Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Too Faced Peach Palette Review

This limited edition Too Faced Peach Palette has finally hit Australia and I can now tick this beauty off my wishlist! If you read my "Current Wishlist: Part 1" post that I had made a couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned wanting to get this palette. It had released on the 24th of May both online and in-stores and stock was running out fast for good reason. It is a palette that you definitely want to grab your hands on and just take a huge sniff!

This highly demanded palette is filled with 18 shades of peaches, pinks, corals, bronzes, purples and creams, with a pop of olive green. These sweet shades are infused with a peachy scent that captivate your senses the second you open the palette up. The shades offered in this palette leans towards the warm tones but is reasonably versatile for all skin tones. Anyone complexion can take the plunge and rock out the shades.

If you own the predecessors of the Chocolate and Semi-Chocolate Palettes (both by Too Faced), you can guess that the pigmentation, quality and formula will not disappoint you. It is pigmented, easy to use and long-lasting. I did not expect any less and Too Faced delivered. There is one or two odd shades that does not do the palette justice but overall, it is a great item to have in your collection. Each pan holds 0.95g/0.03 oz. of product and you get a total of 18 shades to play with. It is definitely worth the dollar.

The palette is encased in the signature tin container, with peach imprints on the cover lid. It has a beautifully crafted ombre gradient going across the exterior of the palette and the pink and peach tones complements the nature of the shades. Each palette comes with a guide book to provide suggestions on how to use the shades on recommended eye-looks you can come up with. It also comes with a large mirror.

Now what's different about this palette than to its predecessors is that it doesn't have two larger pans present. It has all equally sized pans in the palette, which I personally dislike. I liked the concept of the two larger pans, it was unique and innovative. The two larger shades are the shades you use the most and would need the most product. So it makes sense to have larger pans, but for this palette, Too Faced had changed it and I can only guess for good reason.

Top Row
  • White Peach - a very light beige satin/matte shade, with slight yellow undertones
  • Luscious - a peachy, shimmer shade similar to BECCA Opal Highlighter, having a metallic finish
  • Just Peachy - a peachy, pink shimmer with gold accents, similar to orgasm from NARS
  • Bless Her Heart - a dull, subtle olive-green shimmer (I wish this shade was a lot more vibrant in colour)
  • Tempting - a dark brown, matte shade, very pigmented!
  • Charmed, I'm sure - an earthy, medium brown matte shade. This was one of the shades that wasn't as smooth as the other shades, in my opinion. It is better used with a primer. 
Second Row
  • Nectar - a slighter darker, light beige, frost-sheen shade, than White Peach
  • Cobbler - a muted, reddish-brown shade with a pearly sheen finish
  • Candled Peach - a bright coral/peach matte shade
  • Bellini - a gold-pink duochrome shimmer shade
  • Peach Pit - a dark, reddish brown with a little shimmer
  • Delectable - a burgundy purple satin shade
Third Row

  • Peaches 'n' Cream - a light, cream matte shade with pink undertones (great shade for blending!)
  • Georgia - a medium, peachy matte shade, with a hint of orange. 
  • Caramelized - a warm, bronze shimmer shade
  • Puree - a medium caramel brown matte shade, with a hint of orange
  • Summer Yum - a reddish-earthy brown matte shade, with a hint of orange
  • Talk Derby to Me - a dark purple/violet shade with fine purple sparkles. (there's a lot of fall out because of the sparkles - and another shade I disliked from the palette. It didn't blend well with the sparkles and it was harder to blend than the rest of the shades. Best to buildup colour slowly and always use a clean brush to blend so there isn't any uneven application)

Similarly to the other Too Faced Eyeshadow palettes, there were a few shades that were misses. But overall, the palette is great. It is pigmented, it is easy to blend (especially the matte shades) and it is very long-lasting. However, to be frank, this palette is nothing unique to past palettes that have been released in the last year. There are some shades in this palette that you might not have, but trust that you have at least 60% or more in your collection from another palette. If so, you can save your money on this palette and give it a pass - even though it is a limited edition. But if you don't have peachy shades in your collection, like I do. Then, this palette is a great collection of peachy shades that will compliment any skintone.

