Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lottie London Makeup Brushes Review*

I was sent these Lottie London Brushes to try and had little to no expectations of them because I had not heard or seen these brushes at all. Lottie London is a brand that is sold on ASOS, Target and SuperDrug. They are a brand that create accessories and handy tools that help with your beauty routine. This includes brushes, sponges, lashes...and so on.

These brushes are best described as the "on-the-go" brushes that prepares the everyday busy woman to be ready for the perfect selfie moments. These brushes has just reached Australian stores with its vibrant and exciting coloured handles and bristle tips. All of their brushes are vegan-friendly and are designed for the quick fix you need to get ready. These brushes are unique in terms of their appearance and the funky colours that attract you to them.

In the Tools on Tour set, the handles are plastic and short. This makes them perfect for travelling and to use on the go. It's light and perform very well especially the eyeliner brush and the mini powder brush. But personally, I dislike short handles as it gives me less control with application. In this set, it includes a mini powder brush, eyeshadow brush, eye shadow smudger brush and an eyeliner brush. This set also provides a clear plastic pouch for you to use. It retails for $20 AUD on the Lottie website and is a total bargain!

In this review, I will be only going in depth in detail about the contour and kabuki brush, as they impressed me the most out of the brushes I had tried and very comparable to highly raved products, such as Morphe, Artiste Brushes and Real Techniques.

Left: Contour Queen Brush
Right: Kabuki Babe Brush

The Contour Queen Brush and Kabuki Babe Brush both have hard, chunky handles that are very light and easy to hold. The craftsmanship of the bristles aren't as well made as Real Technique brushes, but they are just as soft and gentle on the skin. They both have coloured handles with coloured tips that go hand in hand with the theme of Lottie London.

Contour Queen Brush

Though this brush does not give the sharpest contour, it does a magnificent job at blending out the contour lines so that you can maintain the perfect edge underneath your cheekbones. The density of the brushes are compact enough so that you are able to distribute product, but is also soft enough so that you can seamlessly blend out powders and creams. 

I had used my Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette with this brush and it did an amazing job. Application was not streaky, nor was it hard to maneuver around the cheeks. This brush can also be used for highlighting by lightly tapping the product on top of the cheekbones and building up the product across. This brush was a breeze to use. It retails for $22 AUD, individually.

Kabuki Babe Brush

This Kabuki brush has so many uses - powder, foundation, bronzer, body...and so on. It may look like any other brush but at the price point of $25 AUD, it does just as of a good job as any Real Techniques, Artiste Brushes or high end makeup brush on the market. It does a fabulous job at applying most base products on the face. And it was the perfect brush to apply body bronzer. 

This multi-purpose brush was tested to be used as a foundation buffing brush, a powder brush, a bronzing brush and a contouring brush (if you pinch the sides). And it did a fantastic job at doing it all. The bristles are incredibly soft and gentle, with no streaks. It gave the perfect application of product. I loved this brush most for applying my foundation as it distributed the product evenly and blended it with little to no effort. I can see this brush being a staple in my makeup routine. 

These brushes have no fall-out after the first wash, they're super soft and they're so colourful! They can be bought at affordable prices at Target online and in-stores, as well as their Lottie London website at

As always, leave a comment or question below about the Brushes. I would be happy to answer them!

Disclaimer: These brushes were sent to me by the company to review. I was obligated to make this post.  Though I was not sponsored or compensated to make this post. These are my genuine thoughts and opinions and I truly believe what I have said. All links used is not for promotional purposes. It is used for the convenience of the reader and for information purposes only. 
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