Friday, February 12, 2016

Favourites: Ep 1!

This first episode of favourites is surprisingly spread out products - from the base to the lips! These products have been continuously been used and loved throughout a considerable amount of time and a little bit before then and then some. All these products have no faults and are so reliable! I don't always wear a full face of makeup, but I just add a little bit here and there to at least look presentable for the day and these were what I always picked up.


Left to Right: IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light, Morphe Cosmetics M527 Brush

I believe a flawless base is what ties all of the other elements together. Having a good canvas to work on makes the makeup look that much better and with the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream in Light and the Morphe M527 Brush made my makeup routine look more natural and flawless!

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light

This CC cream is the perfect base to use for everyday, not only does it even out the colour of your skintone, conceals your imperfections, and give you a natural finish to the skin, but it also provides skincare benefits as well! It has an SPF+ 50 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB, which will protect you from the Australian Summer and it contains an anti-aging serum that will prevent wrinkles! Truly a CC cream that does it all, ladies!

Another great quality to this product is that, even though there are only 5 shades in the range, the formula slightly adjusts to your skintone. Hence, the colour range is quite forgiving in a sense. I had purchased this at Sephora, last November for $58-$60 AUD. The price is quite high for a CC cream, but it is well over its worth! A little goes a long way and since I have been using this for everyday, I only apply the lightest layer on my skin to just even the colour of my skin, especially around the nose where there is a lot of redness and brighten up my dark areas.

Morphe Cosmetics M527 Brush

There is a lot of hype when it comes to this brush. Desi Perkins, Kim Thai Nguyen, Manny MUA, all rave about this one brush and I didn't understand why until I got to try it on for myself! It makes bronzing, powdering, blushing and even setting a treat! You get an easy, fast and effortless application on the face. Just a few swipes and you're done! 

It is a domed, flat paddle brush that has a lot of give. It has soft, white bristles that is very gentle on the skin. The shape of this one brush makes it so versatile for so many purposes, but I personally love it for bronzing up the face. The fact that it is flat, makes it easier to sculpt out the jawline and travel across the forehead for an easy application. This brush has been a try life saver in the bronzing department and for the price of $22.54 AUD, you just can't go wrong!


If you have been wondering what I keep my brows on fleek, you don't need to wonder anymore. Here are my secret weapons! These three products have been a total godsend! I very rarely leave the house without my eyebrows on - and it's not because I am self-conscious of my brows, but I just love putting them on.

Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus in Brown

This is a triangular-shaped tip brow pencil that has a strong-hold gel on the other end. This duo pen is just the perfect item for travel or for the on-the-go application. What I love most about this product is that the tip of the pencil is always angled and always gives you a point. 

You can create thin brow or a thick brow depending on which side of the pencil you use and it caters to any brow style that you are in the mood for. The formula is not too creamy, nor too dry and it is waterproof. The pencil allows you to draw on your brow hairs with ease and it still looks very natural. Depending on the pressure you draw on your brows, you can add on the light or heavy strokes and it will still look great!

There are four available shades - blonde, dirty blonde, brown, brown/black - which cater to the majority of people, but I still wish there was more variety. Each product is priced at $34 AUD which includes an eco-packaged collectible tin with a mirror inside. In my opinion, you are getting a 2 for 1 deal on this product, with an included tin that you could use for storage or travel. Great product! 

Rodial Glamobrow in Ash Brown*

I did not expect to like this brow pencil so much. It had just looked like any other brow pencil on the market. What I love about this product is that it allowed me to make my brows look good on a bad day. No matter what weather or event I was in, I could really count on my brows to still be on because it is smear-proof, long-wearing and to my experience, water-resistant as well! It has a soft, semi-creamy texture that is buildable and easy to work with. 

