Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kiko Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101 Coral Burgundy

KIKO Cosmetics is not a very well-known cosmetic company, especially in the depths of Australian soil. Kiko is an Italian Cosmetic brand that has given affordable makeup a whole new meaning. They retail across many countries, including the US, Hong Kong, Denmark...and so on. They have a huge line of makeup ranging from eyeshadows, lipsticks, powders and they even produce skincare items as well. I am very new to KIKO but my friend Hannie from "thehanihanii" had convinced me to give trust in the brand and I am happy to report the trust was rightfully placed.

I received this eyeshadow quad from Hannie as a gift and the packaging was just so sleek and compact. From an instagrammer's point of view, this compact was just so photogenic. It has a sleek, matte exterior with a nice mirror inside. There is four pans inserted ranging from a light to a darker shade. The eyeshadows are not labelled which is a shame but there's really only four so I can why they left it out. There is a total of four shade selections to choose which are, 100 Unexpected Rosy Taupe, 101 Coral Burgundy, 102 Jungle Green Variations and 103 Grey Night Blue. From what I can tell from the website, all the palette have the same theme but different tones of shades.

When swatching this quad, it did not impress me as much as I thought it would. But finger swatches aren't always the most accurate way to measure the performance of the baked eyeshadows, especially if you are using a brush to apply your eyeshadows. On application, I can tell you that these eyeshadows took me by surprise. Depending on the kind of brush you would used, the intensity of the colour varies - as most eyeshadows do. With a dense brush, the pigmentation was just beautiful! And with a fluffier brush, it was just stunning to blend and diffuse the colours. However, the shades in the quad weren't exactly true to colour. It came off deeper and warmer than I had expected. I honestly do not mind the difference because I love my warm tones, but this might be a problem for others.

1st shade - a pearly slightly golden champagne shade 
2nd shade - a deep coral-pink with a sheen
3rd shade - a true burgundy shade with a sheen
4th shade - a deep, warm purple-brown satin shade

All the shadows have some kind of shimmer reflects but for the deeper shades, it doesn't entirely transfer to the lid. I love the colour range in the quad, but I honestly think it's missing a good transition shade that could be the intermediate for the user to transform a daytime to a nighttime look. The right transition or matte shade would allow people to have a wider range of possibilities and cater to a large population of people, especially beginners.  

The formula in this palette allow the shadows to be used wet or dry. So by spritzing some fix plus or a mist after your pick up some product, it would greatly intensify the shadows. A great thing about this baked formula is that there isn't a layer of residue sitting on the surface of the shadows and I can greatly appreciate the quality. The shadows not only blend nicely and provide great pigmentation and it lasts for hours, except for the lightest shade. It had faded quite quickly in comparison to the others. But considering that these eyeshadows are baked, there was some fall out for all the shades. Nonetheless, for the price point of this palette, it gives beginners and people on a budget a great alternative brand to use without forking out too much money.

Kiko can be found across 34 nations, as well as visiting their online store at This palette retails for $20 USD ($26.99 AUD current conversion of 16/06/16). Be sure to check out their website if you're interested in trying or looking at their other range.

As always, shoot me a comment if you want to know more or give me some tips and tricks you learnt using this palette!

Disclaimer: This palette was gifted to me by a friend. I was not sponsored or compensated to make this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% true based on my personal experience. All links provided are for information purposes and for the convenience of the reader only. 


Tuesday, June 07, 2016

L'Oreal Paris La Vie Em Rose Collection*

L'Oreal, L'Oreal, L'Oreal! You have done it again! They have recently released a new line of lipsticks and nail polishes in collaborations with their ambassadors. They created from neutral, natural colours to vibrant, bold shades that beam to the gods. It varies across nude, pinks and rosy shades. Everything about this new release, just shouts out glamour and beauty! Even though, it's been raining and Australia is in the Winter months, these shades are the perfect way to brighten up the day in preparation for Summer or Spring!

Each ambassador had the privilege of creating their own perfect shade that represented them and I can honestly see why. Each shade of lipstick had an accompanying shade of nail polish that is suppose to go hand in hand in style and look.