This palette originally retails for $78 AUD but the price has dropped since then and is now $72, along with the other Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes. You can purchase these in any local Mecca Maxima store near you or online at Mecca.com.au. If not available online, you can alternatively order it from a third party forwarding (e.g. Shop and Box or Shipito) company and they can find it for you.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions, you can comment below and I'll answer your questions or reply in a jiffy!

Stay awesome, guys!

Disclaimer: This palette was purchased with my own money. This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid or compensated to make this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine and honest. All experiences are all my own. 


Monday, May 30, 2016



Furless Cosmetics is an Australian-owned brand that I truly trust and stand by. They have such great staff and the quality of their synthetic brushes are phenomenal. Not only does the products speak for themselves, but they also have support animal cruelty and saving the environment - explained in their brand name. A company after my own heart!

They produce a wide variety of brushes that cater to everyone - from individual brushes, brushes set, brush rolls and cases. Anyone from teenagers, makeup artists, makeup junkies or the average person can all enjoy these beautifully crafted tools. They also pride themselves in being one of the few makeup companies to support a wider cause other than human needs. They make regular donations to the Wildlife ARC, which is a charity organisation that cares for injured or orphaned animals.

I have used their brushes for over a year and they have been one of my all time favourites brushes to use on a daily. They're trustworthy and so incredibly soft! They don't have fall out and the handles are extremely sturdy. And as a blogger, they're also photogenic. HAHA!

For this collaboration on instagram @biscuitsnmakeup, Furless Cosmetics and I have teamed up to create this awesome giveaway for my followers. The winner will be receiving a complete set of the Purple Power Makeup Brush Set!

Top: Lip, Angled Fluffy Blending, Fluffy Eyeshadow, Small Shader/Concealer, Angled Eyeliner
Bottom: Foundation/Buffing, Large Powder, Angled Contour

This set includes the 8 professional makeup brushes -

  • Large Powder Brush
  • Angled Contour Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Angled Fluffy Eyeshadow Blending Brush
  • Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush
  • Angled Liner Brush
  • Small shader or concealer brush
  • Lip Brush
What's cool about this set of brushes is that they are all tipped with purple, making these brushes the funkiest and high quality brushes that are in your price range. These brushes not only come with warranty, but they also come with a purple leather case for travelling. You can bring these brushes with your on the go - no matter where you are!

To enter this super easy giveaway, all you have to do is head over to my instagram at @biscuitsnmakeup, follow me and Furless Cosmetics and tag your best friends in the comments section below the instagram post to let them know of this giveaway, as well! This giveaway is international and will end on the 19/06/16. Winners will be picked randomly. No giveaway accounts allowed to enter the competition. 

I hope you guys will enjoy this collaboration with Furless Cosmetics and I and may the makeup God forever be in your favour! GOOD LUCK GUYS!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Best of the Best - Sephora Beauty Game Changers*

Nothing is more rewarding than knowing your skin and makeup are on point from the time you started your makeup, til the end of the day. These Sephora Beauty Products all do this and create the best experience when applying on the skin. You cannot go wrong with these notoriously high quality items. 

Note, all of these items can be purchased on Sephora.com.au

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Definer

You know it's good for your brows when Anastasia is doing it. And it was about time that Anastasia caught on with producing this kind of brow pencil. Hourglass, Nudestix, Bobbi Brown... have already created this kind of brow pencil but this product is just as good. It provides a nice pigment on the brows, with little slip and full control. It gives you the precision that you want, as well as the perfect accuracy of application. 

The mechanical pencil is very similar in functionality to the original brow wiz, but just in a bigger form. It has a spooley at the end, with the product. It has the same design with the black and rosegold accents, illustrating the permanent collection is here to stay! Hallelujah!