The pencil is retractable and has a small tip to really create those thin hairs, especially at the tail of your brows. At the other end of the pencil, there is a spoolie to help shape and brush out excess product off your brows. There are 3 shades available - ash blonde, ash brown, dark ash brown. Again with this product, I wish there were more variety to play with, but lucky for me my hairs suited the shade selection. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows Duo Powder in Dark Brown*

I had previously reviewed this product over in my old blog site at I absolutely loved used this for that lazy sunday kind of day. This product makes putting on your brows look like a work of art! It is very pigmented and buildable. The powders are very smooth, easy to blend and it looks very natural to your brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills knows how the brows work and you cannot go wrong with it comes to her products. 

In each compact, there are two shades for your brows - one lighter and dark shade. The two shades are to help you refine the shape of your brows so that it looks the most natural and flattering. So with these two shades, you are able to create a gradient brow by adding the brighter shade to the front of the brow where you have the least amount of hair and the dark shade towards the tail or bald spots to add more depth. The compact also includes a small mirror, which is handy to have making this product perfect for travel. There are 10 shades to choose from, being $39 AUD for each. 


If you have been following me on my instagram, it would come to no surprise why I had been using these products religiously in the month of January. I am beyond in love with each of these and for good reason! They perform so well every time I use it and I just keep coming back for more. 

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette in Bloom 

I honestly don't need to justify much for this palette. It's pigmented, buildable, buttery, smooth, what is there not to love? There is a great variety of shades for the warm-tone lovers and there are different finishes as well, rather than just having the all matte palette. After you have swatched this palette of heaven, you won't need any other palette. I have been using this non-stop and I just can't put it down. If you want to know more, click here for my full review and swatches on this gorgeous palette.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

This was another product that I did not expect to love as much as I did in the month of January. I bought it home because it was recommended to me by a friend. I have previously tried the Smokey Eye Mascara by Bobbi Brown before and had loved the formula and the brush was small which I loved. So what shocked me the most about this mascara was that the brush was a lot larger than what I am used to. I have small set eyes and clumsy hands, so this worried me a little. 

After some time getting used to the brush and using this mascara, I had become totally smitten with it. This mascara has only been released for a few months and it has said to provide ...

"high-impact and high-drama in the blink of an eye. The revolutionary jumbo brush fans and pushes lashes up and out, while the rich, carbon-black formula intensely thickens, curls and lifts lashes from root to tip for the ultimate eye opening effect."

This mascara not only gives lift, volume and length to my non-existent lashes, but it also maintains my curl as well! It lasts up to more than 7 hours and it does not transfer nor move. The large brush, if you are careful, covers a lot of your lashes, giving an even coating and minimises the chances of clumping. But honestly, I applied 3 coats to really put this mascara to the test, and there was still none! The formula of Bobbi Brown Mascaras are just phenomenal! 

Kat Von D Beauty Metal Crush Individual Eyeshadow in Thunderstruck

There are 11 shades in the Metal Crush range and the one that I have and love is in the shade "Thunderstruck". Thunderstruck is a metallic pearl shade with slight pink and silver undertones - almost like a duochrome shadow. I picked up this shade is because I had never had the experience of putting a pearly shade on my lids without using fix plus to intensify the colour. One swatch of this and you can really see the strong vibrance of colour popping on your lids. Not only it is pigmented with a load of colour, but it also softens and smoothes the look on your eyes. The eyeshadow is very buttery, smooth and creamy to the touch and leaves behind such a beautiful finish. 

I use this shade in particular on the inner corners to open up my eyes and brighten them up or I use it all over my lids putting on a sheer layer for a day time wear. This shade is just beautiful for any occasion and has been my absolute go-to for the month of January!

Nudestix Sheer Eye Colour in Stardust

I had bought this pencil a few months back at Sephora because I felt like trying something new and Nudestix was new to me. It was a company that I had only just heard of and wanted to try something that I could put my trust in. And I was right to do so. 

This Sheer Eye Colour Pencil is duo ended where the product is on one side and the pointed, semi-hard sponge applicator is on the other. This pencil is a powder pencil that can act as an eyeshadow for all over the lids, an eyeliner or a highlighting pencil for your cheeks, brow bone or eyes. The possibilities of this pencil is just remarkable - similarly like their other products as well. 

