Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day with Emma and Roe!*

There's absolutely nothing more rewarding than seeing your mother happy. My mother works and toils without sleep, she cooks and cleans without complaint and she loves and cares without conditions. Every mother deserves a day (or even two) to be spoilt. And this mother's day, Emma and Roe can give you the perfection inspiration for the ideal gift!

Emma and Roe gives you that intimidate and meaningful touch in personalising your piece of jewellery. It can be a bangle, a bracelet, a necklace ... and so on, and over 680 unique charms to add sentimental value to your gift. These affordable and professionally crafted items are the way to go for that gift that won't put you out to eat instant noodles, every night for the next month. Emma and Roe really pride themselves in creating their customer the ultimate experience in allow you to create your ideal gift. And this mother's day, they have released out some spectacular charms that suit the occasion.

My mother is a simple and old-fashioned person. She prefers something that goes with anything and the classic sterling silver does just that. Emma and Roe create not only sterling silver pieces but as well as gold, diamond, leather, glass, acrylic... and so on. There are statement pieces that you can add to create colour or vibrance into the bracelet.

I've selected the charm bangle as a base to add the charms because you can either wear a lot of charms in one bracelet or you can have the option of wearing two bangles with a few charms as a stylish piece - similarly like the concept of stacked rings. But this is just a suggested way of creating a personalised style of wear. Other ways you can style or design the wear is by mix matching or just wear a bracelet alone with other types of bracelets.

What's great about all this is having to personally pick out what charms my mother would like. This just adds brownie points and it speaks volumes just having to take the time out to be creative and thoughtful.

These high quality bracelets and charms can be purchased from Emma and Roe at affordable to luxurious prices to suit whatever budget you are on. If you have money to splurge, there are definitely beautiful statement pieces that you can choose to add something special that your mother can have. Gifts start as low as $29, so why not spoil your mother this mother's day?

These timeless and beautiful jewellery can be purchased at any Michael Hills Jewellers or online at Emma And Roe . com.au!

Disclaimer: These bracelets were gifted to me to produce a review. However, all things mentioned in this post remain true and genuine. I was not compensated or compromised in any way. Only honesty and truth here at Biscuits And Makeup Headquarters!
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