What I love about this pencil is the shape. I love this kind of shape to define my brows. It gives such an easy application and control that it takes little to no effort to do your brows. The process is easier to also even your brows as well, because the shape of this does most of the job for you. You would use the narrow part of the pencil to draw the outline of the brow, as well as draw in little hairs and sharpening the wing and you would use the wider end to fill in the brow in seconds. It's just the perfect shape to cater for both thick and thin brows. 

This range has the same kind of shades as the brow wiz, with the identical colours. It retails for $45 AUD at Sephora, both online and in-stores.

Sephora Base Lissante Smoothing Primer

This Sephora branded product is the cheapest and high quality primer you're going to find on the market. It is a silicon based product that adheres to the skin providing skincare benefits such as anti-aging properties, inclusion of vitamin A and E...and so on. It can be used on both the eyes and skin. It will do the job and keep your makeup lasting longer. 

When applied to the skin, a transparent, smooth product comes out and when spread onto the skin, it becomes smooth til you can barely feel anything. It's almost can be described having an emollient consistency. It fills in the uneven texture on your skin and it also filled in fine lines on the skin that you want to hide when applying your foundation or concealer. It is such a great primer for such an affordable price of $20 AUD! It comes in a small frosted glass bottle with a pump and lid. Great primer!

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream

It was no surprise to me that this was considered as a Beauty Game Changer. It has been a favourite of mine for a long time for good reason. This CC+ Cream by It Cosmetics provides the coverage of a foundation, the skin correcting properties of a CC Cream and the skincare of a CC cream. It just does it all. It is not running, but has a slightly thick consistency that is easy to blend and work into the skin. It doesn't oxidise but provides a perfect canvas for the face. It lasts all day and you just don't need to worry about it throughout the day. 

I had previously mentioned this product in a previous post (click here to find out more). It is just the perfect product to bring with you while travelling or just to use everyday. It has four available shades and retails for $58 AUD both online and in-stores at Sephora.

Makeup For Ever HD Foundation

Another favourite of mine! I own both the HD and Ultra HD Foundation by Makeup For Ever and they are just amazing. It's a medium to full coverage foundation that's lightweight, easy to use and long-lasting. It gives the skin a very natural finish with a wide range of 40 shades to choose from. The only flaw I have with this foundation is the naming system that the company has implemented. It's so  confusing. 

Anyways, this foundation is just so great for everyday use, giving the skin a great, comfortable, long lasting look. This foundation is able to cover almost anything and it is very buildable. It has hyaluronic spheres that offers the skin a ever-lasting hydration to suit all skin types. 

This foundation is said to be best used with a damp sponge when applying to the skin to maintain the hydration and natural look to the skin. The sponge also helps to build very coverage in a flawless manner as well without removing product in the process. This foundation retails for $60-65 AUD.

Cover FX Contour Kit and Brush

I have heard so many great things about this contour kit by Cover FX. There are so many brands out there trying to get their name out there, but you know you can trust Cover FX will do the job ten times over and still provide great performance. There are six different shades of contour available in this range, catering to all skin colours! I love this palette so much that I am going to dedicate a separate post on this palette. So stay tuned for this! All you need to know is that the objective of this kit is to illuminate, highlight and contour to shape your face. This retails for $70 AUD and can be purchased both in-stores and online at Sephora

It is recommended to use this contour/highlighting duo-ended brush by Cover FX with the contour kit. The wider brush is used to contour and blend out the product you have laid on and the smaller end is used to apply product with precision, such as the under-eye area, cheeks, the nose and jawline. The bristles on this brush is very soft and does a good job at blending the product, but personally I won't reach for this for highlighting, but for contouring, yes! It works the contour perfectly with precision and accuracy to give that sharp structure that you want on application. Such a great brush!

The smaller end is quite stiff but is still gentle to apply on the skin. It is what helps the product to smoothly slide giving you that control. The wider end is flat and tapered, which is used to blend and diffuses the product in such a seamless way. This brush retails for $61 AUD and is such a handy brush for contouring.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette

When this was first released into Sephora stores, I was extremely excited. It was such an innovative and perfectly concepted palette that advances and enhances the average eyelook. Instead of just popping on some colour to the eyes, contouring is now involved to create the perfect shape and look to your eyes.