It has a satin finish, but this particular shade "Stardust" is a a rose-tone pearl shade that has a natural iridescent sheen to it.  The product is very easy to blend and very much buildable. Once set on the lids, it does not move! You can wash your face while it is still on your face and it will still glow on your skin. The ability of this product enhancing the colour of my lid space is just amazing. You can apply it with the pencil and blend it with your finger for a sheer colour or you can tap it on your lids for a more intense colour. This product is so easy to use that I just do a few swipes and my eyeshadow is done for the day. 

There are 8 shades to choose from and they retail for $31 AUD including the tin and a quality sharpener. You won't find anything like this on the market that can do so much with just one pencil. 

Kat Von D Ink Eyeliners in Black and Brown

I had bought the trio-set during the Christmas season, finding it was the perfect chance to try Kat Von D eyeliners due to the huge hype on Youtube. Yes, Youtube does make me buy a lot of things but I always do my research first before putting my money down. 

Its sister the "Tattoo Liner" was a hit sensation and this had initially sparked my interest if it would perform just as well. 

I had started hating the applicator as it was too stiff and hard to use, as I normally dislike using felt-tipped eyeliners. I much prefer calligraphy like brushes which gives me more flexibility with my strokes and such. But over time, I had learnt how to use it and it grew on me and I had started to use it more and more. It is very rich in colour and it lasts all day! It gives so much drama to your eyes and totally changes how your eyes look which is great! It does not feather into my fine lines and it gives such a smooth application. It is said to be fade and feather proof and has a long wear, which in my experience has been so true! I highly recommend these eyeliners, as they are reliable and long-wearing!


I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks and for me to recommend four this month is an absolute shocker. But these lipsticks have performed really well on my lips and have surprised me at how much I had wanted to come back to use these products. 

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Berry A La Mode*

January was full of surprises and this was just another one that I found to really love. The Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick is just sensational and is very under-rated! The formula of this lipstick is intensely moisturising to the lips, while providing a sheer to dramatic colour to your lips. It is very comfortable to wear all day and does not make your lips crave for moisture from wear. It said to smooth the appearance of fine lines on your lips and the glossy finish makes your lips look fuller and more luscious. I am very impressed with what Mary Kay has produced with this product. Not only is the product is great, I am also in love with the packaging. It feels so incredibly luxurious and high-end - something that motivates you to constantly wear it everyday! 

The shade that I got was Berry A La Mode which is a berry-wine shade, but would vary from person to person. I would wear this lightly over the lips for a sheer wash of colour for the day time, for everyday wear. Just a great lipstick, overall. It retails for $28 AUD and there are 13 shades to choose from and there is a great range as well, meaning there is a colour for everyone, with any skintone. 

Dose of Colours Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Truffle and Stone

I had purchased these when I attended IMATS, Sydney last November and DOC was the first store that I bolted for and for good reason. These Liquid Matte Lipsticks are by far the best formulated lipsticks I have ever tried. It is comfortable to wear all day, it is crazy rich in colour, it is full coverage, incredibly smooth and creamy to apply and it does not flake or crack on the lips. 

Ladies, it is no longer a matter if you need these, but a matter of when will you get these! You definitely need these in your life as the texture and formula of these liquid lipsticks are just beautiful. These products product a semi-matte to matte finish on the lips. There is a doe-foot applicator for easy application and each product are contained in a frosted plastic tube with a white plastic lid, which I find to be so eye-catching. Anna did such a great job with her line of lipsticks and I cannot wait to grab some more!

Nudestix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in Belle*

Just recently I had reviewed the Nudestix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil Range on my blog and gave you my full in-depth insights on the products, with swatches. Now favourite shade from the range has got to be 'Belle'. I know 'Purity' is the hot favourite in the beauty community, but Belle is my bae. Belle is described to be a plum, neutral nude shade that fits well into the Kylie Jenner Trend. This particular shade suits almost every skin tone and just looks good for whatever occasion. 