Each lipstick is incredibly smooth and easy to apply. They're pigmented and does not apply in a blotchy way. They are comfortable on the lips, but have a faint chemical smell to them (that fades away, over time). They are not drying and claims to be good to wear for a good few hours.

I love the sleek tube with the gold detailing on it. It's so incredibly elegant and luxurious to look at! It has a rubbery, matte exterior with a plastic gold rim centred on the tube. Each lipstick is designed to complement the skin tone similar to the ambassadors and is ideal to be worn with the selected nail polish as well.

Now, without further adieu, here are the reveal of the shades!

Naomi's Picks

A muted rosy-pink shade with a creamy white nail polish in 101 Opera Ballerina

Julianne's Picks

A brighter cool-toned pink shade with a muted, light beige nail polish in 202 Marie Antoinette

Eva's Picks

A mauvy berry pink shade with a light/baby pink nail polish 102 Macaron Noisette

Natasha's Picks

A bright, bold but wearable fushcia pink shade with a pink nail polish with purple undertones 208 So Chic Pink

Doutzen's Picks

The brightest shade in the release -
A very bright, cool-tone pink shade with a deep coral shade nail polish in 504 Insolent Magenta

These lipsticks are said to launch this month of June with both the lipsticks and the nail polishes. You can find these in your local drugstore or anywhere that sells L'Oreal paris products, such as Myer, David Jones, Target...and so on. The lipsticks will retail for $21.95 AUD and the nail polishes will sell for $7.95 AUD. Be sure to keep your eyes open when these release in stores!

Until next time, Stay beautiful guys!

Disclaimer: This collection was sent to me as PR. I was not obligated to make a review. I was not sponsored or compensated to make this review. All picture are of my own and should be credited to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own own personal experiences with the products.


Monday, June 06, 2016

Scholl Wet and Dry Foot File Review*

When we think of skincare, we never think to look after our feet. And I am guilty of neglecting my feet. Scholl is a company that knows how to help you manage your feet situation and give you soft, smooth feet again! They have over 100 years of experience have created different products that constantly improve the comfort, well-being and health of the user. 

Scholl has released out their new foot file device. What's special about this device is that you can be in the shower or out of the shower to use this! Wet or dry, this device will work perfectly for you. Similarly with their other Velvet Smooth foot file products, it is used to buff away the dry, dead and rough skin from your feet. It has a rotating roller that continuously operates to turn while having the comfortable experience of a pedicure in the privacy of your home. 

The package comes with the foot file device, a recharging power station and a USB Adaptor. 

The foot file is rechargeable and can be plugged into any USB station, such as your laptop, powerbank, a computer...and so on. So it is extremely handy to travel with! But note, the power station and the adaptor are NOT waterproof. Hence you will need to find a safe place away from water to place the station. 

Shown in the image above, the device has a dual speed system that is to cater to different parts of your feet. This is indicated by the top button. Press once, for the slower setting and twice for the faster one. The slower speed is preferrable used for more delicate parts of your feet, such as the side of your foot, the sole and the toes. The faster speed is used for harder and thicker parts of your foot that would be stubborn to remove skin, such as your heel, the shoulder of the feet and so on. 
Underneath the dual setting, there is a simple on and off button. 

On the top left-side of the device, there is an eject button. This button is used to released the roller heads so you can insert new ones that aren't blunt, with a more efficient surface. You would press this button and one side will unlink and you would slide it diagonally out of the device. 

At the back of the device, there is two small oval-shaped plates that are to align with the silver plates on the power station. These is what charges the device for operational use. 

Another great thing about this device is that it has an ergonomic handle that helps you control the way you maneuver around the crevasses and awkward shapes around your foot with ease. The rubbery exterior also helps with your hands not feel worn out. What I dislike about these devices when used dry is the dry skin powder that floats in the air or coming to land on your clothes. It becomes a powdery mess, but it is easy to clean. It would be convenient, if there was a compartment that holds the dry skin so you can dispose of it later. 