The shadows in the palette are extremely pigmented, smooth and easy to work with. It is very long-lasting, buildable and for all skin types. There is little to no effort to make the shade blend and you can create versatile looks or natural looks. This palette contains only matte shades as it is in-line with its concept of "contouring".

There are 12 shades - ranging from cool to warm tones. This palette is created to transform and enhance the intended shape of your eyes, while giving definition to what you want to bring forward or recede back, where the lighter shades are to brighten and highlight and the dark shades are to create shadows and bring less attention.

This palette can either be used on its own to create natural to smokey eye looks or be an addition to another palette or preferable shadow. There is no limit to what you can do with this. It retails for $64 AUD at Sephora both online and instores.

Tarte Cosmetics Lip Paint in Bae

Tarte Cosmetics recently released this liquid lipstick that comes in ten remarkable shades that offer full colour, semi-matte finish to the lips. It is claimed to be long-wearing, pigmented and is non-drying. It is formulated with a vegan friendly moussey formula and holds a velvet-like feel to the lips that glides smoothly over the skin.

I don't like the applicator because it doesn't allow me to have great precision, but it does the job, nonetheless. This retails for $29 AUD which is quite affordable on the high-end perspective of things.

Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid 100mL

Alpha H is an uprising skincare brand that is growing to be well-known in the skincare world. They produce cleansers, toners, moisturisers... and everything else that your skin desires. They are highly raved on the social media and have proven themselves to be a great brand to use on the daily.

The Liquid Gold product is a skin treatment used 3-5 nights a week to resurface your skin. It is used to remove and prevent sun damage, dark pigmentation and wrinkles. It is said to be great for firming and making your skin more youthful. It is an overnight liquid that helps tired and aging skin and also helps young skin to remain looking youthful. Over time, it claims to improve the look of your skin. It is suitable for all skin types. But if you have sensitive skin, you may feel a slight tingle (as warned) but this is said to be expected.

I have not used this long enough to prove those claims but after immediate use, I can feel my skin feeling softer and fresh. After a week or so, my skin remained to be normal and smooth, which was a great sign that it was working. Slight fine lines around my smile lines seemed to be less visible.

This product sells for $64 AUD for 100mL.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

Nothing is better than knowing you have a secret weapon to create big, beautiful, thick lashes with just a few swipes of the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. This retails for $40 AUD and comes in a sleek hexagonal shape tube.

Image from Sephora.com.au

This mascara has a curvy, hourglass brush shape that gives the lashes the best volumising and full lashes without having to have falsies. The shape of the applicator allows you to completely coat your lashes, as well as the roots of your lashes. The formula is smooth, non-drying and super-concentrated with black pigment! It claims to be smudge-proof, lengthening and buildable. It does not transfer when dried. It is just the perfect mascara for those perfect full set of lashes.

If you guys wanted an indepth-review on any of these or if you wanted to know anything more about them, please leave a comment below.

Until next time, stay awesome guys!

Disclaimer: All of these products were sent to me as part of a campaign I was involve in with Sephora. This was to promote my opinions and thoughts on the products given to me. This by no means that this post was biased or dishonest. I was not paid in any manner and was not sponsored or compensated for this post. All words said remains genuine and true based on my personal preference and experience. I wanted to thank Sephora for this great opportunity. 

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Current Wishlist: Part 1

I consider myself as a hardcore makeup junkie. Some days I can be well-behaved and not even take a wink at makeup online. But other days, it's a real struggle to not click on that "checkout" button. So as a healthy and bankrupt-less way keeping my urges at bay, I'll be featuring some makeup items that I "think" I need, as well as bring alight some items you may be interested in as well. In the post, it will include not only makeup, but skincare items, accessories or tools.