You don't have to worry about this product wearing off because you can trust that it won't go anywhere once it has set on your lips. The pencils are very soft, creamy and smooth to apply and it won't dry or flake your lips. It is said to be water-proof, smudge-proof and is non-feathering. I had worn this for well-over 8 hours and the intensity and coverage of the colour has still remained on my lips. 

I had rarely used this pencil as a blusher as I don't normally wear blush on a normal day. Because this does not mean it does not perform well as a blush. It does it's job and throughout the day, I found that this product had still given me colour on my cheeks. Absolutely great product to have in your purse. 

There are 8 shades available and each pencil costs $39 AUD in-stores at Sephora, exclusively. I would rush into stores and grab your favourite shade in the range, as they are selling out fast in stores. 


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Top 5 Lipsticks for Valentine's Day!

Stumped on what lipstick to wear on Valentine's Day? Look no further! Here are some of my favourite choices and suggestions to suit the occasion for both day and night, casual and glam! Honestly, if you don't have that special someone, treat yourself to the day anyways - because you should love you first!

My Over-Whelming Amount of Choices

So we know that Valentine's Day is coming up in just under a week. And to be honest with with you guys, I have no clue what I'm doing yet but already thinking about what makeup look I wanna put on. So I thought to do to do this post to help me and help you decide on what to wear on your lips for the day of love and romance! In this post, there will be a mixture of different lipsticks that would cater to a day-time or night-time look! Looking at the picture above, I had so many choices and it was just beyond difficult for me to choose which one. If I could, I would wear all of them at once. But no further ado, here are some of my top lippy suggestions for Valentine's day.

1# Laura Mercier Lip Parfait in 'Amaretto Swirl'

Let's start off with my Holy Grail Lipstick! This lip parfait does not disappoint in any way! The formula to this lipstick is just incredible for all lips! I have quite sensitive, slightly dry lips and these are very comfortable to wear throughout the day. The Laura Mercier Lip Parfait are a 3in1 type of lipstick that gives the pigmentation of a regular lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss and the moisturising comfort of lip balm! It is creamy, smooth and vibrant!

I own the shade 'Amaretto Swirl', which is described as a light, pinkish-beige. On my lips, it acts as a pink nude that compliments any eye look that I feel in the mood for. If all fails, I have a habit of reaching for this, as it's always with me no matter the occasion. It's just the perfect lipstick that truly does it all!

2# ColourPop Lippy Stixs

Colourpop gives you so many options when it comes to lippy shades. They have nudes, pinks, mauves, berries, reds, purples... they just have every shade under the rainbow. So I narrowed it down to two particular shades that would look great during the day-time.

Left: Frida (satin)
Right: Bound (glossy)

The formula to these Colourpop stix are just unexpected considering their price. It is creamy, easy to apply and non-drying! There are different finishes, including matte, satin and glossy but in particular, Frida has a satin finish and Bound has a glossy finish. Frida is more suited for a day-time look, while Bound is more wearable for a night-time date. But really, this is just my preferences.

The satin finish stixs are described as a full-coverage, long-wearing and smooth. It provides the lips with a hydrating feeling with a slight shine on the lips. It is very comfortable to wear, but it does slightly transfer - same with the gloss finishes.

The gloss finish stix are different, as they are only medium coverage, moisturising and very buttery on application. It provides the lips with a natural gloss and makes the lips look plumper and have more definition.

Now what's also great about these lippies is that you can create the ombre lips as they blend very nicely while it is setting on the lips. So you have a lot of playtime on application. These stix are just the answers to girls' on a budget, but want to look glam and gorgeous on the day.

3# NudeStix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencils

Now girls, you know I had to mention the NudeStix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek pencils - because right now, these miracle pencils are my everything! They're creamy, smooth, full of vibrance, pigmented and long-wearing! If you would like to know more about these Lip Pencils and see other shades, click here. If you want something reliable, looks good, non-drying and transfer and smudge-free, this is your lipstick!

