Friday, February 05, 2016

The "BooHoo" Initiative!*

Now every year, we always make those promises to ourselves that we almost immediately give up on. It's either eating right, exercising consistently, or just being organised, we just fall back into old habits! This year I wanted to call the shots and decided that things will be better! No, really! I mean it!

I took the initiative with Boohoo, which is an online clothing retailer that caters to the fashionable person, with an affordable price tag. Boohoo had launched in 2006 and have been a great success in their e-tailer business. They provide for both men and women and are always on top of their game when it came to fashion. Their philosophy on fashion is simple, yet top-edge. They showcase clothing styles from casual to sleep, trendy to comfy, to suit everyone for any style of wear.

Boohoo is a multiple award-winning British online fashion retailer. They're expanding daily, and have a significant presence in over 10 countries, launching 150 new products everyday and a new trend launching every week! Incredibly impressive!

This year, I decided I wanted to get rid of my comfy trackies and my hoodies and be more fashionable and yet myself, just to see if I would even last the month! And I did! Boohoo had asked me to take part in their "New Year Resolution' Campaign and I just couldn't say no. I am working with the best, so why not?

My goal was to dress in a way that would make me look presentable, yet I don't feel exhausted to the point that I want to tear my clothes off the second I get home. I wanted to be comfortable, yet look good doing so. So I picked these three staple items that would get me through any day of the week, and let me be... just me.

These included the following -

1. The Brooke Eyelash Lace Cross Over Cami
2. The Emma High-Waisted, Side-Zip Skinny Jeans
3. The Zoe Zip Front Utility Mini Skirt

Now let me tell you what I did with these items;

The lace on this singlet was just the perfect line of fashionable, yet casual. It went along with every outfit, jacket, bottoms, you name it! It was so low maintenance. You did not have to think twice about this singlet, because you know you would look good every time, no matter what body figure you have. The elastic waist was a good touch to the singlet, as it gave some definition to my body. Absolutely loved this piece!

Another staple that I choose! Yes, you must be thinking... mini skirt? Really? Let me tell you, I am 1.55cm tall, so really a mini-skirt is a normal skirt to a short person. Now this skirt had so many functions. It acted as a formal skirt to my meetings and it acted like an informal wear for dinners with friends. It literally let me wear it anywhere! The detailing on this skirt was surprisingly nice - it's not plain, nor too fancy, so you can easily dress this skirt up or down depending on the top that you wear. The details won't clash with anything that you choose so it's perfect to be as a staple.

Last, but not least, a good staple pair of jeans! Yes! Now we all know, every girl, man, child, aunty, uncle... needs a good pair of jeans. And I had found mine for this year! I am obsessed with skinny jeans since it was introduced to me in high school. It was just the best thing that had happened since I even knew what fashion was. These pair of jeans are high-waisted and have little to no detailing, which is a good thing in my books for jeans. It compliments any outfit and any accessory or bag. It allows your legs to look slimmer. You can pair this up with a simple singlet, with a kimono or with a leather fabric crop top. The possibilities are endless!

These three items truly helped being out the fashionista in me and helped me see that I can be creative and fashionable without compromising my comfort. Boohoo's brand is all about that everyday lifestyle for the everyday person. You can be the best you and be happy and that's how I felt the whole month of January. I felt a little more motivated to be outside and show off what my Mumma gave me and I was happy doing so. I urge you guys to do it too and see what a little effort or a piece of clothing can do for you!

I was not paid or sponsored to talk about these clothing items. This is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. All the clothing items were gifted to me as a post to contribute to their campaign. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word - based on my own experiences. Please note that some of these items may not be found on their website anymore, as BooHoo is constantly changing to keep up with trends and bring out new products to their customers. Sorry if this is of inconvenience to you. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 


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