Artis Brushes

Let's start off with my most recent hardcore obsession. You might have seen these special "toothbrush" makeup brushes circling around the social medias. Now, I don't want these brushes... I need them! I am a die-hard makeup brush addict, but these brushes are beyond innovative, as well as cost-effective. They may be costly individually, but the way I see is... if it saves me money on buying other products, such as foundations, creams, liquids... why not? It's a long-term investment!

These brushes are described to be soft, dense and easy to use (with a slight learning curve). Out of the whole range, I definitely want to grab my hands on the following-

  • Face Oval 6 Brush
  • Face Oval 7 Brush (WANT THE MOST)
  • Face Oval 8 Brush
  • Eye Circle 1 Brush
The other brushes I could probably live without - but these need to be in my collection ASAP! The brushes range from $80-90 for a face brush, so you can see why I'm hesitating to buy them at the moment. It's just not in my budget at the moment. But one day... I will have them. 

GlamGlow Peel Off Mask

I recently discovered this over on YouTube, where most of my addiction stemmed from. If you have been following me on instagram @biscuitsnmakeup, you would have noticed my huge obsession over peel off masks. I just love that satisfying feeling of peeling that layer of product off the skin. And if you can see the impurities, dirt or dead skin cells on the sheet of mask, it is even better! I just love the experience.

With this GlamGlow Mask, it's very interesting and very different to the other types of masks out there which are commonly used to just unclog and peel off the layer of dead skin cells from your skin. This peel off mask helps to firm and brighten up your skin as well. And it is something I look for in masks. I am hoping to grab my hands on this so I can truly see if it works or not. I am very intrigued. Now what's special about this mask also is that the product turns silver when dry! How crazy is that? 

Laura Mercier Candleglow

When it comes to Laura Mercier, I fall head over heels very fast. Their brand is all about supporting the everyday woman to embrace in their natural beauty and bring their best features forward. This Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation is a foundation that is lightweight and luminous foundation. When I swatched this in stores, it was just love at first sight. But at the time, I just didn't have it in my budget to go purchase this.

This foundation claims to give the skin a glow for both day and night time. It also contains purified water to give the skin a burst of hydration. The foundation is said to glide on the skin creating a smooth and radiant look. There is a blend of lightweight oils, keeping in the moisture of your skin, leaving your skin soft and beautiful.

There are 24 available shades to choose from, which is a wide range! I wish I can get my hands on this!

Tarte Cosmetics 'Rainforest of the Sea' Foundation

Just looking at this Tarte Cosmetics foundation makes me weak at the knees. It has stunning package with the dropper applicator and the frosted, glass bottle. Tarte Cosmetics has truly given the makeup industry a chase for their money these last couple of months. They have released some amazing products with an amazing packaging. I am dying for this to come to Australia. Yes, I could easily buy this online. But I rather not waste my money on the wrong shade. I rather be 100% sure when buying a high-end foundation.

This water-based foundation claims to deliver a hydrating feel to the skin with locked in moisture. It is full coverage with an astounding claim on a 12-hour wear. It contains 20% of water to help quench dry skin. It is said to cover redness, dark spots and uneven skin tones, while blurring the pores and fine lines. It is packed with antioxidants, SPF 15 and a hypoallergenic formula that helps to restore, brighten and defend skin from aging and free radical damage. Having to hear all these benefits, not many makeup companies are heavily incorporating skincare into foundation. So I really appreciate Laura Mercier stepping it up.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminators

Another Laura Mercier product - haha! A highly loved highlighting compact that gives the best glow on the skin. I absolutely love everything that this highlighter has to offer and more! Since this compact was such a hit on the shelves, the company has decided to release three other shades to the range. This is so it would cater to different skin tones.

The three new shades are devotion (a light pink, iridescent highlight), addiction (a light golden, champagne shade) and seduction (a golden-bronze shade). These highlights are buildable, pigmented and are long-lasting! What more could you possibly ask for in a highlighter! Cannot wait for stores to stock these babies up!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

You have no idea how much I am craving this palette. The shades, the scent and the general too faced brand just add to my total obsession with this palette. I personally don't follow the hype when it comes to these kind of palettes, but I do love the shades that are being released. The pink, peachy shades are just gorgeous, with the additions of the beautiful and appropriate transition shades. Just a beautiful palette that needs my attention!