The shades are described as;
Belle - plum, neutral nude shade
Royal - a classic bold red, almost vintage
Stiletto - red-hot, bright cool-toned red shade

Left to Right: Belle, Stiletto, Royal

I choose these three shades out of the seven I have in my collection is because 'Belle' is just that perfect shade to tie down a bold look, particularly the intense black smokey eye. You want the draw most of the attention to the eyes, while having a lipstick that compliments and bring everything together. But if you're going for a neutral/natural eye look but want some drama, then royal and stiletto would be perfect for just that.

4# L'Oreal Paris New Infallible Matte Fix Lippies

These have not been released yet, but I wanted to include them in this post because they will be releasing later this month and hopefully you guys can grab your hands on these before Valentine's Day, as they're amazing! They are nothing you have seen on the market as L'Oreal have changed the game of lipsticks and have created a powder technology pigment that provides the lips with a subtle to intense pop of colour.

Left to Right: 006 Disturbia, 004 Oops I did it Again, 001 Silenco

It is long-wearing, matte and pigmented! The sponge tip applicator makes it easy to create a lot of different styled lip looks and effects, such as the ombre, gradient or high-intense colour. You can even create sheer wash of colour over the lips by applying less pressure onto the lips. It claims to have a 10-hour wear and is formulated so that it also transfer-proof!

There are 6 shades releasing in-stores later this month and will be priced at $23.95 a stick. I am absolutely in love with 'Silenco' for everyday, but the other shades are just beautiful as well! These are just phenomenal, but wish they had a wider colour range.

5# Maybelline Colour Blur Matte Pencils

The NEW Maybelline Colour Blur Pencils are bringing on a new level of creamy! The duo-ended pencils can create an infinite amount of looks and you can even create different effects with them, very easily! When applying it on the lips, it feels very creamy and soft to the touch. While it is wet, it allows you to smudge it across the lips with the white, soft plastic applicator for a sheer blurred to intense bold lip. If you don't like the plastic smudge, use your finger and will just do the same. Once dried, it gives the lips such a beautiful and vibrant colour that stains.

For a day time look, you can create the classic asian inner gradient lip where you would dab some of the product on the inner part of your lips and use the smudger to blend the colour outward. This would give such a youthful, innocent and subtle hint of colour to your look.

Alternatively, you can create a bold intense matte look and use the smudger to smooth out the product across the lips. Let it settle on the lips for a minute or two and it will give such a strong colour to your overall makeup.

There are 8 vivid, pigmented shades in the range;

Left to Right: Pink Insanity, Fast & Fuchsia, Berry Misbehaved, Orange Ya Glad, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, Partner to Crimson, Plum Please, I like to Mauve It
The names are just so creatively made! Love it!

These do not streak, nor do they feather on the lips. You will see from the swatches that they have a strong colour payoff and vibrance with full coverage with one swatch. Absolutely another great lip product for the average girl on a budget!

So, I hope this mini suggestion post will help you reach a decision on what lip you want to put on for your date, or just a glam night with your best girlfriends!

Happy Valentine's Day in advance, beauties!


Friday, February 05, 2016

The "BooHoo" Initiative!*

Now every year, we always make those promises to ourselves that we almost immediately give up on. It's either eating right, exercising consistently, or just being organised, we just fall back into old habits! This year I wanted to call the shots and decided that things will be better! No, really! I mean it!

I took the initiative with Boohoo, which is an online clothing retailer that caters to the fashionable person, with an affordable price tag. Boohoo had launched in 2006 and have been a great success in their e-tailer business. They provide for both men and women and are always on top of their game when it came to fashion. Their philosophy on fashion is simple, yet top-edge. They showcase clothing styles from casual to sleep, trendy to comfy, to suit everyone for any style of wear.

Boohoo is a multiple award-winning British online fashion retailer. They're expanding daily, and have a significant presence in over 10 countries, launching 150 new products everyday and a new trend launching every week! Incredibly impressive!

