warning: A word of advice to the Australian consumers, if you plan on making an order with Colourpop, be sure to share the shipping cost with a friend or two or make a huge order that'll be worth the cost. The shipping from the US to Australia will cost you your leg and your first born child. To be exact, it is $25 USD which equates to approximately $33 AUD (that's a potential 5 more lipsticks that you could have bought). 

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned were not gifted to me. They were purchased with my own money. I am not associated with the company and was not sponsored, nor compensated for making this post. All thoughts and opinions are based on my personal experience and 100% honest. 

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