Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Zoeva Cosmetics Spectrum Collection Palettes!

The Zoeva Cosmetics Spectrum Collection has released and they were not messing around when they made these palettes, along with new brushes as well! These palettes are just incredible and I don’t say this lightly, but you neeeeeeeeeedddddddd these palettes in your life!

If you are following me on my Instagram @biscuitsnmakeup, you would have seen me flaunting the new Zoeva Cosmetics Spectrum Collection Palettes. They have just recently released are are up for grabs at the Zoeva Cosmetics website now! It costs 35 EURO (approx. $55.24 AUD) for each eyeshadow palette and 17.80 EUR (approx. $28.10 AUD) for each blush palette. As you can see, they are not just cult product at the moment, but they are also AFFORDABLE! There are three new releases of the eyeshadow palette – cool, warm and nude and three new releases of the blush palettes as well – coral, pink and nude.

Each palette is covered in a matte black, rubber-like cover that feels incredibly luxurious and lightweight. There is a holographic line that bisects vertically down the centre which suits the theme of “spectrum” very nicely! These palettes truly demonstrate their concept and provide such a wide variety of colours for both the eyeshadows and blushes. There is a rose-gold imprint on each palette, just adding onto the exquisite design. There is one flaw. Their choice in material absolutely give Zoeva’s customers what they pay for, but it tends to easily get dirty with eyeshadow remnants or smears. This over time, does makes the palettes look more worn out. But honestly, the qualities of these palettes compensates for this.
Nude Spectrum - "an assortment of earth-toned and subtle sandy shades, including browns, golds, bronzes and copper hues, reflecting on the image of the Sahara Desert.
Warm Spectrum - "a range of matte and shimmering ash browns, rock greys, terracotta and lava shades"
The quality of these palettes are beyond this world! They are pigmented, incredibly smooth and buttery! The blendability of these eyeshadows are just phenomenal, as it takes little to no effort to diffuse the colour onto your lid space. They are said to have ‘Ultra-micronized eyeshadow formula’ that allows the smooth texture and the easy application of product on to the eyes. In my opinion, these palettes takes the topping of the cake. They are just better quality than the other palettes that Zoeva has released already.
There are a total of 15 shades (each containing 1.5g of product) in each palette with a good range of satin, metallic and matte shades that cater to the different areas of application on the lid space. There are a few duochromes spotted in some of the palettes, particularly in the warm palette, the top 3rd and 5th shade. They are absolutely beautiful and can be comparable to Makeup Geek Duochrome Pigments in Wildfire and Insomnia, respectively. Now the problem with the palettes are, there is no name but rather “codes” for each eyeshadow pan and for a beauty blogger, it’s hard for me to reference what are what.

In the blush palettes, they are just as phenomenal as the eyeshadow palettes. There are four blush pans in each palette (containing about 3.8g of product) with a 4.2cm in diameter and are about the average size of a blush pan you would get. These powders have both a matte and satin finish, with micro-shimmers embedded in the bottom two shades. They are very easy to apply and a little goes a very long way! So be careful with how much product you pick up with your brush.
This particular palette is best suited for medium to warm skintones, and best worn during the spring where bright shades are most appreciated. I absolutely love the first shade in the second row. It is just the true coral that you could wear for any natural flush of colour or a sophisticated look during the summer or spring, perfect for us Australians now.

Honestly, Zoeva Cosmetics has outdone themselves with the releases of the Spectrum Collection. They are affordable, sleek, luxurious and high quality products. They range from cool tones to warm tones and give their consumers the nude option for the everyday wear. The velvet and buttery textures just add so much satisfaction to the experience of using the palette and every time you use it, you have this de ja vu of joy lavish on your lids. These palettes are truly stunning and are well over worth your buck!
The Zoeva Cosmetics Spectrum Collection will release soon at Sephora.com.au, some time this year but for now, it is available on Zoeva Cosmetics website @ www.zoeva-shop.de or on BeautyBay.com!

I was not paid or sponsored to talk about these products. This is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word - based on my own experiences. All the products were purchased with my own money. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 
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