Now let's talk about application! 
When used dry,
  • You can either use it directly on your skin, keeping note to continuously move the device around an area, rather than concentrating it on one spot. This will cause an uneven surface of the skin. 
  • Move the device with the rotation of the roller head, not against it. Do not move side to side vigorously. 
  • Make sure you know your limit and not to thin out your skin too much. 
  • After using this device, make sure you apply some moisturising lotion or cream to your feet. 
When used wet, there are two ways you can possibly do. 
  • You can wet your wet, until your skin is soft and moistened. 
  • You then take the device and use it similarly when dry. You won't get the powder floating in the air, but it will have clumps of skin falling from the device. (Gross, but so effective!)
  • You can also use this in the shower! After you have cleaned your body, or have some waiting time, you can use this after and watch your feet become smooth and soft again! Best thing about using it in the shower is that, there is no cleaning duties! 
  • No moisturising needed after application. 
  • Continue with your daily skincare routine.
This device is so great! I hate people touching or looking at my feet when getting a pedicure, so this device is the perfect way to maintain my feet in the comfort of my home. It retails for $58.99 at Chemist Warehouse sale, or $89.99 at Priceline. It is a hefty price, but very much worth the investment! There are rechargeable packs that you can buy for the roller heads, so you can forever know the secret of having smooth, soft, baby feet!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a comment down below! ALWAYS be happy to listen and contribute to your experience. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to review. However, I was not sponsored nor compensated for using or posting up this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine and honest. All links provided are for information purposes and for the convenience of the reader. 


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Specks of Gold: Ep 1 - DAISO Makeup Brush Cleaner

I'm starting up a continuous new series on my blog site that features affordable and/or effective products that are currently on the market that I want to bring your attention to. It may be life savers or penny savers that could be a long-term staple in your routine. This series is not strictly on beauty items, but could be other items that have been a great asset to my collection. And what better way to start this series than by giving a special mention to the Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner!

Products like this are cheaper and great alternatives that do the same job as high end products but for a tenth of the price. It is a staple item that you can continuously use without worrying the damage you're doing to your wallets. It cleans your makeup tools like it's no one's business!

Not always will we have the money to spend on the expensive products. Sometimes our bank accounts disagree with us and we have to search for alternatives that fit within our budget and our means of living. And this is why I have started a series called "Specks of Gold". Going with the expensive option is not always the best. So finding little treasures in the drugstore or some unexpected store saves your pocket and you have something great to use.

Don't be fooled by the foreign characters and the small bottle, this magic liquid will remove any grease, dirt, makeup that is left on your brush after application. And the best thing about this product is that a little goes a long way! One dip and a few swirls and your brushes and sponges are clean!

For months, this product has been a great best seller in all Daiso stores and given a new meaning to what clean is. It is a clear liquid with a slight scent that has oil-based ingredients that removes the makeup away from your makeup tools. It can be described as a "detergent" but with a watery consistency. The reason why I would describe it this way is due to its harsh nature on natural-haired brushes. Over time, your natural-haired brushes would become overly dry and will become harsh on the skin, which is something you do not want, especially if your brushes are expensive. I would only recommend using this liquid on synthetic brushes, as it does not affect the brush's quality.

In comparison to the MAC brush cleaner liquid, I had used less product, less effort and less time to remove the unwanted makeup on my brushes and sponges. It did the job with such little product that you start to question what kind of black magic is used to create such a powerful product. What I dislike about this product is that it does not have "conditioning" properties and I would have to use a conditioner or add in some olive oil to maintain the longevity and quality of the bristles.


Looking at my Zoeva Eyeliner brush, it is used and dried with lots of eyeliner. And after one quick, swift and thorough clean, the brush looked like brand new! There was no residue left on the brush. This liquid can be used on the toughest and most stubborn makeup, such as foundation, waterproof makeup, concealer, black eyeshadow... and so on. The Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner will get it all out!

It's very easy to use this product. You squirt an appropriate amount into a small empty container (you can dilute it a little with water if you want to save a little more money). Then you dip the tip of your brush into the solution. Make sure that you have a little bit of water to activate the liquid so that it slightly lathers, as you swirl it around a cleaning mat, glove or your hand. After 2-5 quick swirls, you swirl it again but under warm water to rinse out the product. And done! With condenser brushes, you will require a little more product, but this is a given.

Honestly, this product was a blessing hiding in a Japanese convenience store. The hype on this cleaner is real and if you don't believe me, give it a try yourself! It's only $2.80-$3.50 AUD! What do you have to lose?

