Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tarte Cosmetics 'Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette' in Bloom Review!

The palettes of all palettes! What better way to start blogging again by reviewing a beautiful eyeshadow palette! The original Tartelette palette had hit the beauty community by storm when they released one of the first, best, all-matte, high end palette. Now Tarte Cosmetics have released out into the world, its younger sister, the Tartelette Bloom Palette. It was available since November, 2015. This palette, I have to say, is one of my most used palettes as of late. The packaging, the quality, the shades... everything about this palette got me mesmerised!

As you may have seen on my instagram @biscuitsnmakeup, I had been flaunting this beautiful palette for a while and now I can fully tell you why.

For most people, they had jumped to the presumption that the next palette will also be another version of an all-matte palette with different shades. But this is much far from it. There is a good mix of shimmers, mattes and satin shades and proves to be a sister, not a twin. And this time to my luck, it is a much warmer palette in comparison to the original Tartelette palette. There is little to almost no cool tone shades. Though this is a definite win for me.

The thought into designing the packaging was outstanding, despite in my opinion not being that travel friendly. However, the outside layout is a little out-of-theme in comparison to the shades. When I think of the word 'Bloom', I imagine reds, pinks, peaches, mauves, purples and the occasional yellow and orange. This palette didn't really fit that image, but nonetheless, I love the vibrant colours with the floral design and how the packaging just beckons me to reach for it every time I have a chance to put on makeup.

This palette includes 12 phenomenal shades that range between natural browns and neutral-warmer shades. It is priced $45 USD for 0.63o oz. 17 grams. These shades are from top to bottom, left to right;
  • Charmer (off white) - awesome shade for highlighting the brow bone
  • Jetsetter (warm taupe) - great universal transitional shade
  • Rocker (shimmering taupe)
  • Smokeshow (black brown) - one of the great shades for deepening the crease
  • Flower Child (peachy nude)
  • Smarty Pants (tan)
  • Firecracker (bronze copper)
  • Activist (dark brown)
  • Funny Girl (champagne) - Best shade for the ultimate shimmer on the lids
  • Sweetheart (peach)
  • Rebel (chestnut brown) - Great Intermediate shade to deepen the crease or outer V.
  • Leader (aubergine)
All of the shades are highly pigmented, smooth and very buildable. Not one shade is a disappointment or an outlier, which is very impressive in a palette. There is nothing missing in this palette. It has everything you need to make a million looks.

You do not need an eyeshadow primer, or fix plus to create intense colours out of these (as you can see from the swatches). They work perfectly on their own. And another great thing about the quality of these shades is that they kept on the lids for a good 7 hours before I noticed any fading. It is an incredible palette for everyone. Whether you are picking your first eyeshadow palette or a professional, this palette would be of good use to you, especially those with warm undertones.
When you see this palette, you cannot help but compare the quality of the Bloom Palette to the original palette. In the original palette, there were a lot more cool-tone shades, which had a sheerer and larger variety of colours but could never really fulfil an entire look in that one palette, whereas, the Bloom Palette easily can as there is a mix of finishes. Depending on what you need in your collection, I personally would have more use out of the Bloom palette as I don't reach for cool-tone shades as much. Both palettes have their pros and are both great palettes to own.

There is so little to no fault in this palette and I am so glad I was able to grab my hands on this baby. It is religiously being used one way or another and I am very much enjoying the high quality performance of this palette. If you live in Australia, I do not know when this palette will hit the shelves of Sephora, but I will keep you guys updated if I hear of anything. You can purchase this using a third party forwarding service such as shipito, shop and box... etc to get your hands on this palette earlier, rather than later.

As always, thanks for tuning in!


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