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Rodial Skincare Instaglam Compact Deluxe Powders - Contour, Bronzer and Banana*

Rodial Skincare is well-known for the amazing production of skincare products that can be found in your local Priceline stores, here in Australia. In one of my past blog post on their O2 Snake Serum that provides instantaneous results to the skin, I had mentioned my strong admiration for their skincare. But now I'm here to talk about my strong admiration for their cosmetic line. Considering how they know what the skin needs, it's only fitting that they be the creators of a cosmetic line too. I'm already in love with their Glamobrow pencil in ash brown, and I am also in love with their Instaglam Compact Deluxe Powders. 

Left to Right: Contour, Bronze and Banana

These powders are miracle workers! They are smooth to the touch, smooth to blend and smooth to apply! They are incredibly flattering when worn on the skin and very lightweight. These versatile powders are soft and highly pigmented. There is no kick-up when you dip your brush into the compact, which means mess-free! It is not patchy to apply and it does last for a long time, and even longer when used with a primer or setting spray. It is extremely easy to build up colour and a little does go a long way. My favourite of the bunch is the banana powder. 

All the compacts come in this luxury circular silver-metal case that has a strong, smooth leather on the lid. It has a very nice mirror inside with the signature logo at the front. This product has been circling around instagram for a while and for good reason. This product not only looks good itself, it'll make you look good as well!

Left to Right: Contour, Bronze, Banana


It is quite difficult to find the perfect shadow-like contour shade on the market, but look no further. The Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contour Powder is just what you need. It is the perfect neutral shade that mimics the natural shadows on your face, flawlessly. Once you apply and blend the product onto your skin, it will allow you to have a sculpted face that only photoshop can give you. 

This contour powder is the truest contour shade you will find on the market. It is not warm, and has a cool-tone pigments that you need. You cannot contour with a bronzer. It will not give you the desired shape you are aiming for - though makeup should be about enhancing your natural features. I personally use this to contour the sides of my nose (very lightly), the jawline, the temples and just under the cheekbones. I have even used it to contour the shape of my eyes. If you're a Kim K fan, she loves this compact as well!


The bronze compact got me by surprise. The formula didn't catch me by surprise, because I already know it was great. But the shade had completely fooled me. Looking on from the compact, it does look intensely orange - almost frightening. But when applied to the skin, it magically allows your skin to have this added skin-kiss bronze that looks natural and seamless. It does slightly change accordingly to your skintone and it's what makes it so great!

It is a matte shade that leans to the warm side. Like its sister, it is easy to blend, smooth to the touch and perfect in every way. I use this around the temples, a light dusting over the cheeks and nose and whatever is left on the brush, I dust it across my jawline. It does tie up my look very nicely!


My favourite til last! This banana compact has changed the way I see banana powders. Despite having warm, undertones and yellow-skin, I still hated using banana powders to highlight. It looked extremely cakey, overly highlightly and unnatural. However, with this banana compact, it is absolutely made for dummies and professionals!

Banana powders are essentially used for many reasons, such as prevent creasing, colour correct some redness, baking, highlighting and so on. The problem with most banana powders is that they are too heavily pigmented that it shows through the skin and it becomes very unflattering, making the skin look over highlighted and at times, accentuates the fine lines and wrinkles. The Rodial Skincare Banana powder is a delicate, matte powder that is lightweight and is finely made. This means you will get a natural finish on the skin, while having the seamless highlighted effects that a banana powder should. The great thing about this banana powder is that it aids an alternative way of light-baking, for ALL SKIN TONES!

There are two ways that I use this powder. Since my skin is yellow-toned, I can easily use it as a setting powder when lightly dusted over my face, especially in my T-Zone. It does prevent my concealer and foundation from creasing. I can also use it as a highlight, especially under the eyes and put a few more layers on for that highlighted effect. It does not cake, nor does it look "fake". Absolutely love this powder!

I highly, highly, highly recommend these powders! I never toss the word "holy grail" lightly, but these are truly deserving of that title. They are just phenomenal and amazing to work with. Luxury packaging, sensational formula and amazing application. You cannot beat something that is already beyond perfect. These compacts can only be purchased online at for $52 GBP, which is approximately $87 AUD. A hefty price, but totally worth it! It beats Kat Von D and it beats Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I spent a good dollar on.

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me, but I was not sponsored, nor compensated for this post. I was not obliged to make a post. It was in mine and my reader's best interest to do so. All opinions and thoughts were based on my personal experience. Everything said is 100% honest. 


