Friday, April 29, 2016

Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On - Brightening Peel-Off Face Mask

I am utterly obsessed with Peel-off masks. The satisfaction you get from peeling off that layer away from your skin is what gets me every time. As gross and weird it is, peel off masks generally gives you firmer, softer and smoother skin! The Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On, Brightening Peel-off Face Mask was an unexpecting find. I bought it to just try it out and it surprisingly impressed me.

This peel-off mask claims to tighten the skin, remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and help with breakouts. It also mentions that the citrus boosts brightens the skin and the papaya helps to resurface the skin. Once used, the skin appears more clear, smooth and radiant. It will revitalise your skin and bring on the more glowing and healthier you.

The product has a slight clear pink/peachy tint to it that has an amazing sweet smell to it. It is easy to spread the gooey product across your dry, clean skin and is best to apply a thin layer, starting from the centre of your face and going outwards. But make sure you work fast with this product as once it dries, it's hard to layer and spread the product around. You also want to make sure that the edges are even, connected and symmetrical so that it is easier to peel off later.

You would work in small amounts at a time, so that you make sure you don't generously applying too much to the skin. Stay away from your baby hairs, eyebrows and eye area when applying this product.

Once it's settling on your skin, you will feel an increasing tingling feeling over the next few minutes on your skin, especially where you have thinner skin or bigger pores. Do not be afraid of it. The tingling sensation is to help open your pores and brightening up your skin. It may be overly uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin but for me, it felt very refreshing with that minty tingle working its magic.

After spreading a thin layer over your skin, you let it set for 10-15 minutes. Make sure that all areas where you applied the product is dry before removing.

Once it becomes dry and smooth, you can then take off the mask very slowly starting from the bottom to the top and always pulling upwards. It will be hard to find the edges of the mask, but feel for the texture and this will help you find it.

The mask feels very light and thin, but it's not fragile so you can apply a bit of pressure when removing it from the face. It's very similar to an egg mask. It is relatively elastic, as well so it won't tug at your skin too much that won't cause irritation or sagging of the skin.

As you remove the mask, you will notice the dead/dry skin to come off along with the mask. The amount of dead/dry skin that comes off would be measured by the transparency and it's one of the ways you know that it's working.

Once you have completely removed the mask, you will notice a huge difference to your skin. Your skin is a lot smoother, softer and tighter. And it will only take you 10-15 minutes for these amazing results! As you can see, my hands were originally dry and textured. After using the mask on my hand, it made my skin look more radiant and smoother in texture.

Dispose of the mask and wash your face with lukewarm water to remove any remnants of the product left on your skin. And after you have pat your skin dry, you will notice your skin turns even softer!

This mask was such a great find, especially from a drugstore! The bright and travel-friendly packaging makes it fool-proof and sanitary to use over a period of time. The only thing I didn't like about the product was that the mask was clear and it was very hard to see where I have already applied the product without feeling it first. I wish they had given some colour to appear on the skin, so it would be a little bit more convenient and user friendly.

It is suggested that this mask is to be used 1-3 times a week to clearly see the brightening effect of the mask and to prevent clogged pores from appearing on the skin. This mask will also prevent dullness of skin and you will appear more youthful and radiant over time.

Formula 10.0.6 has some other skincare products from mud masks to cleansers that are available as well for affordable prices. This Peel Off Mask retails for $8.99 at Priceline, but it can also be bought on ASOS and other local retailers, such as Target, as well.

As always, hit me up with a comment if you would like to ask any questions!

Disclaimer: This blog post was not sponsored nor compensated. This post was made purely for review purposes through personal experience. All links used was for information purposes and for the convenience of the reader. All thoughts and opinions mentioned is 100% genuine.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lottie London Makeup Brushes Review*

I was sent these Lottie London Brushes to try and had little to no expectations of them because I had not heard or seen these brushes at all. Lottie London is a brand that is sold on ASOS, Target and SuperDrug. They are a brand that create accessories and handy tools that help with your beauty routine. This includes brushes, sponges, lashes...and so on.

