Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Switch!

'Biscuits & Makeup' will be making the switch from Wordpress to Blogger starting as of now! The reason for this is that Wordpress doesn't allow me the flexibility I wanted to grow the potential and development of my blog. I wanted to expand and provide my readers a more pleasant experience, and be happy for the amount of time you are here. 

Biscuits & Makeup will still remain on Wordpress for the mean time, as I am still in the process of transferring my work from there to here. So if you still want to read some of my old work @ biscuitsnmakeup.wordpress.com, just click here

Be assured that the quality of my work will remain improved continually and nothing else will change - just the location. I will, now, be uploading my new posts onto this platform and this will be my permanent location and I will link my old work from Wordpress if I need to reference an old product until everything has been completely transferred. 

Thankyou for your patience guys! I hope you like the new look, as I am quite happy with it!
Be sure to check out my instagram for more updates @ biscuitsnmakeup.

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