This year, I decided I wanted to get rid of my comfy trackies and my hoodies and be more fashionable and yet myself, just to see if I would even last the month! And I did! Boohoo had asked me to take part in their "New Year Resolution' Campaign and I just couldn't say no. I am working with the best, so why not?

My goal was to dress in a way that would make me look presentable, yet I don't feel exhausted to the point that I want to tear my clothes off the second I get home. I wanted to be comfortable, yet look good doing so. So I picked these three staple items that would get me through any day of the week, and let me be... just me.

These included the following -

1. The Brooke Eyelash Lace Cross Over Cami
2. The Emma High-Waisted, Side-Zip Skinny Jeans
3. The Zoe Zip Front Utility Mini Skirt

Now let me tell you what I did with these items;

The lace on this singlet was just the perfect line of fashionable, yet casual. It went along with every outfit, jacket, bottoms, you name it! It was so low maintenance. You did not have to think twice about this singlet, because you know you would look good every time, no matter what body figure you have. The elastic waist was a good touch to the singlet, as it gave some definition to my body. Absolutely loved this piece!

Another staple that I choose! Yes, you must be thinking... mini skirt? Really? Let me tell you, I am 1.55cm tall, so really a mini-skirt is a normal skirt to a short person. Now this skirt had so many functions. It acted as a formal skirt to my meetings and it acted like an informal wear for dinners with friends. It literally let me wear it anywhere! The detailing on this skirt was surprisingly nice - it's not plain, nor too fancy, so you can easily dress this skirt up or down depending on the top that you wear. The details won't clash with anything that you choose so it's perfect to be as a staple.

Last, but not least, a good staple pair of jeans! Yes! Now we all know, every girl, man, child, aunty, uncle... needs a good pair of jeans. And I had found mine for this year! I am obsessed with skinny jeans since it was introduced to me in high school. It was just the best thing that had happened since I even knew what fashion was. These pair of jeans are high-waisted and have little to no detailing, which is a good thing in my books for jeans. It compliments any outfit and any accessory or bag. It allows your legs to look slimmer. You can pair this up with a simple singlet, with a kimono or with a leather fabric crop top. The possibilities are endless!

These three items truly helped being out the fashionista in me and helped me see that I can be creative and fashionable without compromising my comfort. Boohoo's brand is all about that everyday lifestyle for the everyday person. You can be the best you and be happy and that's how I felt the whole month of January. I felt a little more motivated to be outside and show off what my Mumma gave me and I was happy doing so. I urge you guys to do it too and see what a little effort or a piece of clothing can do for you!

I was not paid or sponsored to talk about these clothing items. This is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compensated or compromised in any way. All the clothing items were gifted to me as a post to contribute to their campaign. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word - based on my own experiences. Please note that some of these items may not be found on their website anymore, as BooHoo is constantly changing to keep up with trends and bring out new products to their customers. Sorry if this is of inconvenience to you. All links provided are purely for reader's convenience and information only! 


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Nudestix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil Range Review!*

Just about 2 weeks ago, some well-known beauty bloggers and instagrammers were invited to a casual meetup with Taylor Frankel (one of the co-founder of Nudestix) and Julie Pham (Nudestix Ambassador) to talk about some of their products, as well as introduce to us the New range of Intense Matte Lip and Cheek pencils. I had already heard of the new range and was over the moon to finally get a feel for myself.

With the Gorgeous Taylor Frankel

Taylor had spoken to us about their mission and story behind the brand and how going natural is the way to go for the modern woman. We are constantly stuck for time and don't have the luxury to spend a good 10-30 minutes to put on our faces and leave the house. To be quite frank, I would much rather sleep in for that time and begone. Jenny (Co-founder of Nudestix, mother of Taylor) had initially started the Nudestix line in her own home and had established a humble, growing company into a national sensation. I can say for sure I was beyond than surprised the multi-purpose capabilities of the nudestix pencils - from the magnetic eye to the lip and cheek pencils. They are just phenomenal.