Nude By Nature New Contour and Highlight Collection*

The contour game is being brought to your local drugstore! Nude By Nature has dipped their toes into creating new products that help the average person perfect their contour and highlight game. Nude By Nature is very well-known for their affordable mineral base makeup, and is now branding to new lengths. They have brought out amazing products to showcase what they can do to help you contour and highlight. The products they have created are beautifully packaged in rose gold and very well made. It contains a decently sized mirror with a compact and sleek exterior.
These products stood up to my expectations with the amazing package. These products were easy to use, blendable and butter to the touch.

Contour Palette

I had really enjoyed the contour palette the most. It is everything I needed in a contour palette, smooth, not patchy and pigmented. It gave a great matte finish that's easy to build up colour. This palette contains three pans of colour, where the first shade is designed to contour, the second being for bronzer and the third being a banana-powder highlight. There was a little kick up when putting my brush to the pan, but nothing that I would majorly fuss about. It did fade after 5 or so hours, so a setting powder and a good primer would definitely be needed. 

It gave such a seamless contour that it truly looked like my skin, but more sculpted. It has a very light-weight and non-cakey formula that contains active natural ingredients, including the native Australian Kakadu Plum, which adds an abundance of Vitamin C. It also has contains Quandong and Desert Lime to help give anti-oxidant defense to the skin. It is fragrance free and the whole brand is 100% cruelty free. So you can trust this Australian brand!

My favourite way to apply this product is actually using the Morphe E4 from the Elite Collection (unfortunately, you can't get anymore). You put some product on your brush and tap off the excess. Then sweep the product, starting from your ear going towards the corner of your mouth and lift your brush and repeat, until you get the intensity you like. 

Left to Right:
Contour - the perfect cool tone shadow-like brown shade
Bronze - a medium-deep orange bronze shade
Highlight - a pale banana-cream shade

Highlight Palette

This highlight palette wasn't the greatest drugstore highlight palette I own but it does the job. There is great potential in the drugstore to have pigmented and blendable pressed highlighters. Companies such as Models Prefer, Australis, Maybelline, L'Oreal Paris... have all went against the odds and created some great highlighters at affordable prices. 

I had expected the Nude by Nature Highlight Palette to be more pigmented, due to the choices of shades given in the palette. If the shades were more closely matched to be like the Hourglass Ambient Powders, this palette would be a great dupe for it. It did take a lot to build up the colour and even after the colour was applied, it doesn't stay long even after using a setting powder, so I felt like my efforts were lost. Nonetheless, the product did not accentuate my fine lines, nor pores. It was gentle and light on the skin and very easy to blend, on whatever product I could place on my brush. 

It is recommended to use a denser brush for the shade to be noticeable, even though my favourite brush to apply highlighter is the Morphe 501. A great brush to blend and apply colour at the same time. You can easily make a new shade of highlight by combining some of the shades together. These products have the same active, natural ingredients as the contour palettes. 

Despite it being a mediocre highlight powder palette, I greatly enjoyed it as an eyeshadow, especially the champagne shade for the inner corner and the bronze shade as an overall lid colours. It looked natural and yet flawless on the eyes.

Left to Right:
Bronze - a deep, bronzy-rose gold
Rose - a golden-pink rose
Champagne - a subtle champagne
Each of these palettes can be found at your local Priceline online and in-store, at Myer Department and online stores, and on the Nude by Nature Website. The Highlight Palettes contain 3x3g / 3 x 0.11 oz of product and the Contour Palettes contain 3x4g / 3x0.14 oz of product. Each retail for $39.95. 

Nude By Nature also sells the entire contour and highlight collection if you are interested in more of their products. This includes their highlight palette, contour palette, the contour fluid trio, touch of glow highlight sticks and the ultimate perfect brush - which has a total value of $149.95 AUD! 

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, nor compensated. These products were gifted to me and I was not obliged to make a post on their products. All opinions and thoughts are based on my personal experience and are 100% honest! For full disclaimers, please head over to my disclaimers page. Affiliate links are included in this post for Nude by Nature. 

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Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Kween, 3-way, Maneater and Zebra

I've been on the biggest kick to wearing metallic lips and these Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lippies were the ones that revved up my obsession. These lipsticks were only releases a month ago. Colourpop is a brand that is always on trend with the makeup revolution and it's at affordable prices. They are a young, edgy and great brand that are 100% cruelty-free and gluten-free. Most of their products are also vegan, with a list of exceptions. Colourpop is a standout company and I am happy to report they are worth the dollar, especially when it comes to these metallic lippies. 

They had started off releasing four shades, which are the four that I own - Maneater, Zebra, 3-way and Kween. Just last week, they had released four new lighter shades which I am dying to grab my hands on. I had wished they would have released all the shades in one go, so there would be more of a variety that I could showcase for you, but sadly this wasn't the case. 

