Monday, June 06, 2016

Scholl Wet and Dry Foot File Review*

When we think of skincare, we never think to look after our feet. And I am guilty of neglecting my feet. Scholl is a company that knows how to help you manage your feet situation and give you soft, smooth feet again! They have over 100 years of experience have created different products that constantly improve the comfort, well-being and health of the user. 

Scholl has released out their new foot file device. What's special about this device is that you can be in the shower or out of the shower to use this! Wet or dry, this device will work perfectly for you. Similarly with their other Velvet Smooth foot file products, it is used to buff away the dry, dead and rough skin from your feet. It has a rotating roller that continuously operates to turn while having the comfortable experience of a pedicure in the privacy of your home. 

The package comes with the foot file device, a recharging power station and a USB Adaptor. 

The foot file is rechargeable and can be plugged into any USB station, such as your laptop, powerbank, a computer...and so on. So it is extremely handy to travel with! But note, the power station and the adaptor are NOT waterproof. Hence you will need to find a safe place away from water to place the station. 

Shown in the image above, the device has a dual speed system that is to cater to different parts of your feet. This is indicated by the top button. Press once, for the slower setting and twice for the faster one. The slower speed is preferrable used for more delicate parts of your feet, such as the side of your foot, the sole and the toes. The faster speed is used for harder and thicker parts of your foot that would be stubborn to remove skin, such as your heel, the shoulder of the feet and so on. 
Underneath the dual setting, there is a simple on and off button. 

On the top left-side of the device, there is an eject button. This button is used to released the roller heads so you can insert new ones that aren't blunt, with a more efficient surface. You would press this button and one side will unlink and you would slide it diagonally out of the device. 

At the back of the device, there is two small oval-shaped plates that are to align with the silver plates on the power station. These is what charges the device for operational use. 

Another great thing about this device is that it has an ergonomic handle that helps you control the way you maneuver around the crevasses and awkward shapes around your foot with ease. The rubbery exterior also helps with your hands not feel worn out. What I dislike about these devices when used dry is the dry skin powder that floats in the air or coming to land on your clothes. It becomes a powdery mess, but it is easy to clean. It would be convenient, if there was a compartment that holds the dry skin so you can dispose of it later. 

Now let's talk about application! 
When used dry,
  • You can either use it directly on your skin, keeping note to continuously move the device around an area, rather than concentrating it on one spot. This will cause an uneven surface of the skin. 
  • Move the device with the rotation of the roller head, not against it. Do not move side to side vigorously. 
  • Make sure you know your limit and not to thin out your skin too much. 
  • After using this device, make sure you apply some moisturising lotion or cream to your feet. 
When used wet, there are two ways you can possibly do. 
  • You can wet your wet, until your skin is soft and moistened. 
  • You then take the device and use it similarly when dry. You won't get the powder floating in the air, but it will have clumps of skin falling from the device. (Gross, but so effective!)
  • You can also use this in the shower! After you have cleaned your body, or have some waiting time, you can use this after and watch your feet become smooth and soft again! Best thing about using it in the shower is that, there is no cleaning duties! 
  • No moisturising needed after application. 
  • Continue with your daily skincare routine.
This device is so great! I hate people touching or looking at my feet when getting a pedicure, so this device is the perfect way to maintain my feet in the comfort of my home. It retails for $58.99 at Chemist Warehouse sale, or $89.99 at Priceline. It is a hefty price, but very much worth the investment! There are rechargeable packs that you can buy for the roller heads, so you can forever know the secret of having smooth, soft, baby feet!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a comment down below! ALWAYS be happy to listen and contribute to your experience. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to review. However, I was not sponsored nor compensated for using or posting up this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine and honest. All links provided are for information purposes and for the convenience of the reader. 

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