I own the original and semi-chocolate palette and the quality of those palettes are phenomenal. So fingers crossed, this is the same or better! What's different about this palette is that it doesn't have the two highlighting shades diagonally located at the opposite ends of the palette. I personally liked the concept of that and wished they continued it with this palette. But minor detail.

Fingers crossed this comes soon into Mecca Stores!

Thanks for tuning in fellow beauty junkies!

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or compensated to mention these products. These are my genuine wants. All pictures provided are not mine. They are owned respectively by the companies and I do not take ownership to them. Pictures and links used are for information purposes only for the convenience of the reader. All thoughts and opinions are of my own and are 100% honest. 


Thursday, May 05, 2016

Instant Perfection with Rodial O2 Snake Serum*

You don't know what instant perfect skin is until you have tried the Rodial O2 Snake Serum. It is like nothing you have tried before. If I had to describe it in a few words, I would say that it's like skincare genie in a bottle. It smooths out wrinkles and textured skin, it moisturises and softens and it restores youth to your face! It does so much, with so little.

Rodial is well-known for their high-performing skincare products that cater to every skin type and produce amazing results in a short amount of time. They have created masks, moisturisers, serums, creams, cleansers... and so on that all have great ingredients that specific target the problems of the average person. Without having to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on facial treatments, you can save money by investing in Rodial Products that will give you the same results for the perfect complexion. Their products are just so revolutionary in the skincare department and the Rodial O2 Snake Serum is just one of which proves their credibility.

This product comes in a sleek, matte, black bottle with silver accents that is travel-friendly and is so nice to have. It has a pump that is very easy to use and allows you to have the perfect control over how much product you would like to dispense. Honestly, with the price tag attached to this serum, I would expect no less than perfect. It truly does an amazing job at delivery quality results in satisfying the customer with aesthetics and quality.

This serum aims to instantly boost the skin with properties for a more radiant and youthful look to the skin. This serum is locked in with fast acting oxygen carriers that restores the youthful and healthy complexion that everyone wants. It will get rid of that tired and dull looking skin and increase the production of cell respiration.

Not only does it make the skin look younger, the serum also purifies and detoxify the skin by saving the skin from environmental pollution and free radicals that are proven to age the skin. The formula also has a anti-wrinkle agent that smoothes the skin and gets rid of the appearances of fine lines. This is greatly helpful when applying your makeup to create that perfection canvas for that flawless application.

Over time, the ingredient Syn-Ake Dipeptide will make your skin flexible and resilient like it once was when you were 10-years-old. Normally, it takes about a month for a product to truly take its form and make a difference to your skin. But this serum doesn't take long.

Just by applying a little of the white serum to my hands, you can see the difference that it makes. There's less lines and my skin isn't as dry and textured as before. My skin feels softer and moisturised than before and it took only a few minutes for the product to activate.

There is a lot of ways that you could utilise this products to the best of its abilities. But one of the two that I found helpful to me is firstly using the serum as a smoothing moisturiser right before you would apply your primer so you have a smoother canvas to work with when you apply your foundation. You could also use this as just a daily moisturiser, applying it once every morning to keep your face feeling youthful, healthy and radiant. You would concentrate the product mainly in areas that are dry, textured or have a lot of fine lines/wrinkles, so that it can be absorbed into the skin.


  1. Wash face and neck with a cleanser.
  2. Take a small amount and gently massage onto the neck and face. Remember to go in an upward motion. 
  3. Let it absorb into the skin before applying any other product on.

This serum can be purchased directly from their website at www.rodial.co.uk or if you are in Australia, you can purchase this in your local Priceline stores. Though to my knowledge, not all stores will have this in stock. This retails for $252 AUD or $130 GPD. This is incredibly expensive but I am telling you, it is worth the dollar! What serum can offer you instant results and perfect skin?