These brushes are best described as the "on-the-go" brushes that prepares the everyday busy woman to be ready for the perfect selfie moments. These brushes has just reached Australian stores with its vibrant and exciting coloured handles and bristle tips. All of their brushes are vegan-friendly and are designed for the quick fix you need to get ready. These brushes are unique in terms of their appearance and the funky colours that attract you to them.

In the Tools on Tour set, the handles are plastic and short. This makes them perfect for travelling and to use on the go. It's light and perform very well especially the eyeliner brush and the mini powder brush. But personally, I dislike short handles as it gives me less control with application. In this set, it includes a mini powder brush, eyeshadow brush, eye shadow smudger brush and an eyeliner brush. This set also provides a clear plastic pouch for you to use. It retails for $20 AUD on the Lottie website and is a total bargain!

In this review, I will be only going in depth in detail about the contour and kabuki brush, as they impressed me the most out of the brushes I had tried and very comparable to highly raved products, such as Morphe, Artiste Brushes and Real Techniques.

Left: Contour Queen Brush
Right: Kabuki Babe Brush

The Contour Queen Brush and Kabuki Babe Brush both have hard, chunky handles that are very light and easy to hold. The craftsmanship of the bristles aren't as well made as Real Technique brushes, but they are just as soft and gentle on the skin. They both have coloured handles with coloured tips that go hand in hand with the theme of Lottie London.

Contour Queen Brush

Though this brush does not give the sharpest contour, it does a magnificent job at blending out the contour lines so that you can maintain the perfect edge underneath your cheekbones. The density of the brushes are compact enough so that you are able to distribute product, but is also soft enough so that you can seamlessly blend out powders and creams. 

I had used my Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette with this brush and it did an amazing job. Application was not streaky, nor was it hard to maneuver around the cheeks. This brush can also be used for highlighting by lightly tapping the product on top of the cheekbones and building up the product across. This brush was a breeze to use. It retails for $22 AUD, individually.

Kabuki Babe Brush

This Kabuki brush has so many uses - powder, foundation, bronzer, body...and so on. It may look like any other brush but at the price point of $25 AUD, it does just as of a good job as any Real Techniques, Artiste Brushes or high end makeup brush on the market. It does a fabulous job at applying most base products on the face. And it was the perfect brush to apply body bronzer. 

This multi-purpose brush was tested to be used as a foundation buffing brush, a powder brush, a bronzing brush and a contouring brush (if you pinch the sides). And it did a fantastic job at doing it all. The bristles are incredibly soft and gentle, with no streaks. It gave the perfect application of product. I loved this brush most for applying my foundation as it distributed the product evenly and blended it with little to no effort. I can see this brush being a staple in my makeup routine. 

These brushes have no fall-out after the first wash, they're super soft and they're so colourful! They can be bought at affordable prices at Target online and in-stores, as well as their Lottie London website at

As always, leave a comment or question below about the Brushes. I would be happy to answer them!

Disclaimer: These brushes were sent to me by the company to review. I was obligated to make this post.  Though I was not sponsored or compensated to make this post. These are my genuine thoughts and opinions and I truly believe what I have said. All links used is not for promotional purposes. It is used for the convenience of the reader and for information purposes only. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NEW MAC Cosmetics Studio Waterweight Foundation with SPF 30 Review

My long awaited purchase has finally become a reality. Ever since Wayne Goss mentioned and demonstrated the MAC Cosmetics Studio SPF 30 Foundation, I just had to get it for myself. Lately, companies have been generally creating foundations that are thinner in consistency, more natural in finish and attempting to add skincare benefits for the average consumer. This includes, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Smashbox...etc - as you would have seen being promoted across social media platforms. For someone that hasn't bought or touched a MAC Cosmetics foundation before, it's quite overwhelming to look at the wide selection they have and to know which one would be perfect for your skin type.

At the time I was purchasing this with Julie (@hauteflashes), we were contemplating between two new releases of foundation that had just launched in-stores - the MatchMaster Shade Intelligence Compact and the Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation. But I had my heart heavily set on the Studio Waterweight for the longest time, so I went with it.

This foundation claims to have "light to medium-buildable coverage, natural satin finish and to be weightless". It is a foundation that "delivers colour in an ultra-fluid, thin, elastic gel-serum formula". I personally always leans towards foundations that are thin in consistency in comparison to creams and powders because it generally provides a little more hydrating and a better finish to my skin. This oil-free foundation also said by the MAC Staff to have the ability to control oils, providing a longer and more comfortable wear. It offers a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF of 30 and does not oxidise or change colour over time. It is a gel-serum that sits on the sit a little more comfortably. It has an addition of moisture-fusion complexes that claims to add an all-day hydration to the face. Having so many claims, I had high expectations!

This foundation is best applied with a flat Kabuki brush to maintain the coverage and opaque nature of the formula, but it be applied with a sponge or any brush - keeping in mind coverage may vary. I personally found the foundation to hold up its claims very well. Despite making claims that it will provide all-day wear, after 6-8 hours the foundation begins to not perform as well, especially in the T-Zone. But other than that, the foundation was a great purchase. It maintained the hydration, it did not crease or separate and it blurred and smoothed out my imperfections. 

There are 23 shades to choose (from cool to warm tones) and I purchased NC30. 

Two drops of product

Lightly spread product with finger

Blended product with a brush

This foundation is very runny (almost like water) and should be shaken well before use. The product had perfectly blurred my pores, fine lines and imperfections and it covered up my light blemishes, as well as dark spots from scarring and old pimples. It applied smoothly and was streak-free! It was very easy to blend due to the fact that it is a fluid and there is a considerable amount of slip and movement for the perfect blend. It did a flawless job at evening out my skintone and giving my skin such a skin-like finish on the face. 

There was little to no reason to build up coverage because with one layer, it gave the "my skin but better" effect. As reference, it didn't cover my freckles entirely but it had covered the redness around my nose and cheeks. It did have a slight orange tinge to it when in dimmer light, but it looked perfect in natural sunlight. 

Another great thing about this foundation is that it maintains the hydration in your skin and it doesn't accentuate dry patches. Hence, I highly recommend for dry to normal skin types. Though, what I had noticed is if you do happen to build up a lot of the coverage, you will definitely need to use a powder or a makeup setting spray to maintain the longevity of the application, as well as prevent some fading around the exterior perimeter of the face and the slightest creasing around the smile and nose area. Hence, this foundation is best worn sheer and light on the skin, where it will show the perfect natural finish - similarly like the face and body foundation available on the MAC Cosmetics website. 

Putting aside the amazing formula, the packaging does not do the product justice. The product is encased in a frosted glass bottle which is very nice to have but not ideal for travelling. I really enjoy the dropper-type of applicators, as I believe it's the most sanitary type of applicator present but... the cheap rubber used for the dropper felt like MAC dropped their quality. In comparison to the BECCA Cosmetics Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation (which I have previously reviewed), it does not compare. They both have similar price tags but the quality in packaging has a huge difference and MAC Cosmetic got out-matched. I can understand the attempt to keep within their minimalist, black and white signature theme, but more effort should have been put into producing a more innovative and enjoyable applicator for the consumer.

The MAC Cosmetics Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation has 23 available shades - ranging from cool to warm tones - that can be purchased now at any MAC Counters or on their website at . It holds 30 mL / 1.0 fL Oz. of product at $54 AUD. Despite the disappointing packaging, I really appreciate the high quality of the formula and would say this foundation would be best for the everyday wear during Summer. The perfect holiday foundation!

As always, if you have any further questions about this foundation or want to discuss something in detail, please leave me a comment below.

Thankyou for tuning in!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money for personal use. All links used is for information purposes only and is for the convenience of the reader. All things said are genuine and true and I was not compensated or sponsored to post up this review. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day with Emma and Roe!*

There's absolutely nothing more rewarding than seeing your mother happy. My mother works and toils without sleep, she cooks and cleans without complaint and she loves and cares without conditions. Every mother deserves a day (or even two) to be spoilt. And this mother's day, Emma and Roe can give you the perfection inspiration for the ideal gift!

Emma and Roe gives you that intimidate and meaningful touch in personalising your piece of jewellery. It can be a bangle, a bracelet, a necklace ... and so on, and over 680 unique charms to add sentimental value to your gift. These affordable and professionally crafted items are the way to go for that gift that won't put you out to eat instant noodles, every night for the next month. Emma and Roe really pride themselves in creating their customer the ultimate experience in allow you to create your ideal gift. And this mother's day, they have released out some spectacular charms that suit the occasion.

My mother is a simple and old-fashioned person. She prefers something that goes with anything and the classic sterling silver does just that. Emma and Roe create not only sterling silver pieces but as well as gold, diamond, leather, glass, acrylic... and so on. There are statement pieces that you can add to create colour or vibrance into the bracelet.

I've selected the charm bangle as a base to add the charms because you can either wear a lot of charms in one bracelet or you can have the option of wearing two bangles with a few charms as a stylish piece - similarly like the concept of stacked rings. But this is just a suggested way of creating a personalised style of wear. Other ways you can style or design the wear is by mix matching or just wear a bracelet alone with other types of bracelets.

What's great about all this is having to personally pick out what charms my mother would like. This just adds brownie points and it speaks volumes just having to take the time out to be creative and thoughtful.

These high quality bracelets and charms can be purchased from Emma and Roe at affordable to luxurious prices to suit whatever budget you are on. If you have money to splurge, there are definitely beautiful statement pieces that you can choose to add something special that your mother can have. Gifts start as low as $29, so why not spoil your mother this mother's day?

These timeless and beautiful jewellery can be purchased at any Michael Hills Jewellers or online at Emma And Roe .!

Disclaimer: These bracelets were gifted to me to produce a review. However, all things mentioned in this post remain true and genuine. I was not compensated or compromised in any way. Only honesty and truth here at Biscuits And Makeup Headquarters!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Shu Uemura Shu Girl Makeup Pro Competition!

On the 17th of March at David Jones, 5 finalists had came together to battle it out for the title of the Shu Girl Makeup Pro! These girls did a fantastic job at creating unique looks that expressed their own creativity and flair! I was incredibly impressed by the amount of talent each of the girls displayed and found the event had perfectly depicted the nature of the Shu Uemura brand.

There was a large crowd that came to came to see the girls perform and what a treat we all got. We all got served with sparkling water, canape and desserts while waiting for the event to start and a demonstration of their new Shu Uemura Graphic eyeliner, by Wengie (Australian Youtube Star).

Wengie gave us her tips and tricks on how to slay that perfect wing. She had mentioned that if you slightly pull on the skin, gently, towards your brows, you get a more even application. She also had said to follow the nature curvature of the bottom lash-line and this is what helps the most with an even wing. Wengie gave us a personal demonstration of the Calligraph: Ink Eyeliner by Shu Uemura and this is what all the competitors had to use in their makeup game. The eyeliner had released on the 31st of January of this year and it is a reformulation to create better and easier wings! The new formula allows the ink to dry faster on the skin, 18 hours of long-lasting wear and maintains an intense colour! It can be purchased at any Shu Uemura Counter at David Jones for $68 AUD.

Each of the makeup artists had to demonstrate an unique and artistic way of using the eyeliner on each of their models and here are the final results after 30 minutes of intense, creative, hard-work!

Winning Look

There were over 70 entries into the competition and over carefully and thorough consideration over all the applicants and the final decision over the makeup artist candidates, the judges had chosen... Julie Tran!

Shu Uemura has been pushing the limits when it comes to makeup and Julie had perfectly did the job with her edgy, yet wearable eye-look. She had won a trip to Tokyo for 5 nights and a makeup masterclass in Tokyo lead by Shu Uemura's International artistic director - Kakuyasu Uchiide. She also got $3000 RRP worth of Shu Uemura products! Lucky girl!

"This is the first makeup artist competition I have ever entered and I can't believe I won! I'd like to thank Shu Uemura for this amazing opportunity!" 

Each of the competitors had put in their best efforts and I really could say it was a close call. All the looks had given Shu Uemura a difficult time to make a decision. I couldn't even perfect my wings and these ladies made it seem like a breeze. Congratulations to all the ladies!

Here is a few shots of the event;

It was such a great experience to see first hand the amazing work a makeup artist can really do - with the cut-edge styles and demonstrations of creating different eyeliner looks.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. I was personally invited by Sarah Humphries and I had attended on my own accord. I was not compensated or endorsed in any way or manner. Everything about this post is 100% genuine and unbiased. 

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