These metallic lips are incredible! They're long-hella-lasting, does not transfer and amazingly pigmented with one swatch. They are smooth to apply on the lips and the applicator makes it easier to do so. However, considering how it is a metallic lip, the formula is much thicker, almost like a mousy formula to give that punch of colour. Due to this, you wouldn't get a lot of product on the wand, hence you would have to re-dip the product a couple of times, before you can completely cover your entire lips. The colour allows a irridescent, wearable metallic colour to shine through and it's something hard to hate. Unlike the Ultra Matte Lips, even people with dry/dehydrated lips can appreciate the formula as it does not accentuate fine lines or your dry skin - though, a lip balm is still needed for better wear. 

Left to Right: 3-way, Kween, Maneater and Zebra
3-way - a medium plum shade with subtle gold metallic sheen
Kween - a coral red with a gold metallic glitter
Maneater - a medium rose gold metallic shade
Zebra - a true bronze/copper metallic shade

What I had noticed from other reviews is that each batch made seems to differ in quality for each of the tubes. And I can definitely see the proof of this. With the shade Kween, it had the least amount of product inside the tube, as well as the formula was a lot different to the others. It was the slightest patchy, the concentration of colour wasn't as great and it was a lot drier than the others, which made it difficult to work with. It basically was a glitter in a tube for some moments of application. 

Nonetheless, the other shades were just perfect. I got so many compliments for when I was working at Sephora Nudestix Take-Over event and when I attended the Sephora Showcase. These Ultra Metallic Lip are an ultimate dupe for the Kylie Metallic Lipsticks as well - if you can't afford to fork out that kind of money. 

Colourpop is a brand that proves to makeup lovers all around the world that you don't have to sell your soul in order to get some great items of makeup. These Ultra Metallic lip retail for $6 USD a stick and contains approximately 2.85g/ 0.10 oz. of product. There is now a total of eight shades in the range and you can only purchase them on the Colourpop website. If you buy on their website for the first time, they release a special promotion code to your email address that discounts you $5 off on your first order. 

Warning: A word of advice to the Australian consumers, if you plan on making an order with Colourpop, be sure to share the shipping cost with a friend or two or make a huge order that'll be worth the cost. The shipping from the US to Australia will cost you your leg and your first born child. To be exact, it is $25 USD which equates to approximately $33 AUD (that's a potential 5 more lipsticks that you could have bought). 

Recent Colourpop Haul

Disclaimer: The products mentioned were not gifted to me. They were purchased with my own money. I am not associated with the company and was not sponsored, nor compensated for making this post. All thoughts and opinions are based on my personal experience and 100% honest. 


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Benefit Cosmetics EyeBrow Collection Review*

Benefit Cosmetics had come back strong in the Brow Game by releasing nine new and old products dedicated to just the brows - with new and improved packaging. They were one of the first companies that I had introduced the importance of brows and now I don't step out of the house without them on. Benefit Cosmetics is well-known for their specialty in brow-related matters - whether it'd be grooming, tinting, colouring... they are the experts to go to.

They had released this whole collection on the 22nd of July, 2016 in high hopes to educate, inspire and provide the average woman the essentials to perfect brows. You, obviously, don't need all nine products to create the perfect brows, but Benefit Cosmetics gave it their all and thought of every possible item needed - from primer, setting gel, highlight... they got it down to the tee. In this blog post, I will be discussing all nine products and help you decide which would suit you the most, while giving you my tips and tricks and my personal opinions.

Colour and Tint 

A great thing that Benefit Cosmetics has incorporated a numbering shade system that helps you to pick out your appropriate shade for all products. There is a range of 6 shades and each shade is numbered from 1 to 6 throughout the collection. For example, if you are a 3 in one product, you would also be a 3 in another in their range. The shades start from 01 which is a light, blonde to 06 which is a deep, dark cool brown. (Refer to bottom image) As reference, I use number 5 with my black-brown asian hair. [Note: All the products shown will be in number 5]

Left to Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit - $55 AUD

Benefit Cosmetics had previously created the Brow Zing in a black, square compact. It is a compact that contains one pan of brow wax to layer on colour and one pan of powder to set your brows. It also provides a set of mini, cute tweezers and a brush, similarly to the old compact. You can easily use the products on its own. It is designed to be a convenient compact for perfect brows - whether on the go or you just want one product to do your brows.

