Sunday, June 05, 2016

Specks of Gold: Ep 1 - DAISO Makeup Brush Cleaner

I'm starting up a continuous new series on my blog site that features affordable and/or effective products that are currently on the market that I want to bring your attention to. It may be life savers or penny savers that could be a long-term staple in your routine. This series is not strictly on beauty items, but could be other items that have been a great asset to my collection. And what better way to start this series than by giving a special mention to the Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner!

Products like this are cheaper and great alternatives that do the same job as high end products but for a tenth of the price. It is a staple item that you can continuously use without worrying the damage you're doing to your wallets. It cleans your makeup tools like it's no one's business!

Not always will we have the money to spend on the expensive products. Sometimes our bank accounts disagree with us and we have to search for alternatives that fit within our budget and our means of living. And this is why I have started a series called "Specks of Gold". Going with the expensive option is not always the best. So finding little treasures in the drugstore or some unexpected store saves your pocket and you have something great to use.

Don't be fooled by the foreign characters and the small bottle, this magic liquid will remove any grease, dirt, makeup that is left on your brush after application. And the best thing about this product is that a little goes a long way! One dip and a few swirls and your brushes and sponges are clean!

For months, this product has been a great best seller in all Daiso stores and given a new meaning to what clean is. It is a clear liquid with a slight scent that has oil-based ingredients that removes the makeup away from your makeup tools. It can be described as a "detergent" but with a watery consistency. The reason why I would describe it this way is due to its harsh nature on natural-haired brushes. Over time, your natural-haired brushes would become overly dry and will become harsh on the skin, which is something you do not want, especially if your brushes are expensive. I would only recommend using this liquid on synthetic brushes, as it does not affect the brush's quality.

In comparison to the MAC brush cleaner liquid, I had used less product, less effort and less time to remove the unwanted makeup on my brushes and sponges. It did the job with such little product that you start to question what kind of black magic is used to create such a powerful product. What I dislike about this product is that it does not have "conditioning" properties and I would have to use a conditioner or add in some olive oil to maintain the longevity and quality of the bristles.


Looking at my Zoeva Eyeliner brush, it is used and dried with lots of eyeliner. And after one quick, swift and thorough clean, the brush looked like brand new! There was no residue left on the brush. This liquid can be used on the toughest and most stubborn makeup, such as foundation, waterproof makeup, concealer, black eyeshadow... and so on. The Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner will get it all out!

It's very easy to use this product. You squirt an appropriate amount into a small empty container (you can dilute it a little with water if you want to save a little more money). Then you dip the tip of your brush into the solution. Make sure that you have a little bit of water to activate the liquid so that it slightly lathers, as you swirl it around a cleaning mat, glove or your hand. After 2-5 quick swirls, you swirl it again but under warm water to rinse out the product. And done! With condenser brushes, you will require a little more product, but this is a given.

Honestly, this product was a blessing hiding in a Japanese convenience store. The hype on this cleaner is real and if you don't believe me, give it a try yourself! It's only $2.80-$3.50 AUD! What do you have to lose?

As always guys, thanks you reading and remember to stay beau-thy-ful!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% honest. I was not paid, nor compensated to make this post. 

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