Friday, April 08, 2016

Shu Uemura Shu Girl Makeup Pro Competition!

On the 17th of March at David Jones, 5 finalists had came together to battle it out for the title of the Shu Girl Makeup Pro! These girls did a fantastic job at creating unique looks that expressed their own creativity and flair! I was incredibly impressed by the amount of talent each of the girls displayed and found the event had perfectly depicted the nature of the Shu Uemura brand.

There was a large crowd that came to came to see the girls perform and what a treat we all got. We all got served with sparkling water, canape and desserts while waiting for the event to start and a demonstration of their new Shu Uemura Graphic eyeliner, by Wengie (Australian Youtube Star).

Wengie gave us her tips and tricks on how to slay that perfect wing. She had mentioned that if you slightly pull on the skin, gently, towards your brows, you get a more even application. She also had said to follow the nature curvature of the bottom lash-line and this is what helps the most with an even wing. Wengie gave us a personal demonstration of the Calligraph: Ink Eyeliner by Shu Uemura and this is what all the competitors had to use in their makeup game. The eyeliner had released on the 31st of January of this year and it is a reformulation to create better and easier wings! The new formula allows the ink to dry faster on the skin, 18 hours of long-lasting wear and maintains an intense colour! It can be purchased at any Shu Uemura Counter at David Jones for $68 AUD.

Each of the makeup artists had to demonstrate an unique and artistic way of using the eyeliner on each of their models and here are the final results after 30 minutes of intense, creative, hard-work!

Winning Look

There were over 70 entries into the competition and over carefully and thorough consideration over all the applicants and the final decision over the makeup artist candidates, the judges had chosen... Julie Tran!

Shu Uemura has been pushing the limits when it comes to makeup and Julie had perfectly did the job with her edgy, yet wearable eye-look. She had won a trip to Tokyo for 5 nights and a makeup masterclass in Tokyo lead by Shu Uemura's International artistic director - Kakuyasu Uchiide. She also got $3000 RRP worth of Shu Uemura products! Lucky girl!

"This is the first makeup artist competition I have ever entered and I can't believe I won! I'd like to thank Shu Uemura for this amazing opportunity!" 

Each of the competitors had put in their best efforts and I really could say it was a close call. All the looks had given Shu Uemura a difficult time to make a decision. I couldn't even perfect my wings and these ladies made it seem like a breeze. Congratulations to all the ladies!

Here is a few shots of the event;

It was such a great experience to see first hand the amazing work a makeup artist can really do - with the cut-edge styles and demonstrations of creating different eyeliner looks.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. I was personally invited by Sarah Humphries and I had attended on my own accord. I was not compensated or endorsed in any way or manner. Everything about this post is 100% genuine and unbiased. 

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