This product has now been repackaged and remade. The silver packaging is definitely an eyecatcher, but I honestly dislike the closure on this compact as it doesn't completely seal shut. It leaves a small opening for air to get through, which I would assume would dry out the product much faster over time. Even though, the old packaging wasn't very appealing, I would much prefered something more secure - as the button located at the front just doesn't do the trick.

[Update: After months of using the wax, it has not dried out at all! Despite of the insecure closure, the integrity of the formula still remains the same.]

The wax is very opaque and easy to use and a little goes a long way! The powder is very pigmented and sets the brows very well, but there is a little kick up when you pick up product, which is an issue when placed next to a wax. But as long as you are gentle and don't bully the powder, you should be fine. I personally believe the Brow Zing is the perfect item for brow beginners starting out. Everything you need in one convenient place. The overall use of the product is very long-lasting and claims to have a staying power of 12 hours. For this particular product, there is actually 6 available shades you can choose from, which includes a deeper and cooler shade than number 5.

Now, what I love most about this new and improved compact is actually the brush! It is the best idea that they have made! It folds very neatly into the compact and it extends so you have a better handle on application. They have also changed the density and bristles of the brushes. The angled brush is now gives you a sharper and precise application, best used with the wax and the small detailed paddle-like brush is now thinner and more compact, which is great for the wax and the powder.

[Update: Be careful with the foldable duo-ended brush, the joint is very fragile due to the thin and weak plastic holding the two pieces together and may break if you are hard-handed.]

Ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Colour with Brush - $42 AUD

This Brow Colour-Gel is new to the collection. It is a brow pot that also contains a brush (similar that in the Brow Zing) that you flip over, snap on the cap and is ready to be used.

I was incredibly happy to have seen this included in the collection. Brow pots are one of the best items to use on the brows. You have so much control over the colour and intensity of our brows. For a light and natural application, you just use the littlest product to brush over your brows. But for a dramatic and intense brow, you load up your brush on each side and it will give you the pigmentation needed for drama.

Referring to shade 5, it looks quite red (almost a earthy red-brown) at first glance, but as you apply it to your brows, it doesn't look that way. It is the perfect shade to use. In comparison to the ABH Brow Pomade, it is not as creamy but it is still smooth enough to glide onto your brows. It does not dry up easily and it applies very nicely on the brows. It is very pigmented, opaque and long-lasting! Great product that'll last a long time.

Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel - $39 AUD

We all know what this brow miracle tube is all about! It is the award-winning tinted brow gel that gives any set of brows life! It is not a new product but still deserves high recognition for the great performance it has in transforming eyebrows.

The purpose of this product is to tame, volumize, groom, tint and set your brows in place - all this from one tube! It can be used on its own or be used in conjunction to other items. It contains tiny micro-fibres that help to make your brows look fuller and thicker, especially great for people with sparse hairs. It gives such a natural and easy way to give your brows the colour it needs. I have had and used this product for a year and a half and it is still one of my favourite products by Benefit Cosmetics. The downside to this product is that it only contains three shades - 01, 03 and 05.

Precisely My Brow Pencil & Goof Proof Brow Pencil - $42 AUD each

My favourite items from the new collection! I am obsessed with these pencils. The shape, the formula, the packaging - everything about these brow pencils is just awesome! To be quite honest though, I'm not quite sure what the packaging is meant to represent. Is it a needle? a syringe? a screw driver? It has got me questioning whether or not I have been living under a rock all this time if I can't figure it out.

Anyways, the Goof Proof brow pencil is just a great addition to the collection, especially how it caters to people with thicker hairs that want to fill in their brows quicker. I genuinely am a big fan of this product, due to the unique shape of the pencil. It's not the common triangular shape that you see in most bigger brow pencils, but it has a diamond shape. This shape is just perfect to maneuver, especially has you get towards draw the curve of your arch. You are able to get a precise line and structure without the weird head tilt to get the curve of your brow right. It is just that easy! This formula of this pencil is creamier and pigmented than most eyebrow pencils on the market, even when comparing to the infamous ABH Brow Definer. It does have quite a bit of slip BUT not as much as the Colourpop Brow Pencils. Those pencils need the lightest hand for natural brows. 

The Precisely My Brow Pencil is also another great addition. It is a smaller pencil used to mimic the fine hairs on your brows. It is very comparable to the ABH Brow Wiz but better! The Brow Wiz is personally a little harder (but not a lot) to apply and the Precisely My Brow pencil just glides on a little smoother and nicer. The pencil itself is at first very dry and hard to use, but after you get rid of the surface layer, you get this perfect formula that allows you to draw on your brow hairs with total ease. It, however, is very pricey. It holds only 0.08g of product, whereas its sister Goof Proof holds 0.34g. That's more than 4 times less, yet it remains to be the same price. I honestly thought it would be at least $5 to 10 AUD cheaper. 