As always guys, thanks you reading and remember to stay beau-thy-ful!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% honest. I was not paid, nor compensated to make this post. 


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Lip Monthly May Edition*

Love Lipsticks? Love trying different brands for lipsticks? Or you're just a lippy junkie? Look no further! Lip Monthly is monthly subscription box that will attend to the average Lipstick lover's craving. Similarly to Ipsy, Bellabox... Lip Monthly is a specialised company that purely focuses on just lipsticks. They give you the opportunity to try out different brands and giving you FULL sizes!

They let you try lipsticks from around the world and each month, you are given a new colourful bag filled for 4-5 full sized items! This is my first time trying this subscription box and I am excited to give it a go. 

As the rumours circle around, it is true that with these subscription companies, there will be months where you would absolutely hate the products that are given to you and there will be month where it would amaze you and exceed your expectations. I cannot say for sure as of the moment as this is my first ever subscription. I will update you on my thoughts and opinions, but for now I wanted to showcase what this month's bag is all about. 

In the May Edition, I received four full sized lip products ranging from lip tints, lipsticks to lip treatments. The brands given in this month are all new to me, but a few look quite promising. Each month, you will be given a beautifully designed card that will detail how much each item will cost on the market and it will display how much you have saved with this subscription package. Personally, I would rather have a card that tells me more about the lipsticks, such as its application, formula and colour, rather than knowing the price.

Dirty Little Secret is a small cosmetic company that produces a limited amount of products. But one of their best sellers is their lipstick range. There is a total of 20 shades that they have made and I was given the colour "Don't tell me", which is a cool-tone purple-berry shade. I dislike the packaging, but the formula is quite pleasing to use. It is a satin-finish lipstick and has a decent pigment to them. It retails for $10 USD.

This peculiar lip product by So Susan greatly intrigued me. The colour looked intimidating, as well as the looks of the formula. It is described as a lip and cheek gel product that is activated when made contact with your skin. It is a gel-stain that changes colour that gives you a rosy flush of colour. The colour varies dependent on the user's complexion and body temperature. Very interesting lip gel! This retails for $24.95 AUD.

Manna Kadar is another cosmetic company that I am not familiar with. They produce a large range of products for makeup, skincare and general beauty items. In this month's bag, we were given another lip-staining item. It claims to be a long-lasting, smooth and hydrating lip gloss. There is a total of 8 shades and we were given the shade "Nude Rose Pink". Beautiful shade! This lipstick retails for $24.00 USD.

When I saw this item by Jor'el Parker, I was quite confused. For a lip monthly subscription box, I didn't understand why a skincare item was in my bag. But this item is very versatile. It's a vegan, and gluten-free product that helps every part of your skin, including your lips. It is a mud therapy treatment that claims to moisturise, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. It says to contain antioxidants, minerals that help to protect, hydrate and cleanse the skin from dryness and impurities. Essentially, I assume this is an exfoliating treatment and can be used on the lips. It retails for $27 USD.

I am quite pleased with the items that I had received, and very keen to try them out. If you are interested in joining this subscription box, there are 3 available subscriptions that you can sign up for - monthly, 4-monthly and annual. These three types of subscriptions is to cater for flexibility to your needs and wants. Generally it costs $12.95 USD to sign up on a monthly basis, which is a total bargain for the amount you would have paid.

For my wonderful followers, Lip Monthly have generously given my readers and followers the opportunity to try out their stuff with a discount. Use the code "BISCUITSNMAKEUP" at the checkout and you will be given a 55% reduction on your first subscription bag! With every month, you will be receiving FULL-sized lip products, a cute pouch and the comfort of trying different lipsticks without leaving the country.

Keep your eyes opened, for updates on my social medias at
Thankyou for tuning in guys! If you are interested or would like to know more, please pop a comment down below!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored to make this post, nor compensated. All thoughts and opinions mentioned are all my own and 100% genuine. I was asked to be part of their Ambassador Program and have joined to keep my readers informed. This however does not mean, I will be biased. Products given to me are treated in the exact same manner as any other product I review. All links used are for information purposes only (for the convenience of the reader) and not for promotional use. 

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