Thanks for tuning in! Leave a comment down below to ask any questions!

Disclaimer: Thankyou for Rodial for sending me this product. This product was sent to me as PR. I was not sponsored nor compensated for this review. All results mentioned was personally experience by me. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% honest. All links used are for information purposes to create convenience for the reader. It is not for promotional purposes.


Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist*

The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is a must in my daily routine - one spritz before I head off to start my day and one when my skin needs that quick fix and refreshment of hydration. This product has been around for quite some time and now it is a staple in my daily skin routine. I just cannot be without it.

Jurlique is a company that incorporates organic ingredients into their products to create natural skincare items. This is to aim to cater to all skin types while giving the best results for the user. It is a relatively high-end luxury brand that is sold in many department stores and have continued to sell very well in the market for the skincare range.

The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist bottle contains 100mL (3.3 fl. oz) of rose-scented liquid that you spray on your face, at any time, to soothe, tone and hydrate your face. This doesn't replace your daily moisturiser but it does help maintain the hydration in your skin, while restoring what your skin lacks as well. It's such a quick and easy way to give what your skin needs. A speedy few sprays of this on your face and that's all your need.

It comes in a frosted, opaque spray-glass-bottle that looks so glamourous sitting on your vanity. It has a normal spray top that you just press down to release a mist of product over your face. It's very easy to use. The bottle, however, is not travel friendly but it is such a good product to use once in the morning and once again when you come from work or before you end your day. But there is no limit to how many times you can use it. Whenever you feel you need some quick hydration to the skin, this is your go-to product!

This lightweight mist is just incredible. It does so much with such little effort. It provides the skin with not only hydration but also -

  • conditioning effects - such as toning and softening of the skin
  • protection and prevention - such as rebalancing the dryness of your skin, as well as calm and soothe delicate skin.
  • fresh boost of nutrients for the skin
  • a subtle dewy feel 
You skin will be grateful to, as mine is with me. This product contains rose flower extracts and potent botanical that helps keep the moisture in the skin, while also possessing anti-oxidant properties for that healthier, radiant and smoother feel. After a duration of time, you will see a difference to your skin being more softer to the touch, having to feel refreshed on command.

There is no particular skin-type suited for this product. It is made to cater for everyone (including sensitive and delicate skin) looking for a light hydrating mist to help rebalance, rehydrate and refresh the skin. It's just that easy! And to add as a bonus, it is dermatologically tested. It is made with 100% natural blends of rose extracts, which gives that subtle, lovely rose scent, as well as some citrus seed extracts. It is free of parabens, PEGs, silicones, colourants and preservatives which are proven to age and harm the skin over time. 

To use this product, you would gentle shake before use. Then lightly spritz a few sprays over the face (with your eyes closed) to hydrate and tone the skin, whenever required. It's so simple! This product can be purchased for $35 AUD at any Jurlique counters at Myer or David Jones. But you can also order directly from their website at www.Jurlique.com.au .

For a limited time, Jurlique is also producing limited edition version of the Rosewater Balancing Mist to support the Jurlique Ideas of Beauty Fund. The money raised is used to help non-for-profit projects that assist women and children in need. So this worthwhile cause will help your skin, while helping others in need! A win-win situation - or in my case, a great excuse to buy luxury skincare! Each bottle retails for $79 containing 200mL of product, which will last you quite a long time! I have been using mine, religiously, just under a month and still have a lot to go before I am even near half-way.

And since Mother's day is coming up real soon, it's a great present to give. Any mother would appreciate a step away from aging and a step closer to better skin!

So if you're lazy, or want that fast hydration, look into buying this Rosewater Balancing Mist as an addition to your skincare routine. You won't regret the results in achieving fresh, smooth, hydrated skin!

For further information, please comment below and I'll be happy to answer any questions!

As always, thankyou for reading!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as a press release. This by all means, does not mean I was sponsored or compensated to create this blog post. I genuinely enjoyed the experience of using the product and only to express my opinion across. My thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine and honest. I have normal to dry skin, as reference.

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