Nudestix is a effortless and non-tedious collection of cosmetic crayons that caters to all your makeup needs. From your everyday concealer, eyeshadow stick to lip pencil, Nudestix shows you how to present the best version of you. You can just pop a few pencils in your bag and do it while you travel. Their products are filled with enriched ingredients such as vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisturisers, and yet giving you the hit of colour you want!


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tarte Cosmetics 'Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette' in Bloom Review!

The palettes of all palettes! What better way to start blogging again by reviewing a beautiful eyeshadow palette! The original Tartelette palette had hit the beauty community by storm when they released one of the first, best, all-matte, high end palette. Now Tarte Cosmetics have released out into the world, its younger sister, the Tartelette Bloom Palette. It was available since November, 2015. This palette, I have to say, is one of my most used palettes as of late. The packaging, the quality, the shades... everything about this palette got me mesmerised!

As you may have seen on my instagram @biscuitsnmakeup, I had been flaunting this beautiful palette for a while and now I can fully tell you why.

For most people, they had jumped to the presumption that the next palette will also be another version of an all-matte palette with different shades. But this is much far from it. There is a good mix of shimmers, mattes and satin shades and proves to be a sister, not a twin. And this time to my luck, it is a much warmer palette in comparison to the original Tartelette palette. There is little to almost no cool tone shades. Though this is a definite win for me.

The thought into designing the packaging was outstanding, despite in my opinion not being that travel friendly. However, the outside layout is a little out-of-theme in comparison to the shades. When I think of the word 'Bloom', I imagine reds, pinks, peaches, mauves, purples and the occasional yellow and orange. This palette didn't really fit that image, but nonetheless, I love the vibrant colours with the floral design and how the packaging just beckons me to reach for it every time I have a chance to put on makeup.

This palette includes 12 phenomenal shades that range between natural browns and neutral-warmer shades. It is priced $45 USD for 0.63o oz. 17 grams. These shades are from top to bottom, left to right;
  • Charmer (off white) - awesome shade for highlighting the brow bone
  • Jetsetter (warm taupe) - great universal transitional shade
  • Rocker (shimmering taupe)
  • Smokeshow (black brown) - one of the great shades for deepening the crease
  • Flower Child (peachy nude)
  • Smarty Pants (tan)
  • Firecracker (bronze copper)
  • Activist (dark brown)
  • Funny Girl (champagne) - Best shade for the ultimate shimmer on the lids
  • Sweetheart (peach)
  • Rebel (chestnut brown) - Great Intermediate shade to deepen the crease or outer V.
  • Leader (aubergine)
All of the shades are highly pigmented, smooth and very buildable. Not one shade is a disappointment or an outlier, which is very impressive in a palette. There is nothing missing in this palette. It has everything you need to make a million looks.

You do not need an eyeshadow primer, or fix plus to create intense colours out of these (as you can see from the swatches). They work perfectly on their own. And another great thing about the quality of these shades is that they kept on the lids for a good 7 hours before I noticed any fading. It is an incredible palette for everyone. Whether you are picking your first eyeshadow palette or a professional, this palette would be of good use to you, especially those with warm undertones.
When you see this palette, you cannot help but compare the quality of the Bloom Palette to the original palette. In the original palette, there were a lot more cool-tone shades, which had a sheerer and larger variety of colours but could never really fulfil an entire look in that one palette, whereas, the Bloom Palette easily can as there is a mix of finishes. Depending on what you need in your collection, I personally would have more use out of the Bloom palette as I don't reach for cool-tone shades as much. Both palettes have their pros and are both great palettes to own.

There is so little to no fault in this palette and I am so glad I was able to grab my hands on this baby. It is religiously being used one way or another and I am very much enjoying the high quality performance of this palette. If you live in Australia, I do not know when this palette will hit the shelves of Sephora, but I will keep you guys updated if I hear of anything. You can purchase this using a third party forwarding service such as shipito, shop and box... etc to get your hands on this palette earlier, rather than later.

As always, thanks for tuning in!


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