Both pencils are of the same length and possess the same type of spoolie at the other end of the tip. Each of the pencils have the same shade range and formula as well.

High Brow - $38 AUD

As part of creating the perfect brows, you would also highlight to the brow bone to add a lifted effect. You can also add it to the top of your brow, where your arch is located. This brow highlight pencil is the item used to accentuate the arch of your brows and add a brighter appearance to your overall eye look. The pigment on this pencil is ideal on all skin tones and is able to help create natural-looking highlight. It is definitely a creamy and blendable, matte formula that is very easy to use. Swipe some product under the brow and you can easily just blend with the tip of your fingers. Just that easy!

This product contains a subtle pink-tone highlight that is meant to emphasise the colour of your skin tone. I honestly think you don't need this product. You can easily use a sheer, subtle sheen eyeshadow of your choice to pop under the brow. You don't need to fork out $38 AUD for a pencil just to do that. Though it is a great formulated product, it is not worth the money.

Swatches of all the products mentioned above!

Left to Right: Brow Zing (No.# 5), Ka-Brow Cream Eyebrow Gel (No.# 5), High Brow, Goof Proof (No.# 5), Precisely My Brow (No.# 5).  

Brow Condition, Prep & Set Products

Benefit Cosmetics has done one step further than any other company has accomplished. They have made the brow game a lot more serious and have created products that help your brows to stay on for longer, looking better and maintain easier! Benefit Cosmetics seriously have your back. 

3D Browtones Eyebrow Enhancer - $42

This product is a very interesting product that not many people understand, even with the subtle hint given in the name. It contains 6ml of product There are two shades - 02 light/medium and 04 medium/deep. This is used to give a subtle highlight to your brows by brushing through a gel through the hairs to give that natural gleam. This product adds dimensions to your brows for that fuller and thicker look. Depending on the colour of your brows, it would also soften darker hairs with the highlight gel or enhance lighter hairs by giving depth. One of the benefit advisors had mentioned that you could wear it alone, but personally I don't see a huge difference on its own - only when in conjunction to another product, such as the Goof Proof or the Ka-Brow. Another great thing about this product is that it also adds water-resistant qualities to other products as well, making it also act as a setting gel.

The brush on this product is especially great to easily comb through the hairs, while grooming and setting hairs in place. The specially-structured bristles on the applicator is said to be mess proof and won't mess with the underlying application you may have from other products. A great tool for the subtle, yet natural brow highlight.

Browvo! Conditioning Primer - $49 AUD

The Browvo! Conditioning primer is a must have! Just like your foundation, you need a primer to increase the longevity of the product, especially if you plan on going out for a long time, your brows need the same type of attention. This clear, serum product can be worn alone to condition and smooth out your brows or it can be worn with other products and act as a primer to enhance and extend the wear of the underlying products that you may have used. It contains keratin and soy proteins that claim to make brows look thicker, healthier and fuller. I haven't noticed a difference in terms of making my brows look fuller and thicker, but I have noticed that my brows stayed on for longer, especially with powders and pencils.

It has a soft-touch rubbery applicator that have little grooves or bumps that help you groom through the hairs, giving an even distribution of product. I wish the rubber on the applicator was slightly a little longer so it would groom the hairs on my brows more evenly. I can see this being a problem with people with thicker hair. But none the less, the formula in this pen is amazing!

Ready, Set, BROW! - $42 AUD

Last but not least, introducing the long awaited item that Benefit Cosmetics needed desperately in their brow game - the Ready, Set, BROW! I was highly surprised to find that Benefit Cosmetics didn't have a brow setting gel in their collection. This clear, brow gel shapes and tames the brows like no-one's business. It grooms the hairs and sets it in place when the product dries. It claims to last 24 hours and to have a strong, flexible hold on the hairs.

The gel in this product is slightly runnier than the ABH setting gel, but still very easy to comb through the hairs. The unique, custom-molded, dual-sided wand is perfect for that root-to-tip application, with total ease and control. This product also increases the longevity of the makeup you may have used under the setting gel, hence they will stay on for longer! I have actually worn a full set of brows, and used this setting gel and my brows didn't fade away! The makeup remained in place, though the hairs were slightly untamed. Nonetheless, a great product that you also must have! Another one of my favourites from the collection!

Well that's all nine products explained and conquered! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more!

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me at an event. I, however, was not sponsored nor compensated for making this post. All words and opinions are based on my personal experience and are 100% honest and genuine. I was not obliged to make this post. This post was made for the benefit of my readers. 

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