Sunday, April 03, 2016

NEW Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 3 Collection

This amazing release of the NEW Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 3 Collection Makeup Brushes by Zoeva Cosmetics has got me jumping for the clouds! It feels luxurious on both the skin and in your hands. These brushes cannot be anymore perfect than what they are. The design and make of the brushes are top quality and are something to be reckoned with. I had an extremely difficult time forcing myself to use these brushes 'cause of how beautiful they are. But for you guys, I had to be strong.

There is a total of 8 brushes in the set that cater for both face and eyes. Each brush is designed with a shiny, smooth rose gold exterior with such elegance and grandeur. There is nothing I can flaw about this set and just by looking at them, you can see why. This set was released on the 29th of February this year and it has created such a great hype storm. It is the absolute best way to continue Zoeva's line of luxury brush sets. The third addition to the makeup brush trilogy is contains no new brushes - you can purchase their basic range from their website.

There is a combination of vegan, natural and synthetic hairs, still in-line with their original brushes. The handles of the brushes are not heavy, but have a light weight on them, still giving them that extravagant, luxe feel to them.

The handles are prone to fingerprints and smears but can easily be cleaned with a cloth. While using these brushes, I had also noticed that they are susceptible to denting as well. Be careful on how hard you tap off the excess powder off your brushes or using these brushes if you want to keep them in their mint conditions, like I do.

Zoeva claims that the brushes "combines the elegance and grandeur of gold with the playfulness of delicate rose shades, exuding a gracious glamour and an enchanting femininity. The dazzling set comes with eight divine, handcrafted brushes – a harmony of rose golden ferrules and handles, assembled with the finest natural and synthetic hair, stored in an elegant anthracite brush clutch."

In the set, it consists of the following brushes - some of which are my holy grails that I already own;

From left to right -

103 Defined Buffer
109 Face Paint Vegan
114 Luxe Face Focus
129 Luxe Fan
142 Concealer Buffer
228 Luxe Crease
234 Luxe Smokey Shader
317 Wing Liner

Each of these brushes perform exceptionally well, just like their regular line. I cannot say for sure if there is anything extra (performance wise) that these brushes can provide but I can say with confidence that they are worth the dollar that I had spent. The bristles of each of the brushes are very soft and delicate, which in turn is very gentle on the skin. After the first wash, there was no fall out of the hairs, but the fan brush had frayed a little. 

103 Defined Buffer - Perfect for buffing in your foundation or applying bronzer to the body. It is also good for a light blend of contour as well. 
109 Face Paint Vegan - My all-time-favourite brush for that cut edge contour line across the cheeks. It gives such a perfect precision and has the ability to blend and distribute product on the face.
114 Luxe Face Focus - I had not owned this brushes before and the possibilities that I gained from it was phenomenal. You can use it for as a highlighting brush, due to its flat paddle, tapered form. It blends the product and has the capability to also build colour as well. This brush can also set powder under the eye because of its small shape. 
129 Luxe Fan - In comparison to my Real Techniques brush, this brush had applied my highlighter just a little better. It had placed more product on my face and blended it more seamlessly. 
142 Concealer Buffer - Another favourite of mine! I have been using this brush for years to apply my concealer, especially for spot concealing and for the under eye. It does a fantastic job! It has a round and dence head that does not take away the coverage but also does the blending for you!
228 Luxe Crease - My holy grail brush for the crease! I would find another perfectly made brush for the crease. While you are placing the product on your lids, the brush would blend with such precision giving you that controlled-diffused application that you need for every eye look, especially for the smokey eye! HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THIS BRUSH!
234 Luxe Smokey Shader - This brush is used to place product on the mobile lid, where you would tap and/or dab on the product. I mostly use this product to put on wet eyeshadows. 
317 Wing Liner - Another brush I cannot live without! There is no other eyeliner brush that I would trust to do my eyes. It has the ability to get right up to your lashline, as well as give you the sharpest wing that is cut-throat! It is longer than the average eyeliner but I think that's what great about this brush. It allows you to have that sharp edge when you flick the brush outward to create that wing. Great brush to have!

Eye Brushes

Face Brushes

Similarly to their other sets, this collection has a deep grey clutch with rose gold accents. It has the same leather-like material that is such high quality. You can easily use it as a makeup pouch or even as a clutch to go to events. I personally can bring it anywhere with me. 

This collection retails for $90 EURO ($155-160AUD) and can be bought directly from the Zoeva Cosmetics website or from other retailers such as Beauty Bay which retails for $118 AUD. It will also soon be released in Australian Sephora stores as well! So ladies, if you don't go grab your hands on these now, you might have to wait for a while because stock will be going fast!

As always, if you have any questions, queries or just want to give me your thoughts about these brushes, hit me up in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: This set was not sent to me by any company. It was a personal gift from my partner. I was not sponsored nor compensated for talking about these brushes. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own and are 100% genuine. All links provided are for information purposes only - no promotional benefits or claims are made in this post. 

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