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Becca Cosmetics Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation and Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme Review*

For those BECCA Cosmetics lovers out there, they have done you justice. They have recently released out their Aqua Luminous Foundation, and now the Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme has just launched online on the Sephora Australia website. They both perform magnificently on the skin and guarantees perfection on the skin!

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Do you love a dewy finish, full coverage and something light on the skin? Look no further! This foundation is just nature's gift to give you that natural luminosity and glow. It claims to be "water-light" on the skin and is able to even and perfect your complexion. It has a watery consistency allowing the work of blending and buffing to be very easy. The foundation, itself, contains 32% water which the skin can highly appreciate. It also consists of other skin benefits such as anti-aging properties, skin brightening effects and a boost of hydration. It is free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates, which we can all be grateful for. 

The Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation comes in 8 flexible shades that covers all skin tones and the shade that I own is in Beige, which is the third lightest shade in the range. 

This foundation is so light-weight, and yet the littlest amount can cover redness, light blemishes and slightly cover freckles/sun spots. The more product you dispense on your face, the more dewy and luminous your face will appear. It is very buildable and you can achieve a natural, subtle, soft-focus glow to a medium-high coverage, intense glowy look - this foundation caters to both.  What I love most about this foundation is that it does not settle into fine line, it does not crease or cake up and it just provides such a youthful radiance to my complexion. However, this foundation requires you to at least set it with powder or else it will transfer or fade throughout the day. But even when you set it with powder, the glow will still remain. 

There is little to nothing on the market that has this kind of dewy finish. This foundation can cater to anyone, but especially to those with dry/flakey skin, normal to combination/dry skin, as the moisturising formula would add hydration and enhance and help your skin to look better for the day.

One of the other great things about this foundation is its packaging! The liquid is encased in a frosted-glass bottle that has a plastic cap that is also a dropper. You turn the cap lightly and the centre of the cap will reveal and you push it to suck up product into the dropper. You continue to turn the cap and it will open the cap out of the bottle so that you can use the dropper. To release product from the dropper, you press on the centre of the cap. It is such an innovative, unique and hygienic way of dispensing foundation. Absolutely love it!

Between each application, this foundation needs to be shaken well - considering it is water-based. It is best used with a buffing or a stippling brush, a beauty blender should only be used to further blend out the product, not to place it on. The foundation lasts up to 6-9 hours of wear without separating or wearing off. It is such a great and luxurious-feeling foundation. If you want that special boy to notice you across the room, be flawless and glowing with this foundation! It retails for $60-70 AUD ($44 USD) containing 30 mL (1 fl. oz.). 

Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme

This concealer is going to be my best friend for the next time I need something to cover that ugly zit or random hyperpigmentation. It covers so much with little to no effort. It has a thicker consistency than most concealers but it incredibly creamy, making it suitable for all skin types. 

The concealer contains emollients for a natural to full-coverage finish that does not crease or settle in fine lines. It has such high concentrations of pigmentation that it covers the worst of the worst. A pimple? No problem! A scar? Piece of Cake! Dark Circles? No worries! This concealer definitely can cover it all, including redness as well. It has the very slightest tacky feel on application, but once blended, it does not remain this way. It becomes almost undetectable by the naked eye once on. 

It is a thick, creamy and smooth cream that is just perfect for all weathers! It is very long-wearing and I can safely say, it is even sweat-proof. I had used this to both correct the undereye area, as well as other areas where I needed help and this concealer did an amazing job at doing so. It covered every little thing. The formula is not drying and feels like nothing on your skin. However, I would not recommend using this concealer to highlight, as it would require a little more effort to blend. This concealer I would purely use to just correct my problem areas, such as redness, blemishes, dark circles and so on. 

It creates such a flawless and skin-like finish that you can use it perfectly on its own. I love how it has a satin finish that just blends so well. It is the "ultimate" concealer! There are 12 wide available shades that you can purchase from exclusively on Sephora retailing for $50 AUD ($32 USD). Yes, it is definitely pricey for a concealer, but what is the price for something that can hide all your imperfections, withstand through all weathers and suits all skin tones. Most concealers won't cater to the changes in your environment and will still do its job no less than perfect. 

The shade that I own is in "Macadamia", which is the 5th lightest shade in the range. There are both warm tone, and cool tone shades, as well as some with yellow and pink undertones. Becca Cosmetics has really put in the effort to satisfy a wider range of people. 

Each concealer comes in a glass pot, similar to those found for gel liners. It also has the classic Becca lid, sticking to the theme of things. Each pot contains 4.5 g / 0.16 fl. oz. of product, which is a lot in my opinion, considering that a little of this can cover a lot. It can be used with both a brush and with your fingers. For areas you need the most coverage, I suggest using your finger to dab on the product to your problem areas and use a brush to lightly blend the edges into your skin, especially under the eye. For spot concealing, you can use a small tapered brush to apply on your skin and use a sponge or finger to blend the product. Do not rub the product, as the coverage would not be present, either tap or dab the product on, only. It is suggested to be paired with the brightening concealer or a colour correct for absolute perfection! To prolong the wear of this concealer, you can set it with a translucent/invisible powder, especially those with super oily skin. But I honestly didn't find the need to. 

Go grab your suitable shade at your nearest Sephora Store or on-line at Feel free to give me a comment below if you have any question about any products mentioned below or tell me how you feel about it. 

Disclaimer: It was gifted to me by a friend to try. This however, does not mean I was sponsored or compensated for this review. These are all my genuine thoughts. All products were personally tested and reviewed by based